‘All You Need Is Hate, Hate—Hate Is All You Need’…The Sequel!

That was the title of a post on February 19. That title is appropriate now, and so is the beginning of that post…

“Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

It is ironic that President Richard Nixon’s most profound quote, an ethics quote, in fact, should have come as he left the Presidency, in his farewell remarks immediately after resigning his office in 1974 as impeachment and removal seemed unavoidable. It is doubly ironic that his words so prophetically apply at this moment to the target of his own hate that destroyed Nixon, the Democratic Party.

That the entire, ugly spectacle of a great political party shredding its own ideals and capitulating to unreasoning, all-consuming hate as its sole reason for being is not a new observation at Ethics Alarms, but it has reached its apotheosis… the final, total corruption of the party that once styled itself as the herals of peace and love was cleared and paved once Democrats, pushed by the fanatics of the “resistance,” abandoned policy commitment and fealty to America ideals and principles. The party devoted its energy and passion to making its attack on Donald Trump entirely personal, betting that never ceasing ad hominem rhetoric abetted by the now almost completely submissive left-biased media would be sufficient to bring down the Trump Presidency, hopefully without the messiness of an election, but if not, then at the polls in November.

Never before has  the brief for defeating an incumbant President been based on sheer hatred and little else. The reason why this is true becomes more evident every day, for Nixon was right. Hate is destroying the soul of the Democratic Party and its members. Its  strategy of employing the  atomic version of the politics of personal destruction, which the decried during the Clinton years, has torn the country apart to an extent that may have rendered it ungovernable.

There! Thank you, February Jack! You just saved August Jack the trouble of composing over 300 words. Now let’s talk about the hate assault of the Democratic allies..

  • Bette Midler. What a great talent she was, and what a vile creep she is. Midler is also typical of the Hollywood elite and once-elite—who constantly show why performers should shut up and reform. They are, however, fine examples of their non-famous compadres on social media. Here was Midler’s tweet about Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention:

Hypocrisy is the coin of the realm up and down the Democratic Party. These fake progressives weep for the plight of illegal immigrants who avoid sufficient involvement in American society to speak English at all. Yet they think they can seamlessly use insults  they would declare racist, sexist or otherwise proof of some form of cancel-worthy bigotry if they issued from a Republican, conservative, or heaven forfend, the President, and yet turn around and employ the same weaponized verbiage against those domestic enemies” (per Nancy Pelosi) with impunity.

Oops. Didn’t you read the “mustn’t insult immigrants” talking point, Bette? It was mailed out a long time ago. Midler was promptly flamed from the right and the left, and quickly tweeted out some boiler plate, saying, “I was wrong to make fun of her accent. America is made up [of] people who speak with all kinds of accents, and they are all welcomed always.”  She was wrong, because it didn’t work. The original tweet is signature significance: you don’t write that if you genuinely believe “people who speak with all kinds of accents, and they are all welcomed always.” Note also that nowhere in her second tweet is any hint of an apology to the woman she insulted. Can’t do that; these “domestic enemies” don’t deserve that much decency.

Midler wasn’t the only “progressive” who attacked the First Lady for existing after her speech. “Seriously, fuck this bitch,” comedian Kathy Griffin tweeted.  “Makes me want to vomit,” tweeted CNN political analyst and and White House correspondent Brian Karem. They were in the clear, though, because they didn’t impugn her accent.

  • Joe Lockhart, CNN political analyst and former Bill Clinton press secretary, tweeted,

The “little snot nose” was Nick Sandmann, who gave an impressive speech about how he was defamed by the news media for the “crime” of wearing a MAGA cap.

Professor Turley has this one:

The personal attacks on speakers were beyond the pale…What happened to Sandmann was a disgrace for the media and he had every right to speak publicly about his treatment by the media.

Sandmann is a pro-life kid who wanted to demonstrate against abortion. He sought to play a meaningful role in his political system, which is what we all have encouraged. Indeed, CNN has aired many such calls for young people to have their voices heard. He was in Washington as part of the annual “March for Life.” This is one of those voices. Sandmann spoke about his horrific experience in being labeled the aggressor in the confrontation when all he did was stand there as an activist pounded a drum in his face… Why is this teenager “entitled”? Because he is discussing his role in a national controversy or his abuse by the media, including CNN? CNN settled with Sandmann. When did that become “entitled”? The message from these media personalities seems to be that Sandman is expected to simply stay silent….

As with Midler, Lockhart was not alone. Here was the tweet of CNN’s opinion writer Jeff Yang:

“Hey @N1ckSandmann, I watched your speech tonight at the #RNCConvention2020 with an open mind, thinking I might hear something that would convince me of your position that you were an innocent victim of a cruel media. I was disappointed, but not surprised, to hear otherwise.”

What? Sandman was the victim of cruel media. He was standing still, minding his own business, while an obnoxious Native American activist banged a drum in his face, and the mainstream media, including CNN called him a racist. This pure, blinding hate, nothing less.

  • CNN analyst Asha Rangappa, tweeted,after f ormer United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, in her speech, denied the Democrats’ theme that the U.S. is a “racist country”:

Good one! Except that it wasn’t true, just a hateful lie. Nikki is Haley’s  lawful middle name and a Punjabi name. to boot.

The Left needs to pay more attention to the wisdom of Richard Nixon. It may be too late.

9 thoughts on “‘All You Need Is Hate, Hate—Hate Is All You Need’…The Sequel!

  1. Personally, I think it is time for the Democratic Party to go the way of the Whigs. Current Democrats could either form a Democratic Socialist Party, join the neo-cons in a less overtly authoritarian Big Government Party, or come to their senses and join real conservatives to form a Constitutionalist Party. Time for truth in advertising for political parties!

  2. The “all personal attacks, all the time” thing my lose them the election, but I doubt it will ever stop. It’s just everywhere on the left these days. Derangement is the right word for it. It’s perfectly acceptable and even cool.

  3. On Midler: It seems to be a trend that the first time I hear about a lot of actors who had their golden years before I was born is when they say something cripplingly stupid. I don’t know why I should care. I don’t care about the opinions of celebrities that are still working now, I just want them to play a dancing monkey and entertain me in exchange for my money, and if they can’t do that, then they aren’t even effective at their job, why should I think they’re effective at someone elses?

    On Lockheart and Yang: I saw a significant amount of butthurt Twitter activity from CNN bobbleheads Re: Sandman last night. I assume it’s jealousy because CNN pays Sandman more than them. But on that note, anyone want to take a wild guess as to whether any of them may have inadvertently violated their settlement agreement?

    On Rangappa: Even if Nikki wasn’t her legal middle name… Are we really going to assert that anglicizing your name is indicative of racism? Jesus these people are so desperate.

    • Re: Sandman and CNN: Right you are, HT. The terms “cease and desist” and “refrain from all such conduct in the future” sort of ring a bell, don’t they?

      • I’m guessing the heads of some lawyers in CNN’s legal department or some guys in their risk management department exploded when they read that.

        • I think that depends on how large the settlement amount was. If CNN really did settle for “nuisance money” Sandman can’t do much. On the other hand, if Sandman did take in a good haul, CNN doesn’t want to admit the amount and doesn’t want to invalidate the confidentiality of the agreement.

  4. It’s grade school mentality, pure and simple. Remember back when you were a 14yo asshole going to school with a bunch of other 14yo assholes and every day you insulted each other? Everything was fair game, from one another’s appearances, to the way you talked, to your interests, to your skill levels at anything (mostly sports), to your families (accusing one another of deviate sexual acts with a parent was common). The thing is, most kinds could dish it out, but they couldn’t take it, or they could only take it up to a certain point. Those who were bigger than the rest could enforce limits. Unfortunately, as adults you can’t tell the other guy to shut up and take it while you throw all kinds of insults at him you’d never tolerate, because punching his lights out is no longer an option. However, the fact that adults can’t punch each others lights out (at least usually not without major consequences) shouldn’t be the point. The point shouldn’t even be the hypocrisy of insulting someone else with the same tactics you deplore used against you or those you like.

    The point should be that adults should (and usually do) know better. When you’re an adult, you know that it is inappropriate and rude to make fun of someone’s accent or the way they talk. You know that it’s a cheap shot and a jerkass move to make fun of someone’s name. You know that it’s wrong and just plain juvenile to resort to calling names, from simple insults all the way up to the ugliest racial, sexual, or whatever slurs. Yes, anger sometimes leads to these standards being thrown out the window, but let’s not kid ourselves, probably 75% of the time adults turn to those tactics it isn’t hot anger, it’s stone cold hatred. I’ll plead guilty myself. I’ve even surfed the net for the meanest and most hurtful insults, just like in school we listened to the gossip so we knew exactly which buttons to push on everyone. That said, it’s not my finest hour when I act like that. It’s not anyone’s finest hour when they act like that. It just takes the discourse into the gutter. Now one political party is all in the gutter, all the time. Jack feared that the election of Donald Trump would give us a nation of assholes. We’re there, but not the way he thought we would be.

    • Re: Your Second Paragraph.

      Agreed, but Midler really thought that she would a whole lot of likes or Twitter hearts and retweets. She probably did. If I recall correctly, she wasn’t the only one criticizing Melania for her accent; she was just the most visible. Other people mocked Melania’s dress, comparing it to military outfits worn by members of various and asundry third world dictators and ne’er-do-wells. They couldn’t complain or criticize her for the content because that would mean that Melania is either too stupid (she’s not) to know she is being used as a puppet or too stupid (again, she’s not) to have her own opinions and that she is a liar.

      Midler lives in that leftist bubble that compels rightthink, which impels people to do and say the awful things they normally would be reticent to say or do. Republicans and/or conservatives criticized Obamas’ children and they were rightly condemned for it. The Left, however, mocks Trump’s teenage son with impunity and when you point out that such activity is beyond the pale, you are given some bullshit response along the lines of “Well, I wasn’t commenting on the son, just that it must be awful to be Orange Man Bad’s son.” Somehow that makes it all alright.


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