26 thoughts on “Friday Forum Time!

  1. Actually, it’s PAST what I thought was Forum time. This was supposed to go up over 3 hours ago, as I attempted to post it before I had to drive my wife to a rather important doctor’s appointment. But see, WordPress, in it’s new, improved system, now doesn’t publish when you click on publish, if it’s a fresh post. It publishes immediately when its a DRAFT, but otherwise, clicking on publish just generates a second “publish” button and a message that says, “Are you ready to publish?” YES, you assholes, if I weren’t ready to publish, I wouldn’t have clicked on PUBLISH, now would I?

    This is the third or fourth time this has happened, all when I was in a rush to get a post up, so, naturally, being in a rush, I didn’t get the post up at all, but thought it was up the whole time I was driving in Northern Virginia Hell.

  2. Anyone want to discuss the multiple Executive Orders our new President signed in his first couple days? Anyone find anything unethical yet?

    • Maybe someone can find one that does seem ethical to them, and explain that. Even some of the procedural ones should be suspect…Is it ethical to make useless proclamations that unreasonably raise expectations?

      • The glaring unethical thing to me isn’t Biden doing all the executive orders he can, but how nobody will challenge any executive order that completely undoes a Trump executive order. If I remember correctly, it was Trump’s EO concerning DACA that got successfully challenged in the Supreme Court. If Trump couldn’t undo Obama EOs, then should Biden also not be able to undo Trump EOs?

        • That is absolutely correct. The problem is the Dems are bold and care nothing for the rules if they get in their way. Meanwhile the Republicans always fold so it is doubtful they will bog down Biden with lawsuits the way the Dems did. It make me wonder perhaps the Republicans actually want everything the Dems are pushing. Perhaps they only resist when they think the Dems are moving to quickly for the “we the people”? There are plenty of example of the Republicans letting the Dems get away with what the Dems stopped the Republicans did. Legal and ethical actions.

          • This is why I’m not registered with either party. The democrats today are increasingly insane. And the republicans just cower or eventually go along.

    • Not so much unethical that I can see, beyond shortsighted and petty. Jumping back into the WHO, the Paris Climate Treaty, and DACA, as well as simply cancelling Keystone, the “Muslim ban”, and the 1776 commission: they were all inevitable and easy potshots to take at Trump. However, the speed and thoroughness at which they were ALL shut down day one is a glaring tell that there was no thought which went into any of them, they’re just “Trump BAD” reflexes.

      Others, like the 100 days of masking or the student loan and eviction moratoriums, I just roll my eyes and figure “Of course.” They’re not great policies and will cause more problems down the road, but they’re new ideas. Virtue signallers gotta virtue signal. I’m more curious to see how the Biden administration backs itself out of the Wuhan corner. A lot of people have gotten a LOT of power over the tiniest aspects of literally everyone’s lives, and they are NOT going to want to relinquish it. At the same time, though, Trump’s “ineptitude” at solving the pandemic was a major albatross around his neck, and if it just keeps lingering on, it’ll sink Biden as well.

      The one which actually concerns me on a procedural level, though, is the decision to count non-citizens in the census. Using inflated numbers to determine little things like number of seats in the house and financial distributions seems to be a step along the slippery slope of “we’re not going to chance anything like Trump happening again.” It’s on par with things like packing the Supreme Court, signing onto treaties without Senatorial discussion, or scolding the Supreme Court in a state of the union address.

    • I would say driving a stake through the heart of women’s athletics is unethical. Sports isn’t my area (audiobooks are the only thing that keeps me exercising), but it seems in the name of pandering to a small, vocal group, we’ve told girls and women that they have no place in competitive sports.

      • Since Women are in large part responsible for the Dems & Biden’s election this is more amusing to me. I know not all women supported him and they will suffer to, elections have consequences. Perhaps the courts will sort it out… That last bit was a joke…

    • I mentioned it a couple days ago, but pulling the Keystone pipeline is unethical. It’s wrong to interfere with multiple private transactions and contracts that are done deals, to begin with.

      • I’ve been listening to some discussion of that and I agree.

        The short version of it: “Biden to Canada: Drop dead!”

        Not only is it a slap in the face of Canada, but it likely will serve to increase the production of global warming emissions. That oil is not going to just sit in the ground — now, instead of selling it to us, the Canadians will likely sell it to China.
        Plus if you cannot transport the oil via a pipeline (which would have extremely low risk), you either move it by truck or by rail, both of which are significantly more likely to have accidents. In fact, wasn’t there a town in Canada or the Pacific Northwest that was mostly destroyed by a rail accident transporting oil?

        As an extra added bonus, Biden has ticked off some of his union supporters by eliminating a lot of good union jobs. Guess workers aren’t important to them.

  3. The lamestream news media want a race war. I can think of no other explanation for their proclivity for misreporting / over-reporting police shootings of black Americans.

    See most recently the Jacob Blake shooting. Even after detailed reports from Kenosha DA Michael Graveley and independent use-of-police-force expert Noble Wray (https://www.kenosha.org/city-services/public-safety-updates), ABC’s Michael Strahan interviews Blake to keep pushing the “rayciss cops be huntin’ innocent Black men” narrative.

    Q: How can we begin to legally hold these “news” outlets accountable, especially in the wake of the anti-cop destruction and violence in Kenosha?

    • What is the point in complaining, as Jack so continually does, about bias in the mainstream press, without ever suggesting a solution?

      ‘Freedom of speech’ does not include any obligation to be fair and balanced, or even to be honest. Anyone can generate their own copy as newspaper or blog. The rest of us have the wonderful freedom to read or ignore such words as we wish.

      I like government funded news, like the UK’s BBC or Australia’s ABC. I am comforted and reassured by the strident criticism that such outlets are ‘left biased’. So they should be. I expect profit seeking outlets in comparison to bias their reporting to favour their rich owners and advertiser clients. Reading the Murdoch press and listening to the BBC at least gives me some sort of net balanced reporting, or the best I can do.

      I’m happy as we are. I haven’t seen any malicious misreporting of facts, like cricket scores or stock prices. But certainly Australian victories get more front page reporting than our defeats. But beyond that most reporting is heavily influenced by opinion, and that is what we the public buy.

      So yes, I agree. Trump could have helped a 100 frail old ladies cross the road without being given any credit by MSNBC. But so what? The editors are paid to produce profits and they judge what their customers want to hear, and are prepared to buy.

      To those wanting change, but who understandably won’t support a Government controlled news outlet from a new ‘Ministry of Truth’, the obvious question has to be: why have well educated journalists generally drifted ‘left’ over the last 30 or so years? Was there really some dastardly scheme to corrupt their brains? Or could it just be that our increasingly interdependent world increasingly requires a collectivist mindset? The resilient and heroic settler building a new land ( and clearing out the indigenous population) may no longer be an appropriate model to celebrate.

      • The solution should be obvious, and I assume it is clear that the “complaining”—as in describing the state of reality and its effect on democracy–will lead to the solution: public trust in the news media falling to virtually zero (there will always be gullible, inattentive, morons and dupes). Of course, I can’t do it myself, or even have the impact of a single flea on a Woolly Mammoth. But when it becomes apparent that the public wants fair and objective and ethical journalism and not manipulative propaganda, the news media will begin giving them that—unless a totalitarian regime takes over first, with the media as its well-rewarded partner.

  4. Henry “Hank” Louis Aaron passed away at 86. He was one of my all time favorites. I was watching the game (TV) when he hit 715. He’d still be the career home run leader if not for the steroid era because I don;t thing Bonds would have ever passed him. As it is, Bonds only totaled 7 more home runs than Hank. I’ve never seemed to be able to enjoy baseball since the steroid era – it tarnished the game too much for me.

    • A CLASS ACT from start to finish!

      “I was watching the game (TV) when he hit 715.” So was I.

      My maternal Grandparents were HUGE Milwaukee Braves fans, as a young whelp I was “dropped off” during afternoon County Stadium games.

      My Grandmother, not to put too fine a point to it, was royally p!ssed when they bolted for Atlanta: “I hope Henry Aaron, Warren Spahn, and Eddie Matthews do well, but the rest of them can GO_TO_HELL!”

  5. My church here is doing what they can to stay open amidst the barrage of ever-shifting requirements, which I am glad for. Not meeting in person is drastically different than actually participating in a service. However, one of the requirements was to introduce a sign-up feature, where you “buy” tickets online for free, like a concert. Fighting for good spots for the family was little enough fun on Sunday mornings, now I get to wait for the ticket booth to open to fight the crowds!

    That’s an inconvenience, though. The thought which caused me to be concerned was the realization that in order to aid the contact tracing powers of whatever health agency entrusted with the job, the church has to keep that data, and report it if asked for. Which means there now exists a list of every person who has attended a church service in the past year or so, and the simultaneous notion that it’s expected to be handed over to the government if and when it’s ever asked for. My wife rolls her eyes and says that I’ve crossed the line into conspiracy nut, but I find the mere existence of such a list where none existed before to be a HUGE problem.

    Now, I trust my Pastor and elders to handle the data carefully, but what about every other church in the country? Or the third-party company which gathers the information? How about the hosting services which can lean on that company now? The ISPs? That’s an awful amount of resistance which would have to stand firm if the desire to “gather” those lists ever came about. Resistance which would have to stand firm in the face of an opposition simply shrugging their shoulders. “Just give them the data.” “You poor, oppressed Christians!” and everyone’s perennial favorite: “If you’ve got nothing to hide, why hide anything?”

  6. Since retroactive impeachment on questionable grounds seems to be in vogue, I was thinking that the Republicans will have a glorious opportunity in a couple of years to show the Democrats how to milk such a scheme for all it’s worth. There is ample evidence of wrongdoing from Mr. Obama and his crew, so we can go to town impeaching every one of the officials involved with fraudulent FISA warrants, and every leader whose fiery rhetoric helped trigger deadly BLM rioting, or who interfered with efforts to contain those festivals of mostly-peaceful arson, assault, and murder.

    Sauce for the goose…

  7. I would say doing anything out of vengeance, lacking thought and reason, is by definition unethical. The way to “unity” is not affected by these executive orders.

  8. I am so tired of role appropriation in theater and movies. How could a straight man possibly play a gay man (a real criticism by a local DC critic when Patrick was in the Falsettos trilogy)? How could a Mexican-Irish man possibly play a Greek? How could a white woman possibly play a role originally created for a black woman? How could Jean-Luc Picard play Othello in a totally reversed-role play? How could a person of Puerto Rican heritage possibly play A Hamilton? And this morning, I am outraged, outraged I say, to discover that Stanley Tucci will play someone with early onset dementia. How could they do that, and take a juicy role away from someone who actually has dementia? And how can ethics morons play journalists and politicians. Oh wait, that’s not role appropriation it’s reality.

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