Mid-Day Ethics Milestones, 10/9/2020: Cal Cunningham And Other Assholes


1. As John McClain (Bruce Willis) says after he drops a dead bad guy on a police car prompting a hail of automatic weapon fire, “Welcome to the party, pal!”

Blogger Ann Althouse writes today, announcing that she will no longer subscribe to Google adwords,

Email received today from Google was the last straw for me:

In the last 24 hours: New violations were detected. As a result, ad serving has been restricted or disabled on pages where these violations of the AdSense Program Policies were found. To resolve the issues, you can either remove the violating content and request a review, or remove the ad code from the violating pages. 4 pages were reviewed at your request and found to be non-compliant with our policies at the time of the review. Ad serving continues to be restricted or disabled on those pages.”

I’m tired of checking to see what’s supposedly a violation. I get so many of these and they’re often posts that are nothing but a quote from a commentator in the NYT. But to see that the review didn’t okay these pages… it’s just mind-bending. I can’t waste my energy dealing with this bullshit. In every case, I’m told that I’ve violated their policy with “Dangerous or derogatory content,” which I find insulting.

It’s more than insulting, Ann. It is evidence of how the big tech and communications companies are assisting in content-based censorship and harassment to assist the political objectives of the Left. Your commentary is just a little too balanced. Shape up. Big Brother is watching.

Related: Here’s a true conservative blogger who reports being censored by Google.

2. Below is a photo of Brandon Caserta, the alleged ring-leader of a foiled plot to kidnap Michigan’s dictatorial governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer.


Whitmer and Joe Biden, among others, have blamed the plot on President Trump. Note the flag behind him. Caserta is an anarchist. “ By you participating in the government, you’re participating in slavery dude for everyone else.” he wrote. He says voting for anyone “is admitting that you believe in the legitimacy of authority which means you believe in the legitimacy of slavery.”

Accusing this guy of being a Trump acolyte and implying that the President in any way prompted his activities is exactly the kind of wild, baseless, irresponsible speculation that the news media condemns when Trump engages in it. Democrats, however, can level evidence-free accusations with impunity. Biden owes Trump an apology, and if he were the decent, fair, nice guy he pretends to be, he would have apologized already.


3. And speaking of assholes, here’s an inquiry to a Slate parenting column. [Pointer: Steve Witherspoon] I view it the question as signature significance for a brain-washed victim of BLM propaganda who is about to poison her child’s civic literacy. I will read the response with appropriate dread after I post this, as can you.

My lovely, outgoing son is 5 years old. For the past year or so, he has been absolutely obsessed with police officers. He loves their uniforms, cars, and dogs. He tells everyone he wants to be a policeman when he grows up, and whenever he sees a police officer, he runs up to them and says hi. In our overwhelmingly white suburb, this is always well received; cops are usually idle and don’t mind letting him touch their cars or look at their outfits.I’m a little conflicted about this obsession, for obvious reasons.

I know my son views police officers as friendly heroes because we are white and well-off—and he loves Paw Patrol—and I’m struggling to decide how to expose him to the reality that for many people, they are anything but heroes. I have been neutral toward his obsession so far: When he says he wants to be a police officer, I try to bring up other jobs where you can help people (like an ambulance driver!), and rather than let him dress up as a policeman for Halloween last year, I made an alternate suggestion and he went with it.

Nevertheless, I’m wondering whether it’s time to have a serious conversation with him about the role of the police and, if so, if you have any advice about doing that.

As a footnote, my son wore a police costume one Halloween, and we encouraged his aspirations to become a police officer. That option was closed to him, unfortunately, when he made the rash decision at 18 to lead state police on a multi-state high speed chase that led to a felony traffic conviction.

4. Another “silver linings” story, relevant to Rationalization #3A. Above the Law reports that a pregnant woman’s water broke while taking a remote bar exam via Zoom online. Everyone hates the Zoom bar exams, but she was able to finish taking her exam at the hospital after giving birth, so it’s not all bad!

5. So here’s the tough question: would you rather vote for Cal Cunningham, or Joe Biden? Cal Cunningham is the Democratic candidate for Senate in North Carolina, once leading in polls tracking the crucial Senate race in that state, who has canceled all public appearances since being caught engaging in at least one, and maybe two, extramarital affairs.

In a very strange video, Cunningham (that’s him in the video above) blamed his Republican opponent, Senator Thom Tillis, for his sex scandal, saying in part, “Because Thom Tillis knows that he is losing, and knows that we are winning, he has now resorted to trying to make this campaign about something other than the issues.”

Ethicist here! All elections are about the issues and the character of the candidates, with the latter being more important, since if you can trust a candidate, you can’t be sure that the policies he or she advocates in a campaign are really what they will try to accomplish. This guy is a Democrat? I thought the Democratic Party finally learned this after making the same, dishonest, fatuous argument during the Bill Clinton years.

Cunningham presented himself as an honorable military man devoted to his family, but now that he was been exposed a liar and a fraud, he conveniently announces that only policy positions should matter.


23 thoughts on “Mid-Day Ethics Milestones, 10/9/2020: Cal Cunningham And Other Assholes

  1. #3 As for the response to the indoctrinated idiot asking the question…

    Dear StA,

    If you have not started talking to your child about social inequities, specifically those related to race, class, and gender, now is the time to begin that dialogue. For him to understand what’s wrong with policing, he has to know why they function as they do in the first place.

    Once you’ve explained the ways that racism, classism, and sexism define the world we live in, you can tell your son how police function to uphold those inequities. Instead of saying that police are not viewed as heroes by all, explain that it is actually quite rare that police are heroic. The harassment, abuse of power, and violence are essentially written into the laws that they are sworn to uphold; for police, bad behavior is not a bug but a feature. Study after study has shown that police are woefully ineffective when it comes to preventing and solving crime, and we do a disservice to our children by pretending that it’s the “bad cops” alone who are the problem.

    Ask your little one what it is about police that he admires so much; he’s likely to mention some virtues that theoretically should define an institution that is designed to protect communities. Continue to nudge him toward people and groups who actually represent those values, such as firefighters, nurses, and teachers, while also explaining that there are bad actors in those roles as well but the difference between a “bad” firefighter and a “bad” cop is that the job of being a firefighter was not created in order to do harm to vulnerable people.

    This may sound like a lot for a 5-year-old, but I assure you that he can handle it. Remember: Black children, poor children, and many others don’t have the privilege of learning these lessons later in life in the service of protecting their innocence, or because it’s so hard to talk about in what feels like age-appropriate terms. I’m heartened by the fact that you’re even contemplating this conversation. Please keep going!

  2. 3–“an inquiry to a Slate parenting column” (bolds/italics mine) says it all.

    Google applies ideological brakes to local WESconsin luminary Ann of Althouse but lets what is referred to as parenting yet is tantamount to child abuse slide?

    I’m without words!

  3. #2 Jack wrote, “Accusing this guy of being a Trump acolyte and implying that the President in any way prompted his activities is exactly the kind of wild, baseless, irresponsible speculation that the news media condemns when Trump engages in it.”

    I think this one needs to be added to the Big Lie list.

    Jack wrote, “Democrats, however, can level evidence-free accusations with impunity.”

    Not only is this true but it’s damn near expected of Democratic Party politicians now.

    Jack wrote, “Biden owes Trump an apology, and if he were the decent, fair, nice guy he pretends to be, he would have apologized already.”

    Not going to happen. Democrats do not apologize for things they do to Republicans it will undermine them with their voting base.

    • I do think Joe Biden gets away with calling Trump anything. What I don’t think he gets away with is calling Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist without proof that Kyle is actually a white supremacist.

  4. 5. Only policy positions should matter.

    Isn’t that standard issue Democrat Party dogma for their candidates? I think it’s an ever present party plank, right? Or at least some kind of footnote.

    • It used to amuse me to tell folks around here that I had the opportunity to vote for George W. Bush four times — and man was it sweet when he beat Ann Richards for governor.

      Now I can have the privilege of voting against both Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham. 🙂

      I think here in North Carolina, Cunningham is toast, and he probably knows it. I am hoping that he might help to drag down Biden and Cooper as well here. I am pretty sure North Carolina has not forgotten John Edwards.

  5. 5. A bit ironic that Cunningham accuses his opponent of “trying to make this campaign about something other than the issues.” A former U.S. Senator (and later President) from Illinois benefitted greatly from the public revelation of sealed court documents involving what some would call sexual improprieties involving his first opponent in the Senate race in 1994. That man, who had won the Republican primary (a plurality), withdrew after the documents were leaked, and the Party imported Alan Keyes from Maryland to run against the Democrat. Some would contend that did not work out well at all in the long run.

  6. One of the FBI raids happened in my home town, just a few minutes from my childhood home. These guys are right winger extremists — yes, they hate government in general, but they especially hate women and Democrats. I am in a few Facebook groups from my hometown and my friends/family/former classmates there fall into a few groups based on the frenzy that had happened since yesterday: 1) FBI hoax; 2) deep shame; or 3) denial. Some are recounting stories of how the militia groups approached them for recruitment. As for politics, this is deep Trump country, and the ones who aren’t voting for Trump are staying home. My favorite comment so far from the boards is, “Well I guess we won’t be seeing him at the reunion!” 😂

    • Sounds right, but it still doesn’t follow that anarchists are fans of Republican governments and political leaders. Right? Or that true anarchist nuts like this guy would pay any attention because a President ordered him to “stop.”

      • You are trying to analyze these beliefs like it is a political science class. These guys only are calling themselves “anarchists” because a female Democrat in charge. They are pulling the lever for Trump — at least the ones who aren’t in jail.

        • Words have meaning. An anarchist is not a Trump supporter, or the supporter of any elected executive, especially one slimed as “an autocrat.” You’re making the argument that because anarchists are bad, they must support a President you think is bad. Both the President and the anarchist think Whitmer doesn’t respect individual rights and abuses government power. So, if fact, do I.

          Yesterday, while walking Spuds, I passed a particularly flamboyantly annoying house in the neighbothood with a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign and a a big Biden/Harris sign. There was now a new sign, the biggest yet, that read #ImwithWitmer. I creepily grinning woman standing next to it, with a camera, called out, “Sir! Are you interested in making a promotional video?” I replied, “No thanks!” And added, “Incidentally, I think Whitmer is a fascist.” She just stood there, grinning. Creepy.

          • I’m arguing that these guys are NOT smarter than the average bear — so no, their words don’t have a ton of meaning. They are 100% voting for Trump. And — I repeat — they actually are from my home town. I was raised with these people. As the investigation continues, I am sure that a classmate or two will be indicted. I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday hearing family and friends argue that these groups are needed to counter BLM protestors.

  7. 1. No surprise. Google is run by woke children who see no problem with burying opinions that they think are worthless.

    2. Doesn’t matter. Anyone who is violent and not associated with the left is associated with the right by default. Plus right wing violence = bad, left wing violence = good. Sawyer Hackett just put out a meme in which he States something to the effect of right-wing people killed BLM protesters in Wisconsin and that one woman who was killed in Charlottesville and now the right wing was caught plotting to kidnap and murder a governor, so tell me again which party has a Law and Order problem? I don’t know whether the meme was stupid or just despicable, but to say that the Republican party is the one with the law and order problem after the riots and so forth this summer reflects either stupidity, a tremendous sense of entitlement, or just plain evil.

    3. I can’t remember a time in this nation’s history when the police were as hated as they are now except maybe by the more militant groups in the sixties who said things like off the pigs. We have already seen what happens when there are too few officers to do the job. It’s already self-evident in Minneapolis and other cities. Policing and protecting is a necessary function of government. In fact, it is the primary function especially according to conserv atives, Ronald Reagan said that the main function of government was to protect people, not run their lives for them. A world without police would not be a socialist utopia, it would be a world of darwinian evolution run amok, where the strong would take what they wanted, and if the weak could not stop them, they shouldn’t be there in the first place. If you read on through the rest of this column, it’s obvious that the person answering the column is a woke idiot, spewing progressive cant. it really worries me that there is a very good chance in a couple of weeks that people of this thinking are going to have a sweep and have pretty much unlimited power.

    4. I can’t speak to this, when I took the bar exam, you had to make special arrangements just to use a typewriter, which I had to do because my handwriting is just impossible to read.

    5. The Democratic double standard strikes again. If a Republican has an affair he must be hounded out of public life, but if a Democrat fools around, it’s just between him and his wife, and let’s get back to the issues, like especially that issue of abortion.

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