A Sensible Reaction To The Election (And Ethical, Up To A Point)

Stop the steal2

Powerline, the conservative blog, has been catching flack from conservatives over two posts that were regarded as “limp noodle” reactions to a stolen election. But the acceptance of reality is always ethical. Excerpts from the two posts, by Scott Johnson and Steven Hayward:

The Trump litigation has proven a bust. Indeed, most recently, in the Wisconsin federal district decision held over the weekend, the Trump legal team entered into an agreed statement of facts and declined to call a single witness. Called to put their cards on the table, the Trump team all but folded. The court’s decision rejecting President Trump’s claims is posted online here. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on it here. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood in particular have prompted me to recall Eric Hoffer’s observation: “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Hoffer’s observation has been echoing in my mind over the past few weeks.

Anyone who uses that Hoffer quote, a favorite here, is jake with me.

I nevertheless believe that fraud substantially affected the outcome of the election in the system of absentee balloting that was adopted all over the country. It is a system that facilitates fraud and appears to have been exploited for this purpose in states such as Pennsylvania and perhaps Georgia. Kim Strassel wrote about it in the November 12 Wall Street Journal column “Harvesting the 2020 election.” (She also anticipated it in her January 2019 column “Harvesting Democratic votes.”)

Neither post adequately covers the real reason the election was “stolen”: the deliberate and successful efforts by the news media to keep voters from having fair and accurate view of either candidate.

The Democrats stole the election fair and square. Of course I don’t mean that literally; what I mean is that the election was effectively stolen months ago before any ballots were cast when legislatures (and sometimes governors and state courts such Pennsylvania) changed the voting rules to allow expanded mail-in voting, and the cascade of related vulnerabilities that followed. Republican legislatures that went along with these COVID-induced panic changes were foolish if not derelict in their duty. And the Trump campaign was negligent in not fighting against this months ago. President Trump was correct to warn about this outcome. Why wasn’t his campaign better organized to resist this months ago?

Good question. Many of the adverse court decisions cited the failure of the campaign to raise the issue of states’ breaching their own election laws and policies in a timely fashion.

No court is going to overturn an election result on circumstantial evidence and affidavits of incorrect polling place procedure alone. (I reserve judgment for the time being about the Dominion computer system question.) And the thorough fact-finding necessary for judicial intervention would take time that we haven’t got. This is why both the Constitution and most state election statutes make the legislatures the arbiters of presidential election results.

This, it seems to me, is irrefutable. Why do so many Trump supporters have such difficulty accepting it?

After the last observation, Powerline slips into a tit-for-tat vengeance mode, which is not unethical, though it maybe unavoidable. I’ll try to address this in a post later today, if I can get the %$#!@#&% tree up…

6 thoughts on “A Sensible Reaction To The Election (And Ethical, Up To A Point)

  1. What else is to be done? Game theory (and justice) would also recommend payback to Democrats for their embrace of the Russia hoax and their “Resistance” stance that Trump was an illegitimate president.

    This was the exact quote from Steven Hayward.


    Of course what happened subsequently was that even years after Trump had safely taken power, the corporate media’s top luminaries continuously used the phrase “hacked the election” to describe the purported actions of Russia on behalf of Trump in 2016. Supermajorities of Democratic voters came to believe not just that Russia “interfered” in the election, but directly installed Trump into power by tampering with voting machines. Now, though, journalists who fostered these blinkered beliefs will feign incredulity that their conduct could have contributed to widespread “doubt” as to the “legitimacy” of that election. And they’ll be aghast at any suggestion that this was inevitably going to generate yet another crazed anti-legitimization initiative in 2020.

    (Emphasis added)

  2. Republicans still hoping to overturn the results should just read the paragraph about the capitulation of Republican legislatures (and to a lesser but still significant degree, Trump himself) to the COVID-justified demands of Democrats. That’s the objective truth, and we all need to deal with it, no matter how much fraud we suspect.

    Having said that, let’s stipulate that the Democrats really had their opponents over a barrel. The Republicans would’ve been demagogued as evil monsters intent on denying the right to vote for as many people as possible, and COVID restrictions (mostly made by Democrats) would’ve provided a major and perhaps fatal augmentation to that argument, leaving Republicans losing house races and perhaps the Senate.

    This, put simply, was a no-win situation for Republicans. Nobody utilizes emotional arguments to greater effect than the Democrats, and the pandemic has provided an insurmountable advantage to them, which makes me wonder — was this the plan for all the shutdowns, or just serendipity? Since I have long since abandoned Hanlon’s Razor when talking about the left, I know where my opinion lies.

    Still, in hindsight, the Republican legislatures clearly gave in too easy, and showed no fight at all when it came to the crazy “vote harvesting” demands. I think, in the end, that was the real difference. But whether that’s true or not, they were placed in a bind and simply didn’t have the stones to take it on. That much is clear to me. We can argue forever what the ancillary effects of fighting the Dems on mail in and other initiatives might’ve been, but the reality is, they didn’t do it. We must all now live with that decision.

    Who knows? Perhaps it will work out in the end. The Republicans seem energized and determined to get to the bottom of it all. If that actually happens, we may eventually realize a long-term benefit from the short-term suffering.

    But if the Democrats manage to steal the Georgia senate runoffs, or the Republicans do a faceplant and lose them, hope will effectively be lost.

  3. ” What else is to be done? Game theory (and justice) would also recommend payback to Democrats for their embrace of the Russia hoax and their “Resistance” stance that Trump was an illegitimate president. What goes around comes around. The prudent course will be to cast a shadow over Biden’s presidency. If the GOP holds the Senate, there should be extensive committee investigations into election fraud. Trump’s interim attorney general should appoint a special counsel to look into the matter and include Hunter Biden in the charge. Make Biden dismiss the special counsel, which will not be cost-free. State legislatures and state attorneys general should conduct relentless investigations.

    Prudence dictates that Republicans will be better off going on offense against the weakest incoming president in modern American history, rather than thinking a show of legislative force, either by the states or by Congress, to reject the certified results of an election can succeed. The showing of the GOP down ballot displays strength, not weakness. The Democratic Party is seething with division under the surface. Time to exploit these divisions.”

    I see no major problems here. The way to win is to beat the other side at their own game. Let’s start digging into Biden’s dealings, including his family dealings, and air every last piece of dirty linen in public Let the public see what ooze he is and let them see the media struggle mightily to cover it up. Reach out to the “decent” Democrats and see if we can’t drive a few wedges between the centrists and the traitors in the “squad.” I am sure there are still a few in the Democratic Party who are Americans first and liberals after that.

    Maybe the time has also come to whip up some division of our own. The fact is that the Democratic Party gotten to the point where it is very easy to paint them as a white-hating, man-hating, cop-hating, Christian-hating party. This country, at least for now, is still majority white, and there are 700,000 law enforcement officers the Dems want to paint targets on the back of. I think there is a good chance that the tidal wave that was Black Lives Matter has crested. It will not be as easy to assemble mobs for huge amounts of destruction again. Like all tidal waves, it now must go back out to sea, and probably will create a pretty powerful undertow as it does. There’s nothing wrong with making sure it takes a few of the boats it lifted back out with it…and smashes them to kindling.

    The fact is that the GOP adherents aren’t great at mob violence. They ARE pretty good at targeted violence, though. Smashing a window isn’t their style. A targeted gunshot is, though. Apart from the terrorists in the John Brown Gun Club, who provided the armed force for the brief warlordism in Portland and Seattle, armed force and aimed small-arms fire is very much a thing of the right. Given that the left has alienated law enforcement pretty thoroughly, what do you think the odds are that law enforcement will put a whole lot of effort into catching a sniper who turns some mouthy college professor’s head into a wet, pink cloud or turns a Black Lives Matter activist into Black not White and DEAD all over?

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