Unethical Tweet Of The Month—But Funny!: The Biden Transition Team

Biden tw


What am I missing here? Biden promised last week,

Biden Promise

Now, I could be wrong, but when you give “priority” to some groups of Americans over others, that doesn’t seem like being a President “for” all Americans to me. That sounds like bias, favoritism, and discrimination.

I know: objecting to white, male second class citizenship makes you a sexist white supremacist, but I just can’t reconcile these two tweets. Can you?

All facetiousness aside, I think this is hilarious. The Democrats don’t even think they have to try to make sense, be consistent or not blatantly lie. The arrogance is magnificent. They really think everyone is stupid. They need to read more Greek tragedy. Hubris kills, and the joke will very likely be on them.

16 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month—But Funny!: The Biden Transition Team

  1. I’ve been saying, don’t pay too much attention to President Elect Biden’s words, pay attention to his actions.

    Document the words because they will likely be erased from the internet as soon after contradictions arise.

    Joe Biden is a empty suit sock puppet for extreme left progressives.

  2. You’re not missing a damn thing. The Democratic party is all about kissing up to enough of the right special interest groups to stay in power. You are about to see a war on white men.

      • That’s easy, Mike. They’ll get all the separate interest groups, and the guilty, self-flagellating white guys. That’s their coalition. That’s all they need. Normal, self-respecting white guys don’t vote Democratic anyway.

      • They don’t need to keep voter blocs, voters are irrelevant. The question is: “Who is behind this?”. The answer: Rich white men. Everyone else should be offended. What I see in all of this is the attempt to create a hereditary elite among our oligarchs. They are mostly white men and have chosen to wage war on poor white men because they view other white men as their only opponents. They don’t fear black or hispanics rising up to challenge them through merit because that hasn’t ever happened. Any threat there has mostly been eliminated by pandering, welfare, and the destruction of the education system in predominantly minority areas. They do know that THEY rose up and challenged the previous oligarchs and that is what they want to prevent. Yes, it is completely racist.

  3. He can’t even it keep it straight within a single tweet – “we will prioritize black, latino, Asian, native american, and women – and ensure that everyone has equal access.” Apparently either some animals are more equal than others, or Grandpa Joe has forgotten what the word “priority” means.

    • Brace yourself, Aaron. Joe is going to make Charlie McCarthy look like a Nobel Prize winner. Can you imagine being a ventriloquist and having to deal with a dummy with half a brain? That’s the situation facing all those people who are behind the curtain pulling the levers.

  4. At least he didn’t say the made up word Latinx. Also didn’t he have an uptick in white male voters this election? Isn’t that a sign of white supremacy or something?

    • Q, I don’t think the Dems sorted white mail voters’ ballots out of the mail in ballots they used to stuff the ballot boxes. I’m sure any ballot was fair game.

  5. I’m feeling more and more convinced that the Democratic party lives off of emotional impulses. Reason has nothing to do with it, and consistency is irrelevant because what was said or done in the past is so twenty minutes ago. All that matters is how I feel now.

    Of course, I have been known for projecting…

    • You apparently don’t know a lot of intelligent, knowledgable Democrats, or you haven’t really listened to them when they express why they vote Democrat. They don’t vote Democrat for the policies the candidates state. They believe those are lies. They have their own idea of what the Democratic Party believes in and that is similar to a religion. I once asked a Democrat why they were voting for a candidate who had 4 or 5 policy positions the person strongly disagreed with while the Republican candidate’s platform lined up much better with their beliefs. They said “Oh, the Democratic candidate doesn’t believe any of what they say. They just say that to get the stupid people to vote for them.” Two things stuck out about that answer.

      (1) Democrats believe and support the idea that their candidates completely lie about their beliefs and policy positions to get elected. Intelligent, knowledgable Democratic voters feel that Democratic candidates couldn’t be elected if people knew the truth about the goals and policies of Democrats.

      (2) Democrats believe that most Democratic voters are gullible rubes being deceived by the candidates and fully support that.

      Now, the same could be said for Republican candidates in the lying and deception category. The big difference seems to be that Republican voters get more upset when the candidate doesn’t live up to their stated positions. Republican voters also seem less blindly loyal to the party and more loyal to their personal beliefs.

      • Well, welcome to Wyoming, which is a heavily Republican state…

        Most of the Democrats I do know personally fall into two categories. First category is flying off the handle, immediately descending into personal attacks the moment you disagree with them. Second category are the sincere people strongly concerned with the fair treatment of people, wanting provisions for the poor, the disenfranchised, the suppressed, and believe that large government is the means of making those provisions. I can speak with the latter, but I’ve not heard them express the idea that Democratic politicians are just lying to get elected. They’ve called Republicans liars, hypocrites, only concerned with the rich, etc. I suppose I’m surprised that Democrats you’ve spoken to are so candid and so jaded.

  6. I know: objecting to white, male second class citizenship makes you a sexist white supremacist, but I just can’t reconcile these two tweets. Can you?

    As a mental exercise of the sort stereotyped as Jesuitical casuistry, I think they could do it this way: just as it was once said that :what is good for General Motors is good for America”, so also they could assert that prioritising those groups is working for the good of all Americans, on the grounds that doing that flows to the uplift and improvement of all in a number of senses, a sort of trickle up theory. Some may even believe it.

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