And The Latest Honoree In The Ethics Alarms “Presumed Racism Hall of Fame” is . . .

White judges

Among the bulwarks of the George Floyd Freakout and its accompanying “anti-racism” hustle is that all whites are racists, non-whites cannot succeed, prosper or find justice in the United States, and that anti-black racism should be presumed in any situation where that presumption might advance the cause of a black citizen.

Here is a blazing example, out of Fairfax County, Virginia, virtually in my back yard. Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David Bernhard issued an opinion his week that the portraits of past judges from the Fairfax County Circuit Court might create the impression that the court itself biased. Bernhard won’t allow any portraits to be on display for any trial he presides over going forward.

“The Court is concerned the portraits may serve as unintended but implicit symbols that suggest the courtroom may be a place historically administered by whites for whites, and that thus others are of a lesser standing in the dispensing of justice,” Bernhard wrote. “The Defendant’s constitutional right to a fair jury trial stands paramount over the countervailing interest of paying homage to the tradition of adorning courtrooms with portraits that honor past jurists.” The judge’s opinion observes that the U.S. is experiencing “heightened attention to the past inequities visited upon persons of color,” so the fact that 45 of the 47 past judges whose portraits hang in the Fairfax County courthouse were white is now an implicit threat to black defendants.

His grovel came in response to a request to remove the portraits in a motion from the layer for Terrance Shipp Jr., who is scheduled to stand trial on charges of eluding police, assault on a law enforcement officer and other counts.

The judge’s theory can now be used as grounds for an appeal of any adverse decision in Fairfax County, and may be all of Virginia, that took place in a courthouse with all or mostly white judges have their portraits on display.

Come to think of it, that Lady Justice looks awfully white to me. How can a black defendant get justice from someone who looks like her? At least she’s female: how can any female litigant get justice where there are mostly portraits of men?

The judge’s exhortation to black Americans to see and experience inherent bias because they live in a majority white nation, founded by Western Europeans and understandably dominated by them for most of the nation’s history, is a call for permanent distrust based on color. It also follows the logic of statue-toppling and historical air-brushing. Blacks can’t advance in a nation with our history, so that history must be hidden, edited, and rewritten. The mere fact that a white person had a significant role in building an institution is de facto evidence that the institution is racist.

11 thoughts on “And The Latest Honoree In The Ethics Alarms “Presumed Racism Hall of Fame” is . . .

  1. Jack wrote, “The mere fact that a white person had a significant role in building an institution is de facto evidence that the institution is racist.”

    This is exactly what the social justice warriors want the masses to believe and their propaganda leads to that end. When they can effectively label it racist they have effectively labeled it evil.

    Once things are effectively labeled evil almost anything can be justified in its destruction.

      • When everything is racist, nothing is racist. It’s just a schoolyard insult meant to provoke a given response.

        The latest theories of racism, or anti-racism, say that there is no such thing as objective truth. If there is no objective truth, then nothing is either good or bad, and racism may not exist at all. If true can in some cases equal false, then the truth is whatever anyone chooses to believe it is, and an individual can deny the existence of whatever they want. Common ground is impossible if there is no such thing as objective truth. Both sides of every issue are both racist and not racist depending on the point of view of the person viewing the issue.

        I’m tired of racism being the boogeyman, so I will just embrace the idea that the truth is whatever I want it to be and ignore the whole issue.

        I don’t know if that is the same as rejecting morality. If it makes me racist, I no longer care. I was raised to believe that everyone was created equal, and people should be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. I know that that is now considered racist by some people, and I do not care. Maybe that is embracing racism.

  2. This does beg the question of why white people simply would not embrace racism.

    Then again, maybe enough of them already did.

    Video description

    “On the eve of the Democrat primaries, The Washington Post is the first to attempt to declare ‘racially resentful whites’ as the new base of the Democratic party and Joe Biden as their champion.”

  3. It is sad to see any court giving credence and legitimacy to the crackpot racist ideologies of the Left. I cringe at the prospect of the impact ahead for the criminal justice system. You can bet that Biden’s criminal justice reform plan includes a mandatory big dose of critical race theory training for any state or local criminal justice agency receiving federal assistance. As a strategy, compromising the courts with woke jurists is sound, since it doesn’t matter how many criminals (including BLM and Antifa thugs) the cops arrest if the courts just turn them loose unpunished.

  4. If the portraits of white judges have to be removed from the courthouse, how much worse are white judges? After that, what about white lawyers, don’t they represent the racism inherent in the system as well? Come to think of it, why are whites allowed in law school and allowed to take the Bar exam? I keep seeing people say that Anti-racism is white erasure. This certainly gives them ammunition.

  5. The saddest thing here, to me, is that this one idiot judge has just unilaterally slandered the good names of all of those judges who came before him, and without once providing any individual examples of any actual wrongdoing, racism, or even bias by any of the former judges whose portraits are displayed.

    “Innocent until proven guilty?!?”
    “Burden of Proof?!?”
    “Right to face your accuser?!?”

    How in the name of all that is good and holy can these things mean nothing to, of all the people in the whole wide world, a motherfucking **JUDGE** . . . ?!?

    This makes me angry.


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