Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), And Incidentally, KABOOM!

This embarrassing episode is res ipsa loquitur, but I’m going to rant about it a bit anyway while I duct tape my head back together, beginning with, “What an IDIOT!”


  • This guy is an ordained Methodist minister, and yet he doesn’t know that “amen” isn’t English, and has nothing to do with gender. Unless…
  • …he just thinks progressives are ignorant, and will get happy shivers down their woke little spinse over such blatant political correctness grandstanding even if it makes no sense.
  • After all, newly re-elected Speaker Pelosi just introduced new House rules with more gender pandering, in  a 45-page package that will be voted on today.  It demands that all House business escew gender-specific pronouns and terms such as “man,” “woman,” “mother” and “son.”
  • But if Cleaver thought he was following that nonsense, he should have just ended the prayer with “a.”
  • How can voters respect a clown like this? Cleaver has represented Missouri’s 5th congressional district, for 15 years, and yet its residents never noticed that you can see the sky through the giant hole in his head?
  • How can the American public respect a legislative body that has members this stupid? How can it respect a government that is led by such boobs?
  • One answer to the questions above is that the mainstream media won’t report the episode. CBS, ABC, CNN and NBC have ignored it so far, as has the New York Times, Washington Post and NPR. Fox News, as usual, is the only exception, once again demonstrating why the network is valuable despite its extensive flaws. Without one major news source determined to report news unhelpful to Democrats, things like Cleaver’s beclowning would routinely be buried.
  • Of course, exploiting a prayer to pick up cheap gender-pandering points from mouth-breathers is also disrespectful to the purpose Cleaver was allegedly serving, a blessing on the House.
  • Maybe this will be the subject of the next edict from Pelosi. All words including “men” must be paired with new, gender inclusive words substituting “women.”  Elewomentary school! Womental illness! “That’s Entertainwoment!”

In honor of Cleaver, let’s break out my favorite “Blazing Saddled” clip for the first time in the new year:

27 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), And Incidentally, KABOOM!

  1. How can the American public respect a legislative body that has members this stupid?

    They call them “representatives” for a reason.

  2. Of course he is a Methodist. The Methodist church has lost all ties to Christianity. It is now the church of woke-PCness. Twenty years ago, when the Methodist seminaries were teaching collective salvation and liberation theology, it was bad. Now, their main goal is to trash traditional Christianity to prove how ‘woke’ they are, and to promote all trendy perversions. Notice that he prayed in the name of Allah (or was it the Hindu creator god Brahma?). How very Methodist.

    We can end our dependence on fossil fuels by attaching a crankshaft and an alternator to the corpse of John Wesley.

  3. “But if Cleaver thought he was following that nonsense, he should have just ended the prayer with “a.””

    Or So Be It…since that’s what it essentially means. He can’t possibly believe that Amen is a masculine-gendered word. He’s pandering.

  4. Was he trying to be a bit of a weasel by changing his pronunciation of amen to A-MAN?

    Also, where’s the ADL’s response to this? Do they have a problem with this guy bastardizing the Hebrew language? Maybe this was Cleaver’s way of indicting the Hebrew Patriarchy? Probably not since the Hebrew word for man is much different, but he’s definitely engendered this Hebrew word and insinuated some type of malice where none existed.

  5. Every so often we get this tide of gender-inclusiveness pressure. I’ve never heard it go that far before. Then again, if you told me that colleges would be not just changing a word here and there, but rewriting whole alma maters to be politically correct, I’d have laughed a decade ago. Any minister who doesn’t know the Hebrew word “amen” or the difference between the invisible supreme god Brahman and the mythical god of creation, Brahma, isn’t worhty of his title.

  6. When I saw this, I have to admit, I didn’t think that this was a slip up or error… I didn’t know he was a minister, but I also don’t think anyone actually thinks that “Amen” is a gendered term.

    This was a guy without any kind of self awareness who turned the pander up to 11. I was reminded of the second wave feminists who put wo-before anything that had “man” in it. No one thought fashionable foot-chairs were sexist, but that didn’t stop them for producing cringe-worthy portmanteaus like “ottowoman.”

    • What about herstory? I asked someone once if they thought women had any chance of competing with men if they were clever enough to know that the word ‘his’ would be invented as an English male possessive pronoun used in the United States in the 21st century and then injected it into the Greek word for ‘story’ (historia), knowing this would become the root word for history and therefore oppressing her.

      No…it didn’t go over well.

      One thing that should be noted in all of this is that most ‘experts’ are not well educated. He may be a Methodist minister, but he may be unaware (really) that amen is the Hebrew word meaning ‘let it be’. I saw a minister on YouTube recently interpreting Revelation and interpreted the country ‘Rosh’ to be Russia. He was unaware that Rosh is Hebrew word meaning ‘first’ or ‘most important’. Many historians still write about Ethelred the ‘Unready’ (redeless really means ‘clueless, rede means ‘knowledge’) and art professors talk of the statue of the ‘Dying Gaul’ (it is really the Dying Galatian). I used to laugh quite a bit when History Channel historians (actual history professors) tried to pronounce Greek or Egyptian names.

      • “One thing that should be noted in all of this is that most ‘experts’ are not well educated. He may be a Methodist minister, but he may be unaware (really) that amen is the Hebrew word meaning ‘let it be’.”

        It will be until Mirriam-Webster changes the definition to “Amen”.

  7. Women then, I take it, can no longer “menstruate?” Girls will no longer experience “menarche” and the aging woman will not suffer through “menopause”?

  8. One of the musicians at our parish is fond of a tale of a little girl who would end prayers, “and all women, too.” She apparently had misunderstood “amen” as “all men”, and felt that women needed attention, too. I think she was 5 at the time.

    That should be an appropriate benchmark to weigh Rep. Cleaver’s mental acumen.

      • And now begins the challenge of writing/speaking without including the words “man” or “men” in any way shape, or form… which might make it challenging to speak of things like the First Amendment, or First Awomendwoment…

        • Therein lies the nonsense with “Latinx”. The neutering of the language creates all kinds of migraines, ignoring that 98% of the Romance speaking world objects to east and west coast United Statesers telling them how they should speak their native languages.


          • You forgot, their objection is irrelevant. Ask a leftist if they support the promotion of women and women of color to positions of power. They will say yes. Give them a list of conservative women and women of color along with a few elderly, racist, male Democrats and ask them who they would vote for. They don’t care about minorities, women, etc, they just want to use them as a justification for power.

  9. I read his prayer a little differently, dumb, but different. Here is my edit of the transcript at the end of the invocation:

    “We ask in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and God known by many different names by many different faiths, a man and a woman.”

    If you insert the punctuation, as I did, then his invocation makes a bit more sense, because he is calling on the Abrahamic God of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; polytheism by referring to Brahma, the creator god of Hinduism, and the many other religious traditions which have either masculine (Zeus) or feminine attributes (for example Gaia). He seems to have overlooked that, during his invocation, he acknowledged a masculine God numerous times. But, hey, we must be inclusive and can’t think our faith tradition is superior to other faiths.


    • I wouldn’t mind a non-Christian American politician offering a sincere prayer to their own version of deity, and I’d tell any Christians who were offended “Which would be more sincere, them invoking a god we all know they don’t believe in just for political points, or asking the god they DO believe in to bless their nation?”

    • I might have to amend my comment. I didn’t see the connection between Cleaver’s idiotic prayer and the House rule change deleting gender references in federal laws, which just happened when the House reconvened. Cleaver probably thought he wad promoting diversity by stating “aman and a womin”.


  10. The ratio is large with this one:

  11. Should the term change from hysteria along with history? That gives us a more accurate herstoria for going apeshit over stupid stuff.

    (One of English’s few advantages and a common language is that few terms are gendered making grammar and tenses a mess) I’d rather be a good sportsman or show good workmanship in my writing than mess with a rich language and culture like Germany did in the 30s. Virtue has no gender so don’t act like it does. ‘Man’ being the neutral generic term is an accommodation that is more efficient than listing all options like a checkbox or denying personhood by removing all gender, changing things as often as skirt lengths for this year’s standard. Like the Eagles said, ‘Get Over It.’

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