The Vegan Parents: No, They Haven’t “Suffered Enough”

Review: “I don’t recommend this formula. It killed my baby.”

The vegan parents of a baby girl they condemned to a lifetime of brain damage pleaded guilty to negligently causing serious injury, thus avoiding jail time. They will  have to perform 12 months of community service, and will also have to undergo mental observation and treatment.

Talk about locking the barn door after the horse has escaped.

Having ignored all legitimate health advice regarding the nutritional needs of infants for a full year, the parents took their 12-month-old baby girl to an emergency clinic in August 2018 with her suffering from extreme malnutrition, open wounds, rashes, bruises, discoloration of her skin, internal bleeding and blood in her stool. Her condition, doctors said,  resembled those of babies being raised in countries during famines.

A week before, the father had sought the help of an online vegan website, writing,

“Hi my 1-year-old has stopped wanting to drink/eat and when she does, it’s not staying down or she starts to cough,” he reportedly wrote in the email. “What can I do to help her keep it down and allow her to drink? She doesn’t have a temp. She is on a fruit diet. Please help asap.”

The recommended solution: “stomach tea.” The parents had decided that they didn’t trust doctors after being told  told that their baby required more than the coconut water and health store powders that they began feeding her after she stopped breast-feeding.

After a month in intensive care with a balanced diet, the girl is going to survive, but with severe brain damage and cerebral palsy.

The only reason the parents aren’t serving long sentences for negligent homicide is the sentimental and irresponsible “he’s/she’s suffered enough” rationalization we most frequently see in the locked car deaths of kids in the U.S. But this is far worse. An analogy would be parents who ignored  warnings and locked their children in hot cars believing it would be good for them. The Australian parents need to be punished severely with their fate well-publicized. If another child dies or is permanently disabled because of this kind of obstinate idiocy, the judge, Claire Quin of County Court of Victoria is an accessory.

I particularly like her sentencing the parents to psychiatric treatment. You can’t fix stupid, Your Honor.

The parents are now separated, and, incredibly, the disabled three-year-old girl is now in the care and custody of the mother who ruined her life. I wouldn’t trust that women to take care of a goldfish.


Facts: The Blaze, Newsweek

4 thoughts on “The Vegan Parents: No, They Haven’t “Suffered Enough”

  1. I perhaps wouldn’t be as harsh towards this couple as you would like, only because they are victim of brainwashing by our educational system and our media. A few years ago, I told a colleague that I was worried about the students being brainwashed into thinking that veganism was healthy. He didn’t believe me, saying that it was ridiculous that people would believe that. The next day, a graduating biology major spoke about ‘food deserts’ and stated that all the government needs to subsidize people’s food and control what we eat so people could have a vegan diet. My colleague asked him why he thought we should all have a vegan diet. “Well, everyone knows a vegan diet is the healthiest diet” was the student’s response and many of the students nodded in agreement. That student was going to medical school in a few months. The class was rather shocked to find out that their faculty did not agree with this ‘common knowledge’. Veganism is part of the same leftist brainwashing that makes almost half of today’s students think the US is irredeemably racist and support BLM. It is the same brainwashing that leads to Trump Derangement Syndrome and Coronatarianism.

    It isn’t stupidity, it is gullibility. It is the desire to be ‘a good person’ in the eyes of ‘the righteous’ as defined by the government bureaucracy and the leftist media. It is adherence to the religious views of leftism, the largest religion in Western Civilization.

    • “It is adherence to the religious views of leftism, the largest religion in Western Civilization.” Bingo. Veganism is virtue personified, a religion, with a set of core beliefs founded on humans being simply one of the branches of the animal world and that we have no more intrinsic value than ocelots, sparrows, or minnows; in fact, in their world view, the planet would be a whole lot better off without us mucking things up. Veganism declares that its practitioners are more evolved, superior in all things, and better in tune with the world. They apologize to the lettuce before eating as a part of their prayer.


  2. The case discussed here is from Australia. Some United States jurisdictions have not been so lenient. In 2004, a 6-week old child in Atlanta died after being fed a vegan diet. The parents were sentenced to life in prison in 2007 and in 2011 the Georgia Supreme Court rejected an appeal. In 2019, a Cape Coral, Florida vegan couple were indicted by a grand jury for first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse and two counts of child neglect. Their 18-month old son died and three other children were malnourished and suffered from extreme neglect.

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