Good Morning! Here’s Today’s 2020 Election Ethics Train Wreck Update…

Head Boom

I hate mixing Ethics Alarms metaphors, but the developments in the 2020 Presidential Election Ethics Train Wreck made my head explode—what we call a “KABOOM!” in these parts—more than once.

1. To put first things first, I had to make a major revision in yesterday’s update. After a couple of readers reported that the number of ballots in Michigan showing only votes for President was almost a third fewer than J.D. Rucker had reported, I changed the post accordingly and added,

The numbers J.D. Rucker used in the sources for this post can no longer be verified. Now HIS alleged source is showing numbers that don’t support his argument. I can’t imagine that Rucker, who has some credibility and writes for various conservative publications, would make up statistics wholesale for a post about statistics. I can imagine the statistics being altered after he called attention to their suspicious nature, since there is such a concerted effort to discredit any claims that the voting totals may not be accurate, but there is no evidence of that. This is the whole problem. There are no reliable sources.

2. KABOOM! #1. A team of Google monitors captured evidence that between Monday, October 26, 2020, and Thursday, October 29, 2020, Google sent “be sure to vote” reminders to liberal users but did not do the same with conservative users. On Thursday, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), and Mike Lee (R-Utah) sent a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai demanding an explanation.

Do we need an explanation? Google has shown itself to be virtually principle-free and so biased that it’s a good thing it dumped its motto “Don’t Be Evil,” because the company risked being consumed like Sodom and Gomorrah. Robert Epstein, a psychologist,  started an election monitoring project employing a politically-diverse group of 733 field agents in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina. “Through their computers, we were able to preserve more than 400,000 ephemeral experiences that tech companies use to shift opinions and votes and that normally are lost forever,” Epstein explained in a letter to Senator Johnson.

“One of our most disturbing findings so far is that between Monday, October 26th (the day our system became fully operational) and Thursday, October 29th, only our liberal field agents received vote reminders on Google’s home page. Conservatives did not receive even a single vote reminder,” Epstein reported. “This kind of targeting, if present nationwide, could shift millions of votes, in part because Google’s home page is seen 500 million times a day in the U.S.”

3. KABOOM! #2. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnaney was explaining in a press briefing about the administration’s contentions regarding voter fraud when Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto cut off the network’s coverage, saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa. I just think we have to be very clear. She’s charging the other side as welcoming fraud and illegal voting. Unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue to show you this.”

This is the worst kind of unethical journalism, and perhaps the worst example I have seen this year, which makes my head explode again just writing it. Think about all the unsubstantiated claims the networks allowed its audiences to hear when activist lawyer Ben Crump was claiming without evidence that a police shooting victim was “murdered” based on his race. Consider all of the now debunked “facts” Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and others proclaimed in front of cameras without a network shutting down coverage because an anchor couldn’t “countenance” unproven allegations. If the President’s press secretary goes in front of cameras and says the President now claims to be an aardvark, that’s still news, and the public has a right to hear it and make its own judgment.

This is significant and frightening. Fox News, for all its open biases and pandering hacks, has served a crucial role by often being the only news organization that would report stories the mainstream media was deliberately burying to further its partisan political agenda and assist its favorite politicians and political party. I have regarded Cavuto as one of the most trustworthy talking heads on Fox—after all, he interviewed me!—but there is no defense for what he did yesterday. Without Fox News, the complete control over what the public gets to hear and read, executed with the intent of undermining the President, is nearly locked down.

4. The President’s campaign filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania yesterday. A summary:

Trump lawsuit

More suits will follow, and more investigations had better follow. If the Axis of Unethical Conduct really thinks it can run out the clock and get away with it, Democrats, the “resistance,” the mainstream news media and the social media platforms are even dumber than I thought.

5. Attorney General Bill Barr announced that the Justice Department has authorized “specific instances” of investigative steps in some cases, but he warned that “specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched claims should not be a basis for initiating federal inquiries.”


His memo is here.

45 thoughts on “Good Morning! Here’s Today’s 2020 Election Ethics Train Wreck Update…

  1. What Kayleigh McEnaney was doing at the time she was cut off was running down a list of suits brought by the Democrats and the outcomes such as; extending deadlines for ballot receipt without legislative action, signatures not needing to match, postmarks not required, no photo ID and others. It was Cavuto that interpreted her remarks to suggest that the Democrats were welcoming fraud.

    Given that all these judicial outcomes occurred is Cavuto saying the judicial branch is in the tank for Democrats?

  2. 1. Elections are supposed to be confidential, but not so much so that they can be easily manipulated. Never again should anyone be allowed to leverage a public health emergency to create a situation like this.

    2. More and more it is looking like these internet providers need both regulation and the Ma Bell treatment. Monopolies are bad. Monopolies on information are worse. It’s one thing when a site devoted to a political viewpoint or individual censors unwelcome content. It’s another when a provider that is supposed to be at least nominally neutral does so without letting you know it’s not being neutral.

    3. This is just going to open the way for Newsmax and OAN to move in, while Fox becomes just another ABC or NBC. Unfortunately that’s what happens when you get bought by the liberals at Disney.

    4. If all of that is true, nothing can save the vote in PA. But yes, the AUC is hoping they can just run out the clock, get the vote certified, and get Joe Biden sworn in before anyone looks too closely. Run out the clock is why Joe stayed in the basement for so long. Then they’ll sneer at the other side while congratulating themselves on a well-earned victory.

    5. Unfortunately, the MSM and most liberals won’t believe it.

    • #3 – Fox news isn’t owned by Disney. It was spun off of 21st Century Fox prior to the purchase as Disney didn’t want it. Fox Sport, Fox Broadcasting and Fox News are a standalone NASDAQ traded company.

      Their election coverage sealed their fate in my opinion. They were jumping the gun to call states for Biden. Talent is starting to flee, I am expecting Tucker Carlson to bail very soon.

  3. Probably the best analogy for Cavuto is when the Left accuses the Right of engaging in voter suppression. If one side can accuse the other of attempting to disenfranchise people, it seems to be fair play to allow that side to accuse the other of supporting voter fraud.


    • JB

      The claim of voter suppression is conjecture and without evidence. If someone can state that Photo ID suppresses votes it must have bodies they can point to otherwise it is a baseless claim. If they can produce people without an ID why don’t they simply help people get a valid ID. It stands to reason that failure to attempt to resolve an underlying problem that can be resolve means you wish to exploit the continuation of the underlying problem for advantage.

      • Nah, you don’t say? There might be a REASON in this country you have to show ID to drive, buy a gun, get on a plane, enter a concert venue, even be served a drink, everything EXCEPT vote? And that reason might be that it would make it harder to avoid fraud? That couldn’t be. Not from those pillars of honesty in the Democratic Party.

        • We were required to provide ID to vote and confirm our address. When my wife (who is a registered Independent) thanked the woman for checking, she looked at us like we were nuts, and said something like, “You’re welcome, but you aren’t special…we verify everyone before they vote.”

  4. 1. Making corrections or adjustments in thinking based on new or corrected data can be tough to do, but that is one of the great features of this site, ownership and a willingness to re-consider.
    I sent a message to Rucker about updating his post. I’ll check back later today and tomorrow to see if that has been done.

  5. The left is starting to give themselves plausible deniability for what is going to happen. Either our journalists aren’t aware of what is in the news or they are willing to cause the destruction of the US to get Trump out because…? Now, they don’t want to be blamed for the outcome they demanded of the American public.

    • I guess we’ll find out soon enough just how elite those self-lionized “elites” are. Our country is in for a most tasty and delicious run of the rule of lawlessness. ‘Tis the season; let’s all keep making our lists…

    • The most beautiful thing I have seen in this election cycle is Stacey Abrams, who might have step down as Georgia Governor to become something in the Biden Administration, declaring that the Georgia voting system is beyond reproach and voter irregularities just don’t happen in Georgia. What a peach, that one.


      PS: Besides the obvious three reasons, can someone please explain to me why Abrams is considered such a rock star? I just don’t get the gushing over her. I don’t find her particularly bright, insightful, or impressive. She plays a wicked race card but that is no different from a bunch of others using The Card to their advantage.

        • I must confess that I think I am funnier than I actually may be. This is the second time in two days (here today and yesterday on Facebook) I have been reprimanded that Stacey Abrams is not, if fact, Governor of Georgia. I know. She is a self-promoting, cynical, stupid, and arrogant buffoon – again, I don’t see why she is celebrated as if she is some gifted head of state dispensing pearls of wisdom from her makeshift Governor’s Mansion in Atlanta. She is no more Governor of Georgia than I am*.

          But, that is the point. She truly believes she was robbed by a corrupt election process overseen by racist Republicans who denied her historical right to the seat. Now, because her candidate won (and she believes Pres. Harris will appoint her to a really cool Cabinet position, and probably before Harris appoints Ocasio-Cortez as Energy Secretary or Secretary of Labor) she declares that Georgia’s election system is beyond reproach. And, those idiots on CNN (when not weeping for joy at the end of Trump’s Tyranny) don’t have the intellectual and personal integrity to ask her why things are so different in just two years since she was robbed of her rightful place as Georgia Governor.


          *Ed. Note: Come to think of it, if gender and race are simply social constructs, then why can’t political positions? Abrams still thinks she is Governor, and acts like she is Governor, so why can’t the fact that I think I am the Georgia Governor also be true?

          • Abrams is not going away because modern political “rock stars” are media creations. More so than actual rock stars, who generally have to show some talent before getting the rich and famous package. There is now a DNC/Corporate/Media/Government conglomerate that can invest hundreds of millions into these candidates, who in turn will be loyal party soldiers for life. They aren’t going to give up on them unti they get some type of return on investment.

        • So true. That Comedy Central episode with Anderson Cooper, where Cooper tried to goad Biden into announcing Abrams as his running mate, but Biden wouldn’t take the bait was hilarious. Abrams was there waiting for it, smiling from ear to ear. With each passing, humiliating moment as Biden prattled on about some stupid thing or another, her smile fell until she was seething with rage. Pure gold that was. I wept from laughing so hard.


  6. 1. America is the shame of the free world. Iraq runs better elections that we do here in the USA.

    No matter what happens, we have to get to the bottom of this disaster. History will no doubt blame it all on the pandemic, but there has clearly been some “fuckery” in this election, as Larry Correia so drolly puts it. The link is an update to his earlier post, which corrects some of the of data that was misreported the first time and includes additional data and analysis that has come to light since.

    Here is the crux of the biscuit, for me — when virtually every error, omission, or unexplained change goes in one person’s favor, there is something wrong. We all know that the statistics make that not just unlikely, but mathematically impossible.

    That’s why Google, Facebook and Twitter are starting to censor the statistical theories that call this election into question. Even if we forget about free speech, it’s truly disturbing that all these major companies are so wedded to defeating Trump that anything that supports the theory that helps him must be squelched. There is something very 1930’s Germany or 1960’s USSR about it. I grew up believing this was impossible in America — a belief that is starting to feel very, very naive indeed.

    2. There is no explanation for this. Google should just own it. It won’t matter one whit more or less, and it would have the benefit of honesty. There are not enough callow voters in the world to swallow this as an innocent software glitch, which is their only possible benign explanation.

    If I were a leader in another democratic country, I might be taking this rather seriously…

    3. We have been seeing Fox News change before our eyes, and it boils down to Trump-loathing. Bias makes you stupid, and Neil Cavuto has been a Never-Trumper since he came down the escalator, or maybe even before. What he did yesterday was his bias making him do something stupid.

    It is intolerable that Fox news would allow this to happen, which is why they are about to find out what it feels like to be CNN.

    4. Enjoining certification is the only remedy I can think of if Trump can prove his points. If he can, we truly will make the ghost of Hugo Chavez blush.

    5. Good, indeed. Of course, the press is aghast, saying it is against some kind of historical mandate to even consider a criminal investigation of election fraud.

    Why? When did we decide election fraud should be off limits to justice? Since it helps the Left 99% of the time?

    • “:Bias makes you stupid, and Neil Cavuto has been a Never-Trumper since he came down the escalator, or maybe even before. What he did yesterday was his bias making him do something stupid.”

      Yes, I also had Cavuto pegged as a never-Trumper from way back, but he was usually subtle about showing it I guess now that Fox has read the tea leaves or chicken entrails or consulted the voodoo priest and divined the outcome of the election, he feels more secure to let his true (stupid) colors show. I have never liked Cavuto, he always reminds me of one of those cutthroat real estate guys who would cheat his Granny to make a sale and score a big commission.

    • Usually when Government and Business are in collusion, if it’s government centric, its actually called *Fascism* (you know, the real deal, not what the LARPers have been saying). If it’s business centric, it’s often called *Oligarchy*.

      Now, we’ve heard a great deal of Democrats accusing Trump of being a Fascist and Republicans being desperate to establish an Oligarchy.

      Now class, let’s repeat the first rule of American political slander: “If the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of X, the reality is that the Democrats are___________________” I’ll let y’all finish the sentence, we all know it well now.

      • I find it fascinating that the progressives want to “go back” to Obama’s policies. Biden declared his intend to reinstate DACA, reenter the Paris Accords, reinstate the Iran Nuclear Deal, strengthen the ACA, repeal the Trump tax cuts, and revisit the Kyoto Protocols. Oh, essentially implement Trump’s COVID response plan, though named differently. Some giant leap forward that is, eh?


          • Well, that’s right. The DNC didn’t need a plan because it was supposedly a referendum on Orange Man Bad. With the aid of the media spurious claims of COVID-related voting issues, and continuous riots, Trump didn’t have much of a chance. I suspect Fox News is tacking to the center left (or better said “Trump is yesterday’s news”) to gain favor from Biden for access to him. Jokes on Fox News, though. Won’t they be surprised when The Harris Administration jettisons them to the ash heap of cybernews history. Why would the Harris Administration need Fox News? Her administration will already own CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.


  7. 2. Meanwhile the exodus from Twitter to Parler and from Facebook to MeWe builds to a stampede. I am joining several dozen of my friends/contacts who have already switched, and a number others have stated their intent to move soon.

  8. #1. No, Rucker’s source numbers didn’t change – he was wrong from the start. The numbers he used were hundreds of thousands of votes above current totals. To assume that his source was the one in the wrong is to excuse what was at best very lazy writing, but more likely deliberately dishonest claims. Let’s assume that the numbers on Decision Desk HQ were actually that far off at some moment in time – why didn’t anyone notice? With everything being scrutinized so closely right now do you think they could have screwed up that bad without anyone noticing? Furthermore, if you are going to make a claim as explosives as his don’t you think you double check your numbers on another site? Frankly, why didn’t you take 5 minutes to check the numbers before sharing his article and its claims?

    Also, think for just a second about the implications of his claim. Somehow, secretly, someone snuck in what would amount to a stack of ballots 6 stories tall without anyone noticing. Rucker has also claimed elsewhere that he thinks Biden actual legal vote total is closer to 60 million. So he actually thinks that there was a coordinated effort to sneak in 16 million ballots. This is not a man to be taken seriously.
    Now ask yourself – do you really think someone making such claims wouldn’t make up numbers? Why not? Who’s going to hold him accountable? No one here seems to be.

    This is part of a bigger fundamental problem with the way folks are framing the “fraud” debate. They’ve fallen into a pattern of sharing unsupported claims while sometimes giving themselves an out by noting that there’s no evidence – yet. This is the “you know some people are saying” approach so adored by our current president. String together enough “some people are saying claims” and it gives the illusion of irrefutable proof that fraud has happened, regardless of whether or not each individual claim has any merit, regardless of whether many, like this one, have already been proven to be a lie. It also creates its own momentum. If someone is predisposed to believe that fraud probably happened, then they suddenly start believing any and every claim thrown out by sycophants and cranks that have a vested interest in creating doubt in the process. And for every claim that doesn’t pan out, well just blame the media for being unreliable, or the democrats for advocating vote by mail. You can’t say every claim must be investigated in order for this result to be trusted when time and time and time again the claims turn out to be baseless. False claims can, and probably will, continue to come to the surface as more and more people realize that they can be made without repercussion. Anyone can say anything they want in this environment and have a decent chance of being believed, statistics can be cherry picked and manipulated to make it look like impossible things happened when there are easy explanations, and unless people like you hold them accountable rather than make excuses for them it will continue unabated. After a while, if all you are finding is smoke with no fire, maybe start to consider that there are plenty of folks that would benefit from setting off smoke bombs, and whether it’s responsible to keep amplifying their unsupported claims.

    • 1. I’m waiting to hear or read what Rucker’s explanation is. It makes no sense for him to fabricate something that can be so easily checked. “Now ask yourself – do you really think someone making such claims wouldn’t make up numbers? Why not? Who’s going to hold him accountable? No one here seems to be.”

      I will, and others will. As with the voting totals themselves, these things take time. He writes for respectable publications, and has his own forums. I don’t trust people and sources that deliberately mislead me. I haven’t checked Brietbart for years. not Gateway Pundit; anyone who watches MSNBC, Brian Stelter, Dan Rather or Bill O’Reilly is nuts or asking to be lied to.

      2. The news media is unreliable. There is no way to claim otherwise.

      3. No one is saying anything so far is “irrefutable proof.” You just undermined your own credibility by writing that. There are legitimate questions and irregularities that must be cleared up.

      4. I absolutely blame the Democrats for ramming voting by mail down our throats. We knew it would cause chaos, and I think it’s likely that they wanted it to cause chaos. It is an invitation to fraud. What has occurred was predicted and was predictable. If that means it take a bit longer to officially declare a winner, the Democrats have only themselves to blame.

    • I don’t know whether that guy is credible or not. But the numbers changing magically is seen in multiple places. The tallies shown by news stations on election night kept magically changing, in the one direction. 6,000 votes attributed to Trump in one county displayed in one frame, and in the next frame disappear from Trump’s tally and appear in Biden’s tally. Later that was reported as a “glitch”. The 6,000 votes were subtracted back from Biden and added back to Trump. Later still, it was reported as not being a glitch but an error in the numbers. Except that error actually flipped a down ballot race from a republican candidate to a democrat candidate, and then back again.

      It’s WEIRD.

      No one is keeping the same story from one minute to the next, the numbers keep changing, the explanations keep changing, and people are watching those changes.

      Maybe it is fraud. Maybe the people crunching the numbers are incompetent. Maybe people are messing with the system on purpose to screw with people.

      Maybe the media shouldn’t report on stuff when they can’t get their facts or their numbers straight.

      Maybe the media shouldn’t demonize half the country and then expect that half of the country to believe a damn thing they say.

      • No, it’s not weird. This stuff happens all the time in every election. There are processes in place to check and double check totals and correct errors as they arise, and you are seeing that process play out now. If it seems new to you ask yourself how much you have scrutinized totals state by state, county by county, precinct by precinct in previous elections. It seems weird because the normal is being put under a microscope, and any correction is being treated with suspicion by people who want you to doubt the process and people primed to believe that there’s no way Biden could have won fairly. I mean how many times did Trump actually say that he could never lose in a fair election before the election even happened? How many times in his life has Trump claimed that anything and everything that contradicts his image of himself is fraudulent?

        Consider that if a correction gives Biden more votes, then people can say “isn’t it suspicious that all of the corrections are in Biden’s favor?” and if a correction takes away votes from Biden people can say “isn’t it suspicious that all of the errors have been in Biden’s favor?”. Consider that if the media, mainstream and conservative alike, points out that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud then people can say “the media can’t be trusted – and Fox News is being take over by Never Trumpers (which, by the way, is how liars like Mr. Rucker find a platform). Consider that if intelligence agencies tell us there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud efforts then they can just be dismissed as “agents of the deep state”. Consider that if Democratic state and local officials tell us there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud then they can be dismissed as partisan stooges. Consider that if Republican state and local officials tell us there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud then their legitimacy can be called into question by asking for their resignation without citing any specific bias or wrongdoing. Consider that when urban and suburban areas flip votes and increase turnout they can point to higher vote totals alone as evidence of fraud, but flipped votes and higher turnouts in rural areas are legitimate gains in the electorate. See the problem?

        We’ve known the likely outcome since very late Tuesday night. That’s when, based on the outstanding number of votes, the nature of the votes (were they in person or mail-in, did they arrive before or on election day, etc.), and where the votes originated from, number crunchers told us that: Biden was almost certainly going to win MI, was probably going to win WI, was probably going to win PA, was probably going to win NV, would probably not be able to catch up in NC, have a 50/50 chance at grabbing the lead in GA, and would probably squeak by in AZ. When you know that 85% of early mail in ballots in a particular geographic region are going for one candidate, you can reasonably assume the remaining votes with the same characteristics will follow suit and make fairly accurate projections. That’s what was done very early on, and the projections have been pretty spot on. Furthermore, people were saying this was likely before any counting even started – that Trump was likely to take early leads in battleground states, and as main-in votes were counted Biden would catch up and in some cases take the lead. If people are surprised that is has gone that way and think it is suspicious, it is because they weren’t paying attention to what the data was telling us. Surprise and disappointment are not legitimate grounds for suspicion.

        • Wrong. This kind of thing does NOT happen all the time. It’s been 100 years since anything like this pandemic hit the US, and most states that were voting by mail were voting for the first time, often with cobbled together systems, less secure and more open to fraud. Yes, a lot of us ARE suspicious, because there were red flags at every stage of the proceedings.

          Yes, it seems odd that Biden, a geriatric whose grip on reality is slipping, who hardly campaigned, could motivate more voters than the messianic Obama. Yes, it seems odd that Michigan, Wisconsin, AND Pennsylvania all stopped counting ballots in the small hours, only to have huge numbers show up shortly after, every last one for Biden, bluer than the bluest blue cities. Yes, a lot of the other red flags make one believe something isn’t quite right here.

          I put very little stock in any kind of lecture about Trump or the right sowing doubt. The left has just spent four years saying that Trump was not legitimately elected, spreading ridiculous conspiracy theories, undermining his ability to govern, and attacking him at every turn. It’s not ridiculous to have questions about the Deep State, when there are text messages between members about preventing Trump from being elected. It’s not ridiculous to ask what’s going on when suddenly Fox starts calling states early and falling into lockstep with the other networks. It’s not ridiculous to question these ballot dumps that just happen to put Biden over the top.

          This is not a question of surprise and disappointment. This is a question of the results not making sense and looking suspicious. Denial and accusations of sour grapes are not reasons to surrender.

          • No one I heard on Tuesday night ‘knew’ that Biden was going to sweep Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The Vegas odds makers went from 65-35% for Biden to about 75-25% for Trump by Tuesday night. I believe 538 was saying then it was likely going to be Trump carrying the election. I mean he was ahead in Pennsylvania by 3/4 of a million votes by then!

            And, as you say, what are the odds of Biden in Wisconsin outperforming Obama hugely in some counties but underperforming him in adjacent counties. And not to mention other states where he underperformed Obama.

            The point of all this is that in a normal situation, election or something else, you have these sort of discrepancies but some go one way, some go the other. Statistically they tend to balance out, which is one reason many election recounts don’t see much of a swing either way. But when they all go one way, it becomes deliberate rather than happenstance. The old axiom: once is an accident, twice can be coincidence, three times is enemy action — that starts to apply.

            The statistical studies I have seen emphasize that the expected norms are there for the other candidates and, indeed, for Biden in other states but in certain areas they go bonkers. It’s a tell.

        • When people begin comments with a disingenuous statement like “it happens all the time” when there had never been a national election with widespread use of mail-in ballots, their credibility is DOA. You might also check the Rationalizations list to your right. This dodge is #1 on the list.

        • What is it, specifically, that you are saying is perfectly normal? Are you saying it is normal for a database to change data without human or erroneous software input?

  9. It’s telling that Facebook/Google/Twitter are censoring MATH EQUATIONS from their platforms. Benford’s Law is a statistics analysis tool, and we all know what can happen when those go viral! They have been practicing by deleting Covid information that doesn’t fit the narrative, (We have to destroy human society or we all die/This is the most deadly thing ever!/It’s not safe to open schools), that is presented in stats or graphs.
    I’m reminded of the apocryphal story of the defense attorney facing a very well made chart of events on a timeline that he had hoped to turn into a too confusing jumble in the minds of the jurors: “Objection! This display is…incorrectly clear!”

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