Query: How Many Ways Is This Poster Unethical Or Ethically Obtuse?


Here’s my preliminary list:

1. It deliberately or ignorantly confounds bias with hate. Bias is a preference that may or may not be rational. There is no evidence that those men who would not choose to date trans women hate them. Do short men choose not to date tall women because they hate them? Do educated men prefer not to date high school drop-outs because they hate them?

2. Thus the poster denies the human right to choose who we want to have romantic relationships with. If it’s hateful not to want to date women who used to be men, then it’s hateful to choose only to date attractive women, thin women, strong women, Jewish women, women of one’s own religion, nationality or race. Personal preference is itself unacceptable if it does not advance the current definition of social justice.

3. The theory behind the poster is the false “you’re with us or against us” dichotomy. There is a long, long spectrum of nuance between love and hate, but the trick of the activist and extremist is to pretend there is no middle ground. It is the flip side of the old gag, “If you like her so much, why don’t you marry her?”

4. Worst of all is “This has to change,” the mating call of the crested yellow-bellied totalitarian. No, in fact it doesn’t “have to change.” If attitudes change over time and naturally, that is just peachy. But increasingly, as in the so-called “anti-racism” campaign we are currently being afflicted with, change means forced change through threats, fear, personal destruction, oppressive laws and the restriction of speech and expression. Marxism, socialism and all of the leftist ideologies rely on the false assumption that human nature can be changed by social engineering. History and common sense tell us otherwise.

I’m certain my list isn’t exhaustive.

16 thoughts on “Query: How Many Ways Is This Poster Unethical Or Ethically Obtuse?

    • One of my searches claims the source of the poster is the Human Rights Campaign, and while I’ve not yet found the poster there, it is consistent with the style of some of their other illustrations.

  1. Couldn’t gay males say the same/similar comment? 98% of straight men are unwilling to date other men because of hatred.

    I’m sexually attracted to females only. I don’t hate other people because they aren’t straight females.

    Basically, I think, collectively, the world is losing it’s mind about what is reasonable and that’s putting it mildly.

  2. It’s one thing for a personal counselor to tell you a belief that’s holding you back needs to change. If you are still dealing with a belief that you can’t achieve X or Y because some teacher told you you would never amount to anything, that needs to change. It’s one thing for a client who’s heard you out, but still believes you can win to tell you that your belief you can’t needs to change (or he’ll hire someone who believes).

    It’s another to tell me that my belief that there was some justification for the Crusades because of the earlier Islamic assault on Europe needs to change. It’s another to tell me that my belief that Christopher Columbus was not the simplistic villain the woke want him to portray him as needs to change. It’s still another to tell me that my belief that I find no appeal in someone born male and now engaged in chemical and surgical imitation of the opposite sex needs to change.

    Essentially, this whole nation is being told that there is now one set of approved beliefs, and that we all have a certain amount of time to see our way clear to them. I can think of a few other regimes that tried that.

  3. I must admit the poster nearly left me speechless. It is dishonest, biased (in the true sense of the word), unethical, immoral, outrageous, and vile on multiple levels. But, then, that is the illogical leftist mind at work here.

    • We’ve been watching a lot of Perry Masons lately. As Perry or Hamilton Burger would say in objecting, “Your Honor, that poster is irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent!” (Did trial lawyers ever really throw in “incompetent?” Cracks me up every time I hear it, which happens in nearly every single episode.)

      • Yes, in Superior Court in Sacramento I once heard an attorney object because the opposing attorney’s comment was “incompetent.” The look the judge gave him before denying his incompetent objection was priceless.

        • Thanks Frank. Great to know. The attorney must not have been a lawyer but he must have stayed at a Holiday Inn the night before AND watched a lot of Perry Masons. Hilarious. Thanks.

  4. “If it’s hateful not to want to date women who used to be men, then it’s hateful to choose only to date attractive women, thin women, strong women, Jewish women, women of one’s own religion, nationality or race. Personal preference is itself unacceptable if it does not advance the current definition of social justice.”

    The above is currently the case. My daughter “called me out” as “a sexist” for saying, in front of my grandson, God forbid, that I thought one of her second cousin’s girlfriends (in seriatum) as pictured in photos was “cuter” than the other, concluding, “I’d go with her,” and chuckling. So, yes, it is in fact hateful to choose only to date women one finds attractive. Yes it it.

    Of course this is absurd, but that’s the kind of thinking that’s carrying the day. I should have said something along the lines of “So, you married Jeff (her husband and father of her children) because you find him unattractive? I shouldn’t have been attracted to you mother because she was hands down the cutest, most attractive, intoxicating girl who’d ever given me the time of day? Got it!”

    Needless to say, this “call out” culture is not conducive to anything good.

  5. I confess that I was biased against certain men when I was single. I didn’t date men without a job, drank to much, or used drugs. Actually smokers were generally off the list. Didn’t realize that I am such a hater.

  6. Welcome to the world lesbians have been subjected to for at least 6-10 years. Please take a gander at TERF is a Slur. https://terfisaslur.com/

    A “TERF” is likely defined as Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. However this term has been used specifically against lesbians who object to sleeping with or dating men who identify as lesbians. Ask any lesbian what being a part of the LGBTQ+ “community” is like if you object to a born male partner personally.

    The sad thing is there are plenty of queer and bisexual identified women (and men) who are more than happy to date men who identify as women and/or lesbians. For a long time in history, men have viewed “bedding real lesbians” as a badge of honor or conquest or something. For some lesbians the energy from these born men feels the same. Now straight men are finally getting the same treatment.

    Gay men are also being pressured to be an ally by sex act. The whole LGBTQ+ solidarity idea is a myth pushed on by lobbies hungry for money and power. This queercraft – as I call it – pushes a message that gay is whatever you decide but also that gay is old-fashioned and to transcended for being an all encompassing “queer.”

    And queer mind you, means more and more, heterosexuals (often white, progressive, and middle class or above) who want to facilitate both “gender variance” in fashion/personal expression, and playing with “sexual edges and norms.” Basically some kinky straight folks who want to get points for donning more than rainbow socks but also rainbow identities.

    Gays who don’t have an interest in transgender partners are at times vilified for having a “genital fetish” and I suppose the TRA’s aka trans radical activists (or trans rights activists – but I like to separate those who want equal rights from those who perpetuate false equity through eradicating sex-based rights) are finally coming for the straights.

    But I want to say something else. Why this issue became something I came to pay attention to for a while.

    It began when my wife, a “gender non-conforming” lesbian was harassed multiple times by FtM’s. Each time she was literally just minding her own business when one shoulder checked her and called her a “fucking dyke.” This happened a couple more times in different ways by two others. Worse, at her former workplace, a bizzare campaign was launched to remove sex segregated bathrooms that went out of control.

    When a six foot two person in heavy boots, too short of skirts, who claims online to “love blood” and “body horror” while identifying as a “leather dyke” into children’s books and anime; it’s understandable some women may be uncomfortable around such a person, especially one who clearly shows, by the fit of clothing, to be an intact male. The bathroom felt like a warzone when this person and others began publishing various workplace bathroom photos online.

    And the lesbian bars, in cities across the country closed. Many after being targeted for being “transphobic” for simply calling themselves a “lesbian bar.” Some were cancelled because enough women at such venues rejected born male advances.

    And then there was this: https://www.vancourier.com/news/vancouver-rape-relief-targeted-with-vandalism-threats-over-transgender-controversy-1.23929856

    To be honest, before these events, we’d never had an issue with trans identified people. I have a tattoo on my wrist I got with a friend who transitioned. We had always had trans friends in the past. Finally we looked online for answers. At that point we saw why my wife was receiving intolerance, not just from trans identified people, but also from their allies too.

    And let’s not even get started on kids being put on puberty blockers and hormones, with the main goal to make these kids as passable as possible as adults. Passing still doesn’t mean a person can actually change sex. Surgery, medication, and other affectations like voice lessons, won’t change anything but the surface. Kids, including potentially gay kids, need to be allowed to be embodied through puberty. Then as adults, they can make wise and sober decisions about their pursuit of body modification.

    Thanks to an emerging group of brave transgender adults, some of the extremism is being called out. Like all groups, some people are sane, some not. Posters like this don’t represent a whole lot of trans folks. The news and internet push the worst of the worst. These narratives don’t equal truth.

    People are people. No one has the right to guilt others into dating or sex acts for affirmation. Any such coresion is unethical no matter who you are or who you want to be or who you want to be with.

  7. I’m starting to suspect that the actual number of true “trapped in the wrong body”, gender-dysphoric people is dwarfed by the number who claim this status, but are in fact deeply damaged in other ways and are using the trans thing as a way to get attention, play at being a martyr, and work out some ugly aggressive tendencies with impunity. This sort of thing won’t end well, especially if their end goal is to force people to fuck those whom they aren’t attracted to.

      • Feminists, particularly between 2005-2015 seemed to be really interested in extending the definition of rape. I remember all kinds of stupid conversations about power dynamics and coercion. The entire premise for “Baby it’s Cold Outside” being “rapey” is, in essence, that the guy kept on asking.

        “Fuck me or I’ll call you a bigot” may or may not be effective (Your mileage may vary depending on your proximity to Portland) but it does seem similar enough to the kinds of things we were told were coercive that while I wouldn’t call it rape, there are a whole lot of people on the left who, in order to be consistent, should.

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