Comment Of The Day: A Missive From The Trump Deranged

“[Y]ou are evil, like, you know, from the Bible.”

——Jeffrey Field, the self-banned Ethics Alarms commenter who posted here under the handle “Fatty Moon,” in a hate bomb dropped in my in-box tonight for no apparent reason.

Here’s the whole message:

“I got someone who should be executed for treason. Trump leads the list. How about a few more? [This was followed by a link to some wacko pronouncing Ted Cruz’s symbolic protest over the shady 2020 election a threat to democracy; I didn’t watch more than a few seconds.] As I just posted on FB, I loathe you for what you said about Bradley Manning. Treason? You got it. It’s called Trump. Not only is he treasonous, but he’s also fucking stupid…Enjoy your new laptop while millions don’t know where their next meal is coming from.    And, always, remember this. I thought you were intelligent. And you are. I thought you witty. And you are. What I didn’t know all those months, is that you are evil, like, you know, from the Bible.”

Jeff is an proud Occupy Wall Street veteran who flipped out when I wrote in a comment that I would have no ethical objection to Ms. Manning being executed for treason, and I’ll stand by that opinion. Her release of classified information to Wikileaks could have cost some American intelligence personnel their lives, and may have. If not, that was just moral luck. Aspiring traitors who feel empowered to sabotage the U.S. government and national security as a matter of conscience need to do so with a full understanding of the consequences of martyrdom.

But I digress.

This is the kind of thing I periodically have to put up with from the type of people the Democratic Party has decided to accept as their guiding lights. Hate mail and lawsuits.

20 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: A Missive From The Trump Deranged

  1. I’m truly sorry you have to deal with things such as this. It’s unfair and shocking someone would be so crass. Especially since you have always been so fair and balanced. Fatty Moon used to bring some good conversation and a different view on things that would challenge my own perspectives.

  2. Fatty, who I won’t call Jeff, to avoid confusion with Humble Talent, also known as jeff, but a lot more level-headed and intelligent, wouldn’t know evil if it bit him on both of his gluteal muscles. You would think he would have learned something in the nine years that have passed since the utter failure that was Occupy Wall Street, which will go down as a small footnote in history, since it achieved absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, like most people who are consumed with hate, he is obviously incapable of learning.

    Evil? History is full of evil people. Evil is defined as profoundly immoral and malevolent. I think that to truly be evil, you must know the difference between right and wrong, and you must consciously choose wrong for the wrong reasons. I think most people who were evil also took pleasure or glee in the fact that they did horrible things. Hitler was evil. Stalin was evil. Pol Pot was evil. Francisco Lopez was evil. It doesn’t take a whole lot of thought to tell anyone that genocide and mass violent destruction are the antithesis of goodness. Louis “Lepke” Buchalter and Benjamin “Busy” Siegel were evil, it doesn’t take a whole lot of gray matter to figure out that killing for profit is wrong. Kenneth Lay and his cronies were evil. I don’t know how soul dead you need to be to fail to understand that massive fraud to enrich yourself at the expense of others.

    Other folks in history are debatable, despite what be founders of what you call the great stupid would tell us. Were Christopher Columbus, Andrew Jackson, and Thomas Jefferson evil, or were they just men of their times? Were Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson evil, or were they just misguided men of their times who threw in with the losing side? For that matter, were Curtis LeMay and Arthur Harris evil, since, had their side lost the war, they would have been tried as war criminals for their ruthless pursuit of victory?

    The concept that often pops up in fiction is known in writing parlance as Evil is Not a Toy, the idea that anyone who embraces evil is risking very dire consequences. I would add that evil is not trivial, and just as it should not be embraced lightly, the accusation of evil should not be thrown around lightly.

    Let’s get a few things straight here. Political disagreements are not evil. Policy disagreements are not evil. Daring to belong to the Republican party is not evil. Pointing out that the behavior of the Democratic party over the last 4 years, although it may not rise to the level of provable major fraud, was wrong and in a lot of ways toxic, is not evil. For anyone to say that you are evil, like in the bible, because you dare to disagree with them is no reflection on you, and a major reflection on them.

    I might also add, that a lot of what has gone on this year past, although it may not rise to the incredibly high level of evil that I spoke of above, definitely falls into the realm of evil. It is evil to mindlessly destroy and deface public property and art. It is evil to create civil disorder. It is evil to attempt to attempt to deprive society of the means of keeping order.

    The Bible talks about woe to those who call evil good and good evil. I say woe to those who stand by as they call good evil and evil good and do nothing about it, and whoa to the ordinary people who suffer as a result of this.

    Oh yes, and pretty much all major religions teach that it is evil to hate. If Fatty is typical of the rising progressives now, then we are headed for government by the evil.

    • “Occupy Wall Street, which will go down as a small footnote in history, since it achieved absolutely nothing.”

      Unfair cheap shot.

      However briefly, it got many 20-30 something children out of parentally-owned below-grade-lower-level living accommodations.

    • Are you shocked? This is par for the course for the last four years,, and I’m not innocent of it. The internet has made it all too easy to write and send these poison pen missives and make vicious posts, tweet cruel tweets, and otherwise spew hate. Both sides, but the left especially, have encouraged this, after all, it isn’t hate if you are hating on the hateful, or pouring deserved contempt on the deserving. Unfortunately, if only one side is shooting then the other side will soon be dead.

      The thing is, face to face you probably wouldn’t act like this. If you did you would probably get hurt. It’s a pity the police didn’t knock Fatty about a bit more, maybe they would have knocked some sense into him. I doubt it, though, I think it’s a belief I have mistakenly bought into that beating someone and causing them pain will make them behave. Then again, it’s also a mistaken belief, which these jerks on the other side need to be disabused of, rather than enabled, that you take as much as you can of what you want by negotiation, then use bullying to take the rest.

    • It’s becoming clear to me that Jeffrey Field aka Fattymoon has become a bit obsessed with Jack Marshall; Jack get’s to freely “occupy” a prominent place in Jeff’s head and Jeff simply can’t shake it.

      Here are Jeff’s Facebook posts related to this…

      First he posted this on January 3rd at 2:03pm

      Then he posted this on January 4th at 4:44pm

      These are actual screen captures that I made within the last hour from Jeff’s Facebook profile page. Side note; Jeff’s Facebook profile page is covered top to bottom with anti-Trump posts and he shares some pretty off-the-wall stuff. Jeff is way, Way, WAY out there!

      Jeff’s statement on Facebook that “I guess evil people don’t have a fucking clue that they’re evil” should be read as pure psychological projection.

        • I just looked, and checked out his pictures. The man is insane. He looks to be older than me, and I’m no spring chicken at 50. By that age you should be well out of the idiocy that he is in.

        • Paul wrote, “This guy makes Moron Savant richard lesiak seem almost lucid, and lesiak is the most suffocating imbecile I’ve ever encountered!”

          I was thinking along the same lines, then I thought about what the effects of alki-bopping can do to the mind. If you’ve followed Fattymoon conversations over the years you’d probably know that he’s rather fond of tequila and whiskey and sometimes he doesn’t remember what he writes when he’s inebriated.

          Fattymoon once wrote, “Guess what, UPS can’t find us. FedEx can’t find us. I’m so far out in the boonies that YOU couldn’t find me. Well, uh, if you’re ever in the area please do stop by. Text or email me and I’ll meet you at the turnoff. Damn, you and I would have a good time!” I accepted his challenge to look him up and posted an aerial photo like this one (and a few more) of his place out in the boonies where UPS and FedEx can’t find him…

          Fattymoon doesn’t think before he writes, he simply reacts like a drunken teenage amoeba.

  3. I haven’t turned on my computer or phone for a few days, I needed a break. So, this morning, the first thing I learn after plugging back in is that we now say Amen and Awomen. OMG. Then I learn how truly dreadfully awfully you are being treated by deranged people. OMG.

    I have no words for this state of the world. Just how the hell did I get here and how do I get home? This is a barbaric world and I want to get back home to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    I may not add much to the conversations here, but please don’t let traffic stats guide your thoughts. I find these posts to be more helpful that I can describe. I read every post, every comment. The conversations are important, relevant. I wish I was as witty and as articulate as others involved with this blog. But, I do thank each and everyone person who does comment. I especially thank you for the effort and time of these posts.

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