Sunday Ethics Irony, 1/24/2021: Now Remember, It’s The Trump Voters Who Are Deplorable

In “Utopia,” the strange and violent Amazon series about a mysterious graphic novel that turns out to be both true and a coded guide to an upcoming pandemic, the diversity propaganda is so heavy-handed that it could knock out Godzilla with a left cross. Let’s see: all the good couples are mixed race. A middle -class black woman takes in troubled white children. A white husband and wife have a family including multiple black and Asian children, which you would think violates the good couples are mixed-race rule, but it’s a trick: that white couple is villainous, and their white children are too, tough the minority kids seem to be OK. A group of assassins appears to include only whites, and the main heroine is black, though her character in the graphic novel that everyone is chasing after is white. Her female mentor is white, but she is so covered in grime that she looks black. (Why isn’t that blackface?)

At what point does this become so forced and absurd that audiences object to it? None of the race obsession adds a thing to the story except weirdness, and trust me, “Utopia” needs no more of THAT.

1. Welcome to my world! Here is a submitted comment to this post: the proud idiot “RidenwithBiden” (Oooh, clever!) writes, “My God, an entire website dedicated the the sanctimonious and bottomless brainwashed hypocrisy of traitorous right wing nut jobs.”

2. Here are some Biden voters I have no sympathy with whatsoever…President Biden signed an executive order that will require institutions receiving Title IX funding to allow biological males who identify as female to compete in women’s athletic events. This should effectively kill women’s sports while making a joke out of “competition.” Women voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden, a serial sexual harasser who was accused of rape on the record by a staffer, and he was clearly going to do this. Now feminists and women’s sports advocates are whining?

Bailey tweet

What betrayal? Sorry that you weren’t paying attention, but it was always obvious that the most extreme end of the LGBTQ lobby was pulling Joe’s strings. The one who betrayed female athletes were feminist voters. Own it, ladies.

3. Now guess who THIS guy voted for…University of Rhode Island professor and Director of Graduate Studies Erik Loomis stated that “Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist because they are developed by racists who live in a racist society, whether they identify as racists or not.” See? And you thought I was exaggerating about “Facts Don’t Matter.”

Insert here my repetitive question about why anyone in their right mind would pay tuition to a school that allows someone capable of uttering such garbage to have any access to students at all. Apparently the University of Rhode Island is also thinking along these lines. Assistant Director of Communications Dave Lavallee released this statement:

“Mr. Loomis’ recent social media posts on science, statistics and technology are entirely his own opinions, and in no way represent the positions or values of the University of Rhode Island..His recent tweet runs completely counter to URI’s first Cornerstone Value, which says, ‘We pursue knowledge with honesty, integrity and courage.

In making such remarks, Mr.Loomis calls into question the work of thousands of researchers and scientists across the country and particularly the outstanding work done by our talented and diverse researchers at URI. While Mr. Loomis has a First Amendment right to make such comments as a private citizen, he does not have the right to make such unsubstantiated claims in the context of his university position or role.”

As soon as I saw this story, I knew Prof. Turley would be on it like Joe Biden’s hands on nominee’s daughter, and sure enough, there it was. The professor, however, as he sometimes does, unfortunately, retreats into equivocal academic weeniedom”

From my perspective, the most important aspect of that statement is the acknowledgment that Loomis has First Amendment protections in uttering such viewpoints. The question for the university is whether those viewpoints undermine his role in leading all graduate studies, particularly in dismissing the very basis for much of that work as racist. Loomis claims that “all” science, statistics, and technology is racist. Period. It is a patently absurd statement that is devoid of any intellectual foundation or inquiry. It will certainly appeal to many who relish extremist and rejectionist views, including some in academia. However, it is the very antithesis of our intellectual mission as scholars and it does a great disservice to the many respected academics at the University of Rhode Island.

Exactly, which means that the fact that this rogue professor has a right to say stupid things does not mean he should be allowed to say them while employed by an institution whose mission is to teach the very same “science, statistics, and technology” Loomis says are racist. Turley answers his own question, because there is no question. Of course such statement undermine Loomis’s position as well as the university. Such comments are signature significance: if you say such a thing even once, you cannot teach at a university, much less head a graduate studies program.

4. Nice catch, Ann Althouse! The inscrutable blogger posted this screenshot from ABC…

Orange man

…and after explaining why she thought Joe Biden was orange (and noting that Al Gore and John Kerry had gone orange too, added,

“They all do orange. Orange is the happy vibrant color of love and warmth. It always was and it always will be, except for that little time when it wasn’t — the time when it was Orange Man Bad in the Oval Office.”

This is why I detest ad hominem attacks on political figures from both the Right and the Left. It’s cheap, its ugly, and it always relies on double standards. Anyone who mocked “Drumpf” was off my list immediately: mocking the original name of a family is a staple of xenophobia, which these same people claim to deplore. Tim Mathieson (loved him as Otter!) proved himself to be an Alyssa Milano-level celebrity hypocrite and dummy when he tweeted his relief at finally having a First Lady who could speak English.


24 thoughts on “Sunday Ethics Irony, 1/24/2021: Now Remember, It’s The Trump Voters Who Are Deplorable

  1. 2. and 3. The woke’s mantra: If you can’t compete or simply don’t want to, petition to get the rules changed. In a nutshell, that’s critical race theory.

  2. RE. #1 “ My God, an entire website dedicated the the sanctimonious and bottomless brainwashed hypocrisy of traitorous right wing nut jobs.”

    How *dare!*. I am NOT sanctimonious.

  3. Will this Loomis reject the fruit of that poisoned tree Science, by ditching his internet connection, turning off his electricity and water and sewage connections, never travelling by car, bus, train or plane, and living in a shelter made of entirely natural materials?

  4. On no. 2. It’s as if people suddenly realized that the ridiculous things that have been pushed these past years actually have consequences. Those of us who warned friends and family were haters and bigots. It seems that even Nancy Pelosi (no surprise to most of us with a functioning brain) has gone too far.
    “War of words risks wiping women from our language”

    No kidding.

    • Thanks for the link to that article, Opal. Obviously the sanctimonious and bottomless brainwashed hypocrisy of a traitorous right wing nut job, but useful nonetheless.

    • Remember, Democrats vote for their candidates hoping those candidates are lying about what they will do. Republicans vote for candidates hoping the candidates are telling the truth. It is like the old joke “If you want to make a Republican mad, lie to him. If you want to make a Democrat mad, tell him the truth.”

      It isn’t just this woman. Look at BLM. Look at all the unions that backed Biden and he just threw their workers out of their jobs. Well, those unions must use Dominion voting machines as well. After Biden chewed out a Detroit assembly line for 30 minutes, their union leadership enthusiastically endorsed Biden the next day.

    • Just to be fair to Ms. Bailey, she’s not some dumb lefty feminist who just figured this out. She is the head of an organization called LGB Alliance and has been working for years in the UK (where she’s based and lives so she clearly couldn’t have voted for Biden) who has been smeared and attacked for standing up for women’s sex-based-rights.

      It’s sad that her tweet is being shown as an example of someone who doesn’t deserve sympathy. If anyone deserves accolades for fighting against what Biden’s EO has done, it’s her. She started LGB Alliance because many gays and especially lesbians, have been told they are no longer homosexuals but homogenderals and that being gay is same “gender” attraction when it simply isn’t. For her efforts to create a movement where gays aren’t subjected to hate and coercion by radical trans activists, she’s had her job and home threatened.

      She’s been advocating for fairness in women’s sports for years as well. And all she and the LGB Alliance get is accusations of transphobia, when in reality, Bailey works with transgender identified persons who also understand/value biological difference in the sexes. I don’t agree with some of the things LGB Alliance puts forth. However this organization is an important step in helping to foster basic rights for gays and women.

      For more see this link:

      • I’ve never really understood why transgenderism was grouped into the same advocacy groups as gay advocacy. The two issues never seemed to have much to do with one another. I also don’t understand why transgender advocates are pushing the idea that people have to be willing to have sexual relationship with individuals that are transgender just because they are transgender. They use arguments that are not all that different from the arguments straight male “incel” groups make. It has a very coercive vibe that I find very high on the ick factor scale. Consenting adults can do whatever they want, as far as I’m concerned, and as long as they don’t expect me to participate I don’t care what they do. The transgender advocacy movement has moved into territory of coercing consent and requiring participation, which I do object to. No one should be pressured to have a sexual relationship with someone they don’t want to have a sexual relationship with. That aspect of the transgender movement is extremely unethical, and very underreported. I have seen it brought up in a handful of conservative sites, but not anywhere else. I assume far left outlets are covering it, with an approving message, but I don’t read those very often so I am not entirely sure. How pervasive is that aspect in the LGBT movement, in your opinion?

        • The pressure issue is definitely being talked about. The problem is the censorship that today’s “right-wing” are experiencing now, is what gays critical of it, have been experiencing for years. You haven’t heard about all this because it hasn’t been popular, except for those subject to a certain segments wrath.

          • One important difference is that media, entertainment, and academic elites did not endorse censoring those who stood up for gays.

            Compounding this is magnifying the methods of cancellation. Jack has written about how WordPress deplatformed the Conservative Treehouse.

            And there has been this recent trend of financial services companies deplatforming people.

            Note that this could not be possible without tacit support from media and academic elites.

            Had a credit card company deplatformed someone due to support for gay rights, or an ISP had deplatformed a gay rights web page, such an action would have near been unanimously condemned. I am old enough to remember, and none of the media elites at the time would have said anything to defend the ethics of deplatforming people for supporting gay rights.

            It is frightening though.

            Had the media and academic elites have gave their tacit support to religious right cancel culture as they do to this new Woke cancel culture, the Handmaid’s Tale would have a much better chance of becoming reality.

  5. Re: Utopia: Being a Terry Pratchett fan, I was somewhat stoked to discover there was a new BBC mini-series based on a set of his books being aired. (It’s about a city constabulary, the “city watch”.) About 15 minutes into the first episode, it was apparent that the people in charge had brewed up a big pot of woke while cobbling this thing together, and I lost all interest in putting up with it. Characters’ gender and other characteristics were all tampered with for no particular reason…turning male characters female, making a talented and attractive female (werewolf) into someone who looks like a heroin addict, a female dwarf into seemingly a six-foot Bowie-esque transvestite. Subsequently checking out other fans’ reactions, it seems my disgust is widely shared. Pratchett’s daughter said on twitter: “Look, I think it’s fairly obvious that The Watch shares no DNA with my father’s Watch.“..

    Sad thing is, it was completely unnecessary. Pratchett’s series is filled with important and strong females… the main characters in a number of the stories. There are all sorts of “races”, from goblins to golems, that are featured as being admirable and competent and breaking their perceived stereotypes. Just rolling with Pratchett’s work would have been plenty inclusive, but that just wouldn’t do for those in the virtue-signaling business.

    • While I haven’t watched The Watch yet (don’t really have the time/money to spend on another streaming service at the moment), I have to say that I question Rihanna Pratchett saying it bears no DNA to her father’s work. After all, she’s the person in charge of the Discworld IP – it was her decision not to allow any additional novels, or rewrites/ghost-writing of Sir Pterry’s last few books (which they could have desperately used – the evidence of his cognitive decline was clear in Snuff, and it only grew worse in each book after that). If it had strayed too far from the Discworld her father had loved and nurtured, she should have seen to it that the project was aborted – her failure to do so makes attempts to avoid complaints of what the series came to be disingenuous at best.

      She was also a co-writer on the project when it was conceived while Sir Pterry was still alive – before apparently abandoning it around her father’s death, and allowing to to proceed with minimal or no oversight. Again, if she wasn’t happy with the project and its direction at that point in time, she should have seen to it that it was terminated – and she also had a responsibility as curator to ensure she stayed involved in the project, and kept it in a state that would not tarnish/cheapen the original IP.

      Now, it is possible that the IP rights for the Watch series were given to BBC with far less authorial control retained than would usually have been the case by Sir Pterry himself, while he was still alive – he had some passion projects he wanted to produce at the same time related to his early onset Alzheimers, and he might have agreed to give up control in an exchange for ensuring his other projects were produced while he was still around to see it happen.

    • Along those same lines, I’m pretty annoyed with the casting choices for the upcoming Wheel of Time series being produced by Amazon.

      The premise of the first book is that there are three boys living in a small village so cut off from the rest of the world that they don’t even know they have a queen who claims their land. One of these three boys is a prophesied hero, and one of the clues as to who it is (very minor spoiler) is that one of the boys looks different from the rest of the village–tall, red haired, and grey eyed, because he’s not actually from the village.

      Of course the casting for this town in the show is all over the map, from black to white to australian aborigine. Right, so a town that has been genetically isolated for thousands of years looks like a melting pot of genes? More offensive is that it makes the premise of the setting no longer work.

      Artistic integrity is yet another casualty in this race war.

  6. Any update on the Pandemic Creates a Classic and Difficult Ethics Conflict?

    “Science, statistics, and technology are all inherently racist because they are developed by racists who live in a racist society, whether they identify as racists or not.”

    So he is saying there is nothing wrong with racism?

    The Stormfront White Nationalist Community agrees.

  7. Regarding Loomis, it is noted that he is a history professor. Since his views on science and math “should not” (though often seem to) make it into his classroom, the school is sort of right. The problem is his position as Director of Graduate Studies. Not only does he have contempt for certain fields, but he probably does not understand them either.


  8. Tim Mathieson (loved him as Otter!) proved himself to be an Alyssa Milano-level celebrity hypocrite and dummy when he tweeted his relief at finally having a First Lady who could speak English.

    A big Harry Caray “Holy COW!” for that remark. Anyone who speaks English as a second language should NEVER be mocked. Never. Ever. I speak absolutely zero foreign languages well enough to get by in any of them. That’s terrible. I think Otter needs to be put back on double secret probation, or maybe beat up,

  9. “My God, an entire website dedicated the the sanctimonious and bottomless brainwashed hypocrisy of traitorous right wing nut jobs.”

    People on the left prefer to believe that there is no perspective other than their own. If they cannot deny the existence of another point of view, they explain it away as being bad, traitorous, racist and crazy. It never seems to occur to them that there could be any valid reason for there to be another point of view.

    Lefties like to preach about “all lived experiences” being important and valid, but they don’t really believe that. They believe that their lived experience is important, and should take precedence over everyone else’s. The left is concentrated in urban areas, while the right is concentrated in suburban and rural areas. Since only leftist lived experiences matter, the lived experience of people in suburban and rural areas are irrelevant, and probably evil. Not only do those people not matter, but their way of life should be destroyed. Any complaints about their way of life being destroyed should be celebrated as an indication the plan is working.

    There is no interest from the left in finding out the reasons people feel the way they do, or believe what they believe. The reasons for these beliefs are evil, and should never, ever be taken into consideration. In fact, there should not even be place for those reasons to be stated, much less advocated for or explained. The idea that there could be ethical considerations for those beliefs is unethical in and of itself, from the leftist point of view.

    Allowing right wing people to raise concerns and discuss their ideas can only lead to contamination of left wing minds, and must be stopped, prevented, and the places that allow it wiped off the internet.

    A website doesn’t actually have to be right wing for it to be evil, it just has to have right wing people reading and agreeing with parts of it to be evil. If any of those evil right wing people agree with you, that is an indication you are saying crazy, evil, racist right wing things. Even if you don’t consider yourself right wing, if anything you say can be agreed with by right wing people, obviously you are a sanctimonious and bottomless brainwashed hypocrite and a traitorous right wing nut job. There can be no moderate, no independent, no bipartisan, no understanding, no seeking of ideas and opinions other than left wing orthodoxy, no discussion and no exchange of ideas. That path lies the path of madness, racism, insurrection and oppression.

    Intolerance is tolerance. Racism is antiracism. War is peace. Censorship is freedom of speech. Hate is love.

    • Spot on, NP. The clever term, “counter-revolutionary” always springs to mind. Very telling of the Communists to deem anyone who doesn’t agree with them simply unacceptable. All lefties have to do to counter any argument they’re making is to say “you don’t agree with me.” At that point, it’s all over.

      I get this kind of treatment from my kids. I disagree with them, therefore, I’m a dope. Will they agree with their children’s world view going forward?

  10. University of Rhode Island and Director of Graduate Studies Erik Loomis
    I’m having some trouble parsing that. Is there a word missing, like “University of Rhode Island professor“, or perhaps the “and” is not supposed to be there? Maybe my English comprehension is just getting worse.
    I noticed that the same line seems to be in several other articles on the web (when I was digging for the source of the quote) so perhaps it’s a copy-paste problem.

  11. A fun twitter account to follow is @BidenLs

    They retweet and post Biden voters demonstrating regret *already* with voting for Joe Biden.

    All of them follow the general line – “wait, he said he wasn’t going to do that and that is why I voted for him…but now he’s doing that”.

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