Election 2020: The Appearance Of Impropriety Or Real Impropriety? Part II, An Accountant’s Analysis

Larry Correia, a perceptive blogger who approaches issues with the mind of a veteran accountant and auditor, has concluded regarding the 2020 election that “Fuckery is Afoot.” In a 3000+ word post, Correia (whose tart and blunt analysis I last featured here), begins,

I am more offended by how ham-fisted, clumsy, and audacious the fraud to elect him is than the idea of Joe Biden being president…. However, what is potentially fatal for America is half the populace believing that their elections are hopelessly rigged, and they’re eternally fucked. And now, however this shakes out in court, that’s exactly what half the country is going to think.  …In auditing you look for red flags. That’s weird bits in the data that suggest something shifty is going on. You flag those weird things so you can delve into them further. One flag doesn’t necessarily mean there’s fraud. Weird things happen. A few flags mean stupidity or dishonesty. But a giant pile of red flags means that there’s bad shit going on and people should be in jail.

Here are just some of the “red flags” that Correia identifies…

  • The massive turn out alone is a red flag.
  • The late-night spikes that were enough to close all the Trump leads are a red flag.
  • The statistically impossible breakdown of the ratios of these vote dumps is a red flag.
  • The ratios of these dumps being far better than the percentages in the bluest of blue cities, even though the historical data does not match, red flag.
  • The ratios of these vote dumps favoring Biden more in these few battlegrounds than the ratio for the rest of the country (even the bluest of the blue) red flag.
  • Biden outperforming Obama among these few urban vote dumps, even though Trump picked up points in every demographic group in the rest of the country, red flag.
  • The poll observers being removed. Red flag.
  • The counters cheering as GOP observers are removed, red flag.
  • The fact that the dem observers outnumber the GOP observers 3 to 1, red flag (and basis of the first lawsuit filed)The electioneering at the polls (on video), red flag.
  • The willful violation of the court order requiring the separation of ballots by type, red flag.
  • [The] USPS whistleblower reporting to the Inspector General that today they were ordered to backdate ballots to yesterday, red flag.
  • The video of 2 AM deliveries of what appear to be boxes of ballots with no chain of custody or other observers right before the late night miracle spikes, red flag.

Any of those things would be enough to trigger an audit in the normal world.This many flags and I’d be giggling in anticipation of catching some thieves…This is going to the courts.

He continues, in part,

When you are auditing you see mistakes happen all the time. Humans make errors. Except in real life, mistakes usually go in different directions. When all the mistakes go in the same direction and benefit the same parties, they probably aren’t mistakes. They’re malfeasance.

Some highlights among his conclusions…

When Trump pulled ahead in the midwestern swing states by what were starting to appear to be insurmountable amounts, they suddenly threw the brakes on the counts. (my favorite part of this was when it looked like Trump was going to win, the Chinese Yuan crashed, which is pretty telling about just how shitty a candidate Joe Biden is) Okay, suddenly stopping all those counts seemed a little weird, but most of America went to bed thinking that this was a close race, with Trump in the lead in the EC.

Then we woke up in the morning, and everybody saw the 538 graphs showing a massive middle of the night spike for Joe Biden, with almost zilch in corresponding votes for Trump. …Now, one of those got walked back as “typo”. (again, funny how all these “mistakes” keep going in one direction) but the damage was already done, and all of a sudden most of America was paying a whole lot more attention to places like Wisconsin and Michigan than we usually do. That’s how flags work. And it turned out that single six figure typo was only one of many statistically improbable Biden vote dumps to come. .

I don’t know what the current numbers are now, but as of yesterday morning the Wisconsin Midnight Mystery Dump was something like 98.4% for Joe Biden. That’s better than the bluest of blue cities manage. That’s better than Biden did in DC. I saw one 28k dump yesterday (I want to say it was 538 talking about PA) that was listed as ALL for Biden. That’s basically statistically impossible.

…Plus we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden, the guy barely campaigned, who got like 12 sad looking people to his rallies, was more popular than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama? This election was just that much more special? Uh huh… Except that these few battleground state blue cities vote ratios don’t match up with other blue cities around America, where it appears Trump’s support among every demographic group other than white males went UP.

Fuck no. So either Biden is a better campaigner to the inner cities (though he rarely left his basement) than the eloquent messianic figure of Barack Obama, or there’s something fishy going on here.

He writes,

Now, as a suspicious auditor type who spent a lot of hours looking for fuckery in complex systems, my gut tells me fake ballots were getting dumped into the system to make up the difference. And oh look, here is a giant pile of red flags indicating that’s the case….

Because here’s the kicker… the high turnout is the average for the state, but when you drill down on the source of these statistically improbable blue vote dumps, they’ve got districts with TWO HUNDRED PERCENT TURN OUT. That’s over 200%. There’s 7 over 100%, and a ton of them in the 90s.  https://mkecitywire.com/stories/564495243-analysis-seven-milwaukee-wards-report-more-2020-presidential-votes-than-registered-voters-biden-nets-146k-votes-in-city

Now the quick liberal dismiss explanation for this is that Wisconsin has same day registration (again, a fraudsters dream) and thousands of people ignored months of TV and social media beating them over the head to get registered to vote, and just decided to do it at the last minute because Biden is just that awesome/Trump is just that bad.

A whistleblower has come forward from a Michigan post office saying that they were given ballots on November 4th, and ordered to post mark them to election day so they would still be valid.  https://www.facebook.com/JamesOKeefeAuthor/videos/381073273044980

That is so insanely illegal. When the reporter called the postal supervisor who gave the order and asked about it, he immediately hung up.

Now, on this one, liberals were quick to dismiss it because it was from Project Veritas. ([which] they hate, and say cherry picks their investigative reporting, yet they keep winning all the lawsuits against them). However, the very next video was the response from the US Postal Inspector General (or whatever his title is, I can’t remember) about how they are investigating, so this wasn’t just some crank going to a reporter, it’s been passed up the chain of command. It’s an actual whistle blower.

I had someone else try to dismiss this one as innocent, because the post office accepting these late ballots had no way of knowing who they voted for so it would balance out. That’s is so naïve its cute. Of course they knew who the ballots were for. They were probably dropped off by people they were colluding with. You don’t commit felonies for clueless strangers because you feel sorry they got their votes in late….

A quick note on collusion because I mentioned it a couple times now. Collusion is the key to successful fraud. Systems have controls and checks in places, so the best way to circumvent them is to team up with somebody over one of those controls and exploit the gap. That’s fraud 101. Which is why you go to the post office your buddy runs to drop off your illegal late emergency Save Biden ballots. Or you go to the ward your buddy the poll worker is running the log in book to same day register all your imaginary friends.

I can say without hesitation though, that fuckery is afoot, and if an actual real investigation happens they’ll be able to prove it. Only this is politics, so who knows. The only thing I do know for certain is that this election is so fucked up it is just going to make America’s two halves hate each other even more.

Read it all.

I’m convinced.

63 thoughts on “Election 2020: The Appearance Of Impropriety Or Real Impropriety? Part II, An Accountant’s Analysis

  1. Can’t there now be a national consensus to repair the voting system? This should be considerably easier than putting a man on the moon and it shouldn’t take 10 years. Of course this requires an acceptance of the need to deal with flaws that your side exploits as much as ones that act against you. It requires a commitment to ‘fairness’ above winning; a readiness that the ends don’t necessarily justify the means, even when they are to your advantage.

    • Do you remember 2020, when the national conversation for literally the ENTIRE Bush first term was about how messed up the voting system was, and how we needed to fix it?

      What on Earth makes you think, if that didn’t change it, this will?

      The reason it doesn’t change is because the people in the relevant states WANT fraud available as an option. When it comes to “the outcome is all that matters,” the Democrats’ slavish devotion is as religious as the most devout Mormon.

      What you are seeing is by design, not by accident.

      A brief anecdotal example. In my state of Kentucky, a state noted for corruption back in the 1970’s and before, now has a voting system that is so smooth and effortless that it’s almost a pleasure. You go in, the polite man/woman/insert-gender-here takes your license, scans it for your identity, removes a serialized paper ballot and gives it to you.

      You then go into an available small pop-up booth with walls on three sides for privacy and fill in the little circles like you have been doing since the third grade, place your ballot in the ballot collector-scanner. A receipt pops out that tells you “Congratulations, your vote has been tabulated.” You leave thinking how bloody seamless and easy that was, confident as you can be that your vote has been counted and, if not, there is a paper record of it that can be recovered.

      The area is open, there are observers of both parties silently observing and hanging out.

      This system isn’t totally immune from fraud, but it is as close as I think can be managed and still make it available to everyone without intimidating them. The serialized ballots make fraud much harder (but by no means impossible) and Kentucky’s vote counting has been almost bulletproof for decades.

      If a small, poor state of some 4 million souls can do this, how is it that states with five times that population and all kinds of money can’t find a comparable solution? I’ll tell you why:

      They don’t want to.

      • For 20 years people have been making jokes about Florida and “hanging chads”. We had our votes counted and the results posted a few hours after the polls closed in the Panhandle. We learned – why didn’t anyone else?

  2. That was an excellent analysis of what is going on at the moment. But, let’s assume he is correct and there is fuckery afoot. What will be done about it? Trump sues and the cases wind through the courts and land at the USC. What are the legal options? There is no way the courts will call for a brand new election. Will the courts, then, issue directives on recounts and disregarding ballots? How are they going to do that? What I understand is that the late arriving ballots were mixed into the timely arriving ballots, and ballots were separated from envelopes bearing postal stamps. So, how will it be possible to know which ones were timely and which ones weren’t? You can’t them all out because that disenfranchises properly, legally cast ballots. It is a monumental mess.


    • “You can’t them all out because that disenfranchises properly, legally cast ballots. It is a monumental mess.”
      Yeah. It’s as if it were deliberately planned that way.

    • “It is a monumental mess.” Exactly the word I have been contemplating using: monumental. Perfectly timed, for the year when so many monuments were bullied from their pedestals. Perfectly appropriate, to use in a sentence describing Biden, after paraphrasing a tweet (I believe) that described Trump.

      Joe Biden is a monumental fraud that walks like a man.

    • If the votes cannot be finalized by December 8th (or 14th – can’t recall offhand), the each state gets one single vote in the House of Representatives, and the winner is the President.

  3. In reality there’s about two general courses:

    1) Pretend like nothing happened for the sake of stability and then hope, after the investigations reveal the flaws, people can be trusted to fix it next time, except we know that one half of the political divide HATES the rules we play the game by, so what motive do they have to defend the rules?

    2) Drastic: having the damned election again. ON ONE SINGLE DAY AND ONLY IN PERSON VOTING WITH A VALID GOVERNMENT ID…with a reasonable exception for people who actually cannot make it to the polls.

    • But if it turns out the Democrats cheated as massively as it sure looks like they did, there’s problems…

      They should’ve been gaming the house races alot better and the Senate races. While they’ll still flip the Senate blue in January (if it turns out that indeed they’ve been doing precisely what it looks like they’ve been doing), they aren’t trying very hard on the House.

      So are they trying to provoke something? Provoke a crazy response by reasonably concerned citizens so they can clamp down?

      Are they really in end game mode?

      They thought they had the country with Obama and were blunted by the backlash. They thought they deserved the country in 2016 and were flummoxed. We know they want to turn America into something fundamentally not America… are they getting desperate?

      If they really were trying to provoke an actual “cross the rubicon” scenario it makes sense to arrange things to not be the first to get violent (never mind that since March they have been violent).

  4. I haven’t seen any actual statistics (haven’t looked either), but as a person with a similar background to Correia, I think the three most significant numbers to look at in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin & Fulton County are:

    1. Percentage voter turnout;
    2. Percentage of total turnout represented by mail-in votes; and
    3. Percentage of mail-in votes for Joe Biden.

    If, as we all suspect, those places manufactured phony mail-in votes for Biden, we would expect to see that they all had higher voter turnout than comparable places in the country, with higher percentage of turnout repreented by mail-in votes and a higher percentage of mail-in votes for Biden.

    The most significant of these is the last. So for example, we keep hearing that in Pennsylvania, which is overall about 50/50 Trump/Biden, about 75% of the mail-in vote is going for Biden. if we found that in other states that are breaking overall 50/50 between Trump and Biden, the mail-in vote is also going 75% for Biden, that would tend to suggest that the Pennsylvania vote is honest. But if it’s closer to 60% in other comparable states, then we can be pretty sure that there’s some funny business going on.

    Another number to look at is comparable turnout and vote in the 2016 election: Milwaukee and Fulton County both show remarkably high turnout and pro-Biden bias, especially in heavily black districts. Did other heavily black districts in other states show similarly high turnout and Biden bias? Famously, Trump has done better nationwide among blacks this year than in 2016, and it’s my impression that black turnout is higher this year than in 2016, but not more so than turnout among other ethnic groups. Do Milwaukee and Fulton County (and Detroit and Philadelphia) show a similar pattern or are they outliers?

    If our media were not garbage, their so-called election analysts would be looking at numbers like these and informing us of their findings.

    • Unfortunately, there’s a major selection bias issue to deal with on the exit polls. Mail in ballots are not polled. If democrats shifted heavily towards mail in ballots, then exit polls will show a shift towards republicans regardless of how people actually vote.

    • That reminds me–for the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucus, which was a debacle in itself, the Democratic party used a voting app created by a suspicious software company they contracted. The company was called Shadow, Inc.

      Surprise, the app didn’t reliably count people’s votes.

      What, was “Evil Puppetmaster” taken? Who the hell hires a software company with a sneaky-sounding name like that to build a voting app? Why wouldn’t they create a shell company named something like “TruVote” or “AccuBallot” or something? At least then there’s some pretense of doubt as to whether they have deceptive intentions.

      Granted, the problems could just as easily be due to incompetence, but someone clearly wasn’t interested in hiring a company to do a good job.

  5. If this stands without deep investigation, or if Biden wins despite the large-scale evidence of fraud, I don’t know how we can trust any election moving forward. If the Supreme Court is forced to make some ruling that requires either a re-do of the election, or the throwing out of millions of ballots, I doubt any election moving forward could escape such eventual recourse to the Courts. I honestly think this has broken our system.

    But assuming that fraud is found, I’m also wondering what can be done. Are there any provisions in our electoral process in case of massive fraud? Would the Court rule that the election is void and the decision is handed to the House?

    • The Democratic Party is hoping that if they swear up and down long enough, and make things so unverifiable, the courts will just throw up their hands and refuse to get involved, and then this will all get swept under the rug until next time.

  6. Just a note that it’s nearly impossible to convict white collar crime. You almost always need an insider to turn. The unanimous Dem position stretching back to the Clinton years is, “If they don’t go to jail, it didn’t happen,” and they don’t send their own to jail.

    • That is unfortunately true.

      The problem is, if you have enough time in a fraud like this that has a lot of moving parts, you can eventually find someone with whom the legal system can obtain enough leverage to force them to surrender information that takes you closer and closer to the center of the plot.

      Unfortunately, this process takes years of dedicated law enforcement effort, not weeks or even months. Plus, if the party supporting the fraud eventually wins power, the investigators will be replaced, and the investigation dropped.

      It is naive to think that anyone complicit in these frauds is unaware of these facts.

  7. It would be more credible without the foul language, but otherwise it’s a must-read. That said, I have less than great faith that any of this will be looked into. I agree that this has probably broken the system.

    • I don’t know. Let’s just look at some recent presidential elections:

      2008: Obama: 69.5 Mil, McCain: 60 Mil
      2012: Obama: 66 Mil, Romney: 61 Mil
      2016: Trump: 63 Mil, Clinton: 66 Mil
      2020: Biden: 74.5 Mil, Trump: 70.5 Mil

      Prior to 2020, Obama had received the highest popular vote total in US history (raw numbers, not considering percentage of eligible voters). In 2020, Trump outdid Obama and is currently lagging Biden by 4 million votes. Given that Biden ran a very lack-luster campaign, it is very odd that so many people turned out to vote, if not for Biden, then at least against Trump. The number of voters is staggering.

      And although Blacks and Hispanics have voted for Republicans in record numbers, the dead votes are still solidly blue.

    • Not turn-out, Tom, votes. The inflated vote total creates a rebuttable presumption of extra votes, manufactured votes, and illicit voters. If turn-out in a precinct exceeds registered voters, I’d call that a “red flag”…

      • There may be reasons for this, such as inaccurate voter rolls and same-day registrations. However, it is always a reason for investigation if it is profound. I’d call anything over 110% suspicious.

      • Isn’t that what’s meant by turnout? Votes?

        A precinct exceeding its registered voters is definitely a red flag. I just meant why is the national, overall vote/turnout number being high a red flag?

  8. It’s almost as if one side was encouraging their voters to vote in person because the virus is a hoax and will vanish like magic on November 4th, while the other was encouraging their voters to vote by mail because it’s very real, and cases will increase exponentially due to election rallies and other election activities.

    Talking about Reality…


    Coronavirus cases in the United States surged by at least 120,276 in the past 24 hours, according to a Reuters tally, the second consecutive daily record rise as the outbreak spreads in every region.

    Yesterday, the country set a national record with nearly 105,000 new infections, according to a Reuters tally.

    Key points:

    Nineteen US states have reported a record increase in COVID-19 cases

    The outbreak is hitting the Midwest the hardest

    It comes a day after the country set a record with nearly 105,000 new infections

  9. This is all well and good, but if you look at the mainstream media, you’ll see nothing but articles that this is all nonsense, that this is over and the president just is in denial, that Biden’s gearing up his transition team to hit the ground running, etc. Truth? Or more attempts to diminish the president’s position?

  10. Reagan took California in 19&0 and 1984. Biden took California. Red flag.

    Reagan took NY in 1980 and 1984. Biden took NY. Red flag.

    Reagan took Illinois in 1980 and 1984. Biden took Illinois. Red flag.

    ……. But we are saved from appearances because Reagan did not take MINNESOTA IN 1980 and 1984. Biden took Minnesota. All red flags picked up.

      • Well, the media has called it for biden, and they are starting to act like he is the president elect, including a snarky editorial about America telling Trump you’re fired. Should the president just give it up now?

          • All they can do is call the projected win – no, they can also now deplatform the president and post a lot of articles like it’s a done deal – they already have.

        • Why are you harassing me on this? I already said no, and explained why. The news media has no role in deciding who wins our elections—just in manipulating the electorate so they can’t make an informed decision.

          • Jack wrote, “The news media has no role in deciding who wins our elections—just in manipulating the electorate so they can’t make an informed decision.”

            “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”
            Malcolm X

    • Yes – and very good as well, it should be noted.
      But he is writing this based on his previous career as an accountant, which is certainly relevant.

    • That means what he writes has more truth then what most members of the media publish today.

      He makes more money writing then he did as an accountant, and he was a damn good accountant.

      Also let it be noted Hunter Biden had no experience in the oil and Gas Industry, but that got him a seat on the board of Burisma, and not because of his last name. If you’re OK with that, then your OK with what Larry wrote as well…

      • I met Scott Turow once. He was still a well-respected lawyer even after he became a best selling novelist. Any suggestion that his becoming a novelist diminished his intellectual skills or trustworthiness would have been considered laughable.

        Come to think of it, I’ve been writing satirical song parodies since the sixth grade. Eventually, I started making money at it–after t became a lawyer. You know, nobody ever suggested that being a lawyer made my song parodies less clever—oh!oh! I guess it only works the other way, and writing humrous song lyrics made me a less credible lawyer. Or ethicist. Or something.

        Anyway, good point.

  11. However, what is potentially fatal for America is half the populace believing that their elections are hopelessly rigged, and they’re eternally fucked.

    In an earlier post, Jack cited a poll ()yes, I know, a poll) showing that a lpsided majority odf Democratic voters believe in Russian collusion myths.

    I wonder how many Republican voters believe the Democrats tried to steal the election.

  12. The accountants analysis is an interesting read.

    As for the the purpose of calling the election for Democrats early in some states; it’s much easier to claim that the Republicans are trying to steal the election if it’s already been “called” and things begin to go sideways for Democrats. It really won’t take much for the political left activists to completely loose their minds and start violently rioting if things aren’t going their way and the left’s propaganda media starts smearing the Republicans as stealing the election. The political left has been building up the mound of steam under the already wacked out political left since November 2016 and it’s at a bursting point, at this point in time it really won’t take much for the political left to completely loose it and that steam mound will burst open upon our society.

  13. If Biden is inaugurated in January and his administration doesn’t immediately give the wackos in our streets exactly what they’ve been screaming for, what do you think will happen to that group of wackos that bet their entire sociopolitical future on Biden? By the way this is almost a certainty if Biden gets inaugurated because it’s literally not within the power of the President of the United States to give the wackos in the streets what they’ve been screaming for without obliterating states rights and stomping the United States Constitution into the dirt.

    Also; if Biden is inaugurated in January I think it’s almost a certainty that Donald Trump will begin his Presidential campaign rhetoric for 2024 in February.

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