“Scared Yet?” (Cont.)

Instagram take-down

In what will likely be, I’m sorry to say, a continuing feature here as social media and the Big Tech firms attempt to misuse their power to restrict the flow of information that might be unfavorable to their political allies, this post is a follow-up to this one, and this, the original “Scared Yet?”

“Not the Bee,” a conservative site that, as the title suggests, writes about current events and political horror stories that read like satire, but are, unfortunately, true, reports that Instagram took down this post…

Instagram takedown2

…with the message above.

The post is absolutely true, as NTB points out,

Because, you see, the day after permanently banning Trump for “inciting violence,” Twitter really did allow “Hang Mike Pence” to trend. Multiple forms of that sentiment, actually.

If anyone can figure out how the removed post “incites” violence, please explain it to me and the Ethics Alarms readership.

67 thoughts on ““Scared Yet?” (Cont.)

            • Oppressing half the country is going to lead to terroristic violence and guerrilla warfare. That is what is going to happen. Frankly, I’m surprised no one has blown something up yet. It is coming.

              Companies conspiring with the government to suppress opposing viewpoints is fascism. The left claims to hate fascism, but they seem to like it just fine when the viewpoints that are suppressed are ones they don’t like. They like oppression just fine when the people who are oppressed are people who think things they don’t agree with.

              What I am seeing online is a bunch of leftist hatred that approves of genocide and and internment camps for wrong-think. I see approval from the left for the right kind of riots, the right kind of violence and the right kind of oppression. Complete hypocrisy and rampant hate. Complete bloodlust, hysteria, and gleeful calls for death to the enemy.

              I see leftist riots in NYC over the weekend, and approval for those because the Antifa “anti-fascists” are the ones conducting them. So riots are fine, oppression is fine, violence is fine, hate speech is fine, as long as it is the right kind of riot, oppression, violence, and hate speech.

          • We’ve seen this movie once before in Charlotte. Free speech exercise starts to get out of control, law enforcement mounts a completely inadequate response, things really get out of control, and it takes a life or lives. The left growls in the aftermath about Nazis and traitors and fucking this and fucking that and how someone needs to get beaten or killed for this. Strangely, this past summer, as things were spiraling way the hell out of control and more lives were being taken and a lot more property was being destroyed you really didn’t hear too much growling from the right about anarchists and terrorists and fucking this and fucking that and the next guy in a hood I see is going to get a bullet in the head. Who’s the terrorist now?

        • Struggling to see how this is apropos to anything.

          Does anyone on the Left know what the word “traitor” means? I’m convinced they do not. Probably Miriam-Webster will change it to mean something else to accommodate the New Left’s sensibilities — i.e., anyone that speaks or allows to be spoken words praising of or defending Donald Trump is defined as a “traitor.”

      • Just got a newsflash that Parler is suing Amazon over this. I was wondering about that yesterday — wonder if they could get a temporary restraining order.

        • All of this because, while corporations are clearly left leaning, many of them are also scared to death of left wing consumers. They actually hurt the bottom line when they engage in virtue-signal market action like boycotts.

          Conservatives actually end up not hurting anyone because despite discussing boycotts they don’t actually do them because they’d rather just live and let live.

          It’s becoming harder and harder to not come to the conclusion that on average, the typical left winger is less civil, less charitable, less kind, and less willing to be a good citizen than the typical right winger.

      • As will the retaliatory violence.

        We were lucky that the segregationists during the Civil Rights movement were not even more ruthless in suppressing pro-equality speech,going so far as to deny civil rights sympathizers access to telephone service and financial services.

        It would have turned violent then.

        • They learned. Remember, it s the same people. Pro-slave –> Segreagation/Jim Crow –> Welfare dependency –> Tech and media oligarchy

  1. Jack,
    I heard this morning that Parler’s legal team had dropped them as a client, at the very moment they face an existential de-platforming threat from Apple, Amazon et al. Is this ethical?

  2. Moving fast to suppress dissent.

    The two counter arguments will be – “it’s just suppressing extremism” and “it’s a private company, you can use other platforms”.

    On the first, that’s how it always begins…but it will slowly grow to encompass ALL non-approved Left Wing value sets…and buckle up as we keep up with the ministry of truth’s ever changing standards.

    On the second, that’s an argument friendly to free market types, except, when an entire ideology has control of the companies that provide those platforms and can, like a cartel, control access to the market from top to bottom, then for all intents and purposes there will be NO WHERE for dissenting voices to go.

    They can’t “make their own twitter”, as we’ve seen Parler being deplatformed. They’ll eventually be told…”make your own hosting services” eventually to the point of “make your own global communications networks”.

    What a laugh.

    Nope, the Democrats will have de facto ability to suppress the 1st Amendment without ever violating the letter of the law.

    • And a new take – “they fought so that a baker didn’t have to make a cake saying something they disagreed with, and this is just Apple, Amazon, etc doing the same thing.” But you can’t say what they are doing is whataboutism even though they love throwing around that phrase.

      • Except fundamentally the two are NOT analogous. They only barely tangentially can be confused for each other.

        In one case, there was an attempt to coerce speech.

        In this current iteration, monopolistic cartels are suppressing the free exercise of speech.

        If the baker had some sort of arrangement where people could come into his shop and make whatever cakes they wanted, he merely provided the shop and materials, then maybe there’d be an analogous argument when the baker prohibited certain cakes being made.

        Even then, the baker had better be so successful that his shop caters to hundreds of millions of users and his bakery has become a stand-in for the public square to the point he has pseudo-governmental power.

  3. But wait! There’s more!

    Nancy Pelosi is pursuing her spiteful bid to impeach President Trump *again*, which frankly is only so he can have the dubious history of 2 impeachments to quietly reduce the smear of of Clinton’s one impeachment.

    BUT, in a recent letter to her Democrat colleagues, she’s clearly been entertaining the ideas put forth by some of the more dangerous Left Wing representatives, who are citing the 14th Amendment, section 3, to begin removing Republican members of Congress who cast doubts on the security of the election.

    Holy Crap, Steve-O’s characterization of the Reichstag Fire is becoming more and more clear.

    If there are any rational Democrat voters left…you have GOT to oppose your party NOW.

        • I don’t think that’s accurate.

          That’s why they are desperately loosening the colloquial understanding of “incitement” to get as many non-Democrats on the hook of being responsible for the riot in the Capitol.

          That’s why they are desperately trying to hang the word “insurrection” on the riot at the Capitol.

          The 2/3rds vote clause at the end of the paragraph has nothing to do with removal of responsible parties. The 2/3rds vote actually empowers Congress to readmit previous barred individuals, overruling the prohibition described in the bulk of section 3.

          • 14th Amendment, Section 3:

            “No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.

            (emphasis added)

            • You mean like Kshama Sawant, that crazy councilwoman in Seattle who aided and abetted antifa and actually led them to the mayor’s house?

                • Come to think of it…when I say “most dangerous group of organized people in America to date”…”to date” could very well mean “since the 1840s”…

                  I mean really? Has there been a more dangerous group of people in our nation?

                  They dissolved the nation into a bloody civil war leading to the deaths of over 2% of the population.

                  They formed and manned the almost-century long insurgency after the war, terrorizing minorities with death and intimidation.

                  They, to a tee, infiltrated academia and were simultaneously infiltrated by nefarious foreign designs to undermine American values.

                  They’ve advocated policies advancing the wholesale slaughter of well over a half a million unborn Americans

                  They are currently waging war against the Constitutional order.

                  I mean wow.

                  Well done Democrats.

            • I think those “expulsions” depend on the disorderly behavior and breaking of the rules of its proceedings.

              Arguably, a move to kick out members of Congress for supposed participation insurrection would be argued outside of that.

              It would certainly be a constitutional crisis.

              But the Democrats are up to it.

                • Pelosi could have stabbed the President on the floor of the House and she wouldn’t have been expelled. Maybe someone needs to pull a Preston Brooks on her.

                • Jack Marshall wrote, “Pelosi should have been expelled for ripping up the State of the Union copy.”

                  Here’s the mindset of the political left when it comes to people saying something bad about a Democrat like Pelosi…

                  But, but, but Trump’s an evil liar and Pelosi is a Democrat, how dare you say such a thing about an honored Democrat and not publicly condemn/blame Trump for everything; therefore, you’re a Trump supporter, you’re a racist, your website should be taken down for disinformation, your business shunned, and you should be fired for supporting of Trump, in other words you are an evil cultural scourge and should be canceled from society.

                  The writing is on the wall folks; the blatant suppression and cancelation of all things Conservative is going into high gear and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Political left are now full blown totalitarians and their targeted “Jews” are Conservatives.

                  It has begun.

          • Given the Democrats desperate malfeasance to place loose with the words of the Constitution, who wants to place bets on the 1st Democrat to go wild with the terminology in the final paragraph of Article I, Section 3:

            “Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”

            Which Democrat will see the word “Profit” and decide that the impeachment of Donald Trump means can’t run a business in America again?

            Are any of them brazen enough?

    • (To be clear, there is plenty about the GOP for GOP voters to oppose, but all the crazy on the Right has been a 100% reaction to the crazy initiated by the Left. Want the crazy on the Right to go away? It’ll disappear over night if the Democrats would just stop pushing this nation to the brink)

    • I have seen references to the Reichstag Fire, Kristallnacht , and at least one reference to King Henry II’s homage to Thomas A Beckett, supposedly triggering a great melee caused by the Proud Boys and their ilk to create a new Thousand Year Reign. That seems to me to backwards. It is the Democrats and the Left, and their operatives on the left that will usher in a new Reign of Terror. Good natured and well-meaning liberals will go along and eventually suffer Robespierre’s Fate. The DNC has already made opposition to their positions tantamount to sedition.

      We are toast, my friends. Toast.


  4. This conversation reminded me of the last paragraph in a great comment that Ryan wrote back on January 8th…

    The numbers in the [] are my additions.

    “The only alternative is to [1] suppress the dissidents, [2] relegating them to second-class citizenry, [3] shunned from all social places, or [4] liquidating them as enemies of the state.”

    This is exactly what happened in 1930’s Germany.

    Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are currently very popular tactics in the United States that are freely being used by a growing segment of our culture. Although currently the use of these tactics is limited, it’s growing in popularity and becoming much more “acceptable” and more common place, it seems that no one is actually surprised when the tactics are used. I suspect that these particular tactics will grow in popularity over the next few years which will continue to spiral our culture deeper into division.

    Number four on your list is damn near inevitable if the people implementing tactics 1, 2 and 3 are left unchecked by our culture and enabled by divisional politics, bigotry and hate.

  5. At this point, as MLK, Jr.’s birthday approaches, as we remember how protesters were beaten and firehosed, we should be grateful that the segregationists were not even more ruthless than they were.

    We were lucky they did not go so far as to deny mail and telephone service to civil rights sympathizers.

    We were lucky bus companies did not refuse to transport people for beiong civil rights sympathizers.

    we are lucky banks did not cut off all financial services to civil rights organizations and their members.

    We are lucky that governments did not pull business licenses of small business owners because they supported civil rights.

    The only two likely outcomes would have been

    – the complete defeat of the Civil Rights movement, with the 14th Amendment becoming dead letter for all time.
    – a second Civil War.

    I myself did not realize this until recently.

  6. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” JFK 1962

    Certain people need to wake up and realize they are moving in the wrong direction. Let people talk. Let people demonstrate. As long as they have an outlet for their angst and anger, they will remain peaceful and for the most part agreeable. However, squashing them under the heels of your boots, though expedient, is a recipe for disaster. This kind of absolute is really politics 101 kind of stuff most of it filed under “Romanov.” These people have learned and know very little common sense wise about history. I am surprised they were able to build businesses at all.

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