Saturday Ethics Review, 11/7/2020: And The Beat Goes On (Item #7 Added)

1. It’s not only the obvious hypocrisy and double standard, it’s the fact that they are so shameless about it. Of course, the average low-information voter (or the average partisan hack who likes applying double standards) cheered on Al Gore and the Democrats when they challenged the 2000 election using a shifting set of theories—remember the “butterfly ballot” that sparked the first legal challenge from Al’s lawyers? Then it was the hanging chads. The 2020 election isn’t over and the race isn’t won until every re-count is completed and there is a credible and trustworthy result. The results so far in multiple states are spiderweb thin, and even relatively small instances of voter fraud could change the winner.

As I have already written here more than once since Tuesday, President Trump has an obligation to oversee responsible investigations into questions regarding irregularities in the vote counting and mail-in voting. He is, after all, President for two more months at least. But the Axis of Unethical Conduct is, as it has from the beginning of his term, claiming that what is virtuous and justified when their favorite politicians do it is sinister when Republicans do the same. I have a complete library of asshole tweets to the effect that the latest Democratic coup attempt should be granted instant legitimacy before all of the issues are satisfactorily resolved. Here are two samples,

Tapper twt

Winslow tweet

If you have problems with my characterization of “coup” just now, sorry, I’m not retracting it. The election was not held on even ground, between the news media’s open bias and the use of the pandemic to justify early and inherently corruptible mail-in voting. It is certainly possible that Joe Biden would have won in a fair election, but we will never know that. The price of the party’s “ends justify the means” strategy is that this election can never be regarded as decisive or fair, and expect the Right to act accordingly.

The fact that a news organization or a decision desk has declared Biden the winner doesn’t mean that he is the winner, and if there are valid legal issues and voting questions to be settled, we should settle them now, because we know they won’t be addressed once the Democrats have the Presidency. I also endorse the point made in this tweet…

Cox tweet

2. Why is the Smithsonian…allowed to run lightly coded ads urging viewers to  become activists on  issues that “matter” now that the election is “over”?  The election is no more “ over” at this point than the 2000 election was, and maybe I’m paranoid, but I don’t want to see “matter” in a political ad until Black Lives Matter sinks into the earth.

3. What happened to “the Biking Vogels”? I saw my delightful next door neighbors saddle up with their young kids for a biking expedition this morning and suddenly had the unpleasant flashback to the couple I wrote about here ( and on Ethics Alarms’ dead-on-the-web predecessor, the Ethics Scoreboard), who pulled their twin boys out of school to join them on a forced biking trip around the country while the parents collected swag from sponsors. I called it child abuse because that’s what it was, and that would be the case even if, through the mysterious ways of pure moral luck, both boys grew up to be mentally and emotionally healthy and productive members of society. Such stories that were extensively covered by the news media usually have “What ever happened to..?” follow-ups by this time (it’s been over a decade), but there is nothing. The family’s self-promotional Facebook page is down, and Nancy Vogel has me blocked on Twitter, although I never tweeted her.

If anyone knows how the boys are doing, I’d love to do a “the rest of the story” post—especially if the twins overcame their exploitation and abuse and are happy, well-adjusted adults..

4. Interesting ethics observation: My wife noted, as she tossed away a New York Times front page in disgust that had a headline referring to the President’s “spurious” allegations that the Boston Globe managing editor portrayed in “Spotlight” lectures the staff on keeping adjectives out of headlines, explaining that every adjective diminished the credibility of the paper.

5. I see that Nancy Pelosi has claimed that Democrats now have a “mandate.” That’s funny. Back in 2000, when Bush said he had a “mandate” despite losing the popular vote, Democrats suggested that he was obligated to defer to the opposition in policy matters. Well, as Mr. Montoya liked to say,

A mandate occurs when one party and its Presidential candidate wins in a unequivocal landslide. Biden had no landslide, even assuming that his win survives the recounts and lawsuits, which is likely. The Democrats lost seats in the House, and failed to take over the Senate. The claim of a mandate is further evidence of the Orwellian turn Pelosi’s party has taken.

6. And while we’re on the topic of totalitarianism, there is this…


You can explore what the “Trump Accountability Project” proposes to do to take revenge on the President’s supporters here.

Of course.

Be proud, Democrats!

7. This just in, from Althouse:

From “The Presidential Endgame” by the editors of The Wall Street Journal (no pay wall). They want a gracious concession — after the counting and litigation — but they never mention how ungracious the Democrats were when Trump won in 2016. Did they ever concede that Trump won and stand back and acknowledge that he legitimately held the power of the presidency? 

Of course, Ann could have voted in the swing state of Wisconsin to express her disapproval of the AUC’s treatment of this President, but she abstained.

16 thoughts on “Saturday Ethics Review, 11/7/2020: And The Beat Goes On (Item #7 Added)

  1. .6

    That for me has been the most worrisome out of the whole lineup-next to the radioactive fallout that will result from the aftermath of this election.

    If you thought the last 4 years were a ethics train wreck, buddy you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  2. My feed is going crazy with smug liberals sneering about how Trump has been fired. That’s no big deal, liberals are generally smug folks who look down their toffee noses at us conservative rubes. What worries me is stuff like Jennifer Rubin’s latest tweet

    “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.”

    That may well be, Ms. Rubin, but maybe we Rs have a list too, and guess whose name is rising to the top of it. And we aren’t talking about removal from polite society, we’re talking about removal from life if you pull this shit.

  3. I posted the same link on my FB feed and got one positive and one negative reply so far. The complete lack of overlap in the two halves of America is not going to end well. Trump is a horrible leader, but there have been worse presidents.

    What are the Supreme Court able to do in this situation, not will, but can? What Constitutional remedies even exist? Is there a short reference for folks, besides reading through the document? I can do research, but irrespective of who ends up “winning” I have to work both days this weekend and try to still raise three kids in this fiasco.
    Thanks to all the folks and our host in these troubling times..

  4. 1. If the shenanigans that went on this week had flipped states for Trump instead of Biden, those same smug liberals who are clogging up my Facebook feed with ridiculous statements about how Betsy DeVos’ “tyranny” is over would be screaming bloody murder right now.

    2. So that we will know where they stand in this mess. It’s good to know who and where your enemies are. That’s one good thing that’s happened. The masks have come on.

    3. I was JUST thinking about them the other day and wondering if Davy and Daryl are still biking as adults. I found EA thanks to your entry about them that Paul Peterson shared on the “A Minor Consideration” website.

    4-6: The gloves are off, too. We live in interesting times.

  5. 1. If a coup has taken place and we are stuck with a Biden White House, how should responsible citizens respond?

    6. Should people give any credence to these threats? If so, what’s the most ethical response to them?

    I have serious concerns about talk of retaliation from anyone who voted for Trump. Sicilian ethics or a tit-for-tat response, I believe will just solidify stupidity (bias) and division. However that doesn’t mean just turning a blind eye to what may be some serious fraud and election collusion.

    I think the video in this tweet below sums up my attitude in the moment. Life goes on but there’s chaos out there.

  6. I’m left with the feeling that a lot of this mess could have been avoided if the Republicans had pushed back against the Democrats back in 2016. Started working on the social media company issues with censorship, challenging Democrats on every falsehood and misrepresentation (with a bit more poise and etiquette than Trump). Maybe they couldn’t.

    And if there was ever a time for Trump to stop saying things for one minute, it’s now. Even if investigations reveal that there were so many mistakes, errors, and outright frauds in the voting process, nothing Trump has said will have helped restore confidence in the election process, even though the fact that we noticed things going wonky and are working quickly to verify or fix the issues should still give some hope in the process. It is more than just mark a ballot and put it in a slot, after all.

    That does bring up an interesting question, though. Who did more to destroy the faith in the election process: 4 years of Democrats claiming the Russians hacked the election, or Trump ham fisting anything that comes into his head onto twitter and his press conferences over the past week?

  7. 1)’The longer we delay’? What has been delayed? Last I heard, the president doesn’t get installed until January 20th — no way to rush that.

    5)Mandate? :snort: The only mandate you have, Madam Speaker, even assuming you don’t lose that job, is to act differently than you have the past two years. That the ‘mandate’ of this election. I’m not holding my breath for you to learn that lesson, though.

    6)Yeah, I saw some of those kind of tweets before the election. Remember how well the last set of blacklists worked for you?

    7)Why don’t all the Republicans get together and chant “Not my President!” Well……, probably not but just imagine the apoplexy in the media.

    My thoughts on that: I don’t think the Republicans generally will riot or have profane/obscene protests — because this party generally speaking has nicer people in it than the Democrats. And no, that is absolutely not a joke.

  8. What you see the media doing right now…what you see the mob doing in the streets right now…

    is trying to establish Biden’s authority by acclaim.

    Why would they be so fervently eager to do this beyond the fact that they’ve bought the cult narrative that they’ve been saved from a repressive dictatorship? I mean these poor sheep have no clue their just part of a larger narrative to dupe the nation into surrendering to the totalitarians.

    The Republicans have been painted as evil actors and dictators and rule breakers since Bush’s 2nd Term. Yet history proves they’ve engaged in each bit of behavior they’ve accused the Republicans of?

    What better way to work the nation towards totalitarianism than to convince the masses that they’ve been fighting totalitarians this whole time? They’d worship jubilantly in the streets for their saviors from the invented enemy.

    Why is the media rabidly encouraging this proof by acclaim? Unless they think there’s a better than 0% change this election is shown to be fraudulent.

    But if there’s no proof then why are they acting like this?

    There’s only the other option…that they are so truly self-sold on the Resistance LARPing that they think they’ve done good.

    Is this Occam’s Razor territory?

    I don’t know…but any thinking person of good will should be extremely skeptical of everything their eyes are telling them right now.

    If anyone needs clues as to the mindset of the attitude-crafters of the Left…the “purge lists” should be one damned bright flashing danger light. I mean, who in God’s name even casually discusses that in a healthy Republic?

  9. Are these democrats hellbent on turning the USA into a third world nation? It’s just shocking at this point. The similarities with Nigeria and others. It’s very confusing.

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