A Poll On “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful” Because “I Gots To Know….”*

The mainstream news media generally has humiliated itself with its “mostly peaceful protests” gaslighting forthe past three months, but CNN launched itself into self- parody with the classic chryon above. It quickly spawned social media mockery like this…

..and this…

and is sure to inspire more. I wish I was more adept at computer graphics; there are several scenes I’d love to use.

So I have to ask…


*Classic pop culture reference. What’s the film and the situation? (This should be easy.)


26 thoughts on “A Poll On “Fiery But Mostly Peaceful” Because “I Gots To Know….”*

  1. This is a pure propaganda attempt to move the Overton window about what a “protest” consists of.
    All of the “mostly peaceful protest” reporting is designed to do this. It is spoken as if in praise of the restraint shown by the righteous mobs. As if mostly violent protests are the norm, and it’s just so great that these protests are “mostly peaceful”.

  2. The quote is from Dirty Harry. Harry lets a bank robber know whether his decision to not call Harry’s bluff was right.

  3. The crazy… It burns!

    Seriously, I believe CNN thinks that Chiron accurately described events. I don’t know for sure, but I strongly suspect that the people who do the support take the word of the writers and editors about events, and don’t bother to investigate further. This sort of insane disconnect is what you can expect when you take the word of CNN reporters and editors, vested as they are in a certain narrative.

    But at this point, I don’t think most of America is going along. It seems to me, and rather to my surprise, that more people than I ever expected are suddenly “woke” to what is going on down in Atlanta. I am starting to see skepticism where there formerly was none, and as we now see in mostly right-wing reporting, the Left is starting to worry about these sorts of insane non-sequiturs, and the message the continued rapine and destruction by left-wing protesters is sending to ordinary Americans.

    Most sane people would wonder what took them so long, but those of us who pay attention already understand completely. Truth is, when the emotional, fawning, fictitious gobbledegook finally gives way to the reality of smoking, burned-out buildings where a thriving metropolitan center used to be while the police cloister around a few buildings, it can be more than just a gloomy shock.

    Questions are beginning to be asked on the Left, but the Democrats are to busy trying to make Trump responsible for the destruction to notice. They might notice when ol’ Joe is suddenly sinking in the polls like the Titanic in your post above, but not before.

  4. Similar to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s headline covering the Wisconsin DOJ’s new disclosures on the Jacob Blake shooting. The title of the piece written by Sophie Carson read, “Jacob Blake had knife in car but was otherwise unarmed, Wisconsin DOJ says as it releases name of Kenosha officer who shot him in the back.”

    There is no pretense at impartiality.

    • I read that headline and the article, too. My thought was, “did the police know that at the time”? Did they? Could they have known? After all, most people disobeying a police officer’s orders might just not be upstanding citizens, especially ones with outstanding arrest warrants.


  5. I can’t answer the poll! I don’t want any option to be true. It is some combination of sardonic humor, incompetence, and contempt. It is at least 1/3 each. This kind of headline cannot be fully unintentional, but incompetence and contempt allowed it to actually go live.

  6. I can’t pick all three, and they are all true:

    It has utter contempt for the intelligence of the American public.
    It has slipped into pure propaganda mode and no longer pretending to engage in journalism.
    It makes perfect sense to them.

  7. I selected “utter contempt” because it goes in line with what that fool Don Lemon and Fredo discussed, as well as the removal of “violent” from one of their other reports, and a whole host of other examples of their bias. Tucker Carlson is correct: the Left hates middle America, and demands that middle Americans shut up and obey. Absolutely and completely.


  8. I went with propaganda because that is what CNN has been doing for some time, and that is what I believe they are attempting here. But, I cannot overlook the other elements which clearly are there. Effective propaganda would not present the viewer with an obviously opposing message, and to do that is stupid. Small, curbside fires would be more effective visually. Contempt for the audience is integral to propaganda. They will nod at what I tell them. I only know a few regular CNN watchers, and that contempt is not misplaced. Finally, it makes perfect sense to them, because Trump must be struck down so everything goes. They and others abandoned straight news reporting some time ago to pursue this higher calling.

    • “I only know a few regular CNN watchers…”

      A few, eh? By my count, that would be about half their total audience…

      You’re dead-on about the contempt not being misplaced – anyone who is still watching CNN at this point deserves no better than the garbage that CNN is serving them.

  9. While I know Jack must continue to remain “above the fray” so to speak and continue to treat the Left as though they do in their heart of hearts want what’s best for America, I can’t continue that way. I’ve said since Obama’s Presidency that the Democrats have been in “end game” mode in terms of seizing and holding power and dramatically changing what America has been and how it’s been structured and it’s central value set. They felt Hillary was inevitable and would solidify their grip on power. When that didn’t happen they had to switch to more drastic measures. Frankly, violence and chaos in the streets only helps the cause of totalitarians. If there is a coming civil war (and more cynical parts of my heart believe the Democrats are hopeful of that development), the Left does NOT want to be seen as throwing the first punch.

    So all of the first punches the left has actually already thrown, starting as early as the attempted massacre of Republican congressmen, have to be spun as something different…the violent riots have to be reported as something different, so that the inevitably correct response by Republican authorities can be cast as police state action worthy of a revolution.

  10. Correction: It slipped by me, but the mayor of Madison is now Satya Rhodes-Conway, not Paul Soglin.
    I liked the visual meme comparisons.

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