Comment Of The Day: “If Progressives Agree With Hate Speech, It Isn’t Hate Speech Any More…Do I Have That Straight?”

Pennagain responded to this post with invaluable background on our still complex attitudes toward gay and lesbian relationships. It is long, and essential reading.

Here is Pennagain’s Comment of the Day on the post, “If Progressives Agree With Hate Speech, It Isn’t Hate Speech Any More…Do I Have That Straight?’:

For all who are getting into this “any woman (many women) can be lesbians if they want to” bag, recognize that you are confusing sexual liberty in today’s society with natural sexual-partner preference.

It’s an easy generalization to fall into. Another generalization, but one borne out by statistical evidence, is that you might even be able to transform your body to conform to another gender but you will still have the same sexual preference. Being lesbian (or gay) doesn’t come (nor will you, so to speak just by wanting or trying. The L and G of LGBT are as varied in as many ways as straight girls and boys. Wee just got along better until the wicked woke women turned up the heat.

Here us a handy review of things that have significant impact on everyone – you, me and the ones who aren’t sure:

Traditionally — that is, not so many decades ago, and most definitely in my memory — men socialized mainly outside the home and had access to individual activity that included sexual satisfaction elsewhere. Women mainly stayed in the home and, if outside, had fewer opportunities for engaging in social, much less erotic, activities. . Remember?

Women — of course — were supposed to have no (or far lower) need or desire for sexual activity. In a way that’s true, though not lessening the equal strength of the desire. Women’s emotions were and are often centered on their children. There wasn’t some magical extra feeling focused on the exploration of a sex object’s genitals: When the natural urge arose, women often tried to tamp down her own needs in favor of the needs of the family. A woman might cry on her friend’s shoulder, but it didn’t occur to most women to peer under her dear friend’s skirt.

Boys knew more about their own external genitalia (and as much as possible about girls’ as well) while girls had almost no knowledge of their hidden female anatomy. Most didn’t know how they got pregnant — many, it appears, still don’t. Some never learned they could have orgasms, and because they were so traumatized by blood, they rarely explored the matter.

If you were born in the post-war baby boom, your parents were still influenced (one way or another) by the 40s. Considerable confusion was taking place between diametrically opposing images like this:

that had suddenly morphed into this:

Girls, up to very recently, even before they were fueled by estrogen, were treated by parents and the society completely differently from boys. They had closer connections to their women friends. In this country, they were allowed, no, more, they were expected, from childhood, to walk hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm; to dance as couples (this was mandated in all the classes and even proms I remember seeing in school — one of my female cousins was assigned a smaller girl in class as her partner for the year… a misery for both of them), and have frequent sleepovers. It was natural for them to hug and kiss each other. Yet at the same time, during both decades, any sign of overt sexual behavior between girls caused panic at school and in the family.

Instead of allowing girls time to age out of their crushes on older girls – especially ones who liked sports or were “tomboys” or those who weren’t (yet) attractive or self-assured, not ready for boyfriends – once the label of ”lesbian” attached, whether or not it had any basis, it was a juggernaut. The girl’s family often moved away. The perceived “lesbian” was punished, often brutally, sometimes including serial rape, to “teach her a lesson.” If the family had money, the pariah could be “put away” as insane. The best that could happen to such a young woman would be that she coped by becoming sexualized, either actively attracting male partners or passively becoming sexually submissive to abusive males.

Many of the latter would turn to other women for sex. They were called lesbians then, and they called themselves lesbians or dykes or every other label society disctated. But they hadn’t necessarily started out that way. The option of being “straight” had been taken away from them. Their true sexuality may have been in perpetual limbo, only experienced in their minds

We’re just beginning to learn what it was like through the 70s, not just for girls, but for many boys and men who had naturally high voices or a lisp or gentle movements. Right up to the 90s, such males in our society had their lives ruined, not because they were attracted to other males in the least, but just because they appeared or acted feminine.

Do you understand the difference? Surely you remember some of them.

We’ll never know how many lives (and families) were crippled or destroyed by this fear of sex. It is a fear that still permeates this society. As a consequence, witless, woke women can get away with trying to shred the fabric of their own society, using the same moronic excuse as the BLM people: vengeance for terrible things that happened to Other People, long ago. For many women, this is accompanied by a belief they deserve to have money and power, not because they have earned it, but because they are owed a debt by a cruel society.. When groups of people are singled out for their differences, ANY differences, and individuals are persecuted for having been born into those groups, the reaction is predictable and inevitable.

Think about it, guys. Do you really believe that being a tomboy or — horrors! — being an “effeminate” boy, or “trying out” intimacy with someone of the same sex just to be one of the the cliques (college age or not, doing something you don’t want to just because you are challenged is about as childish as you can get)…. is the same as being physically and psychologically committed? Do you really think you could have enjoyed “experimenting” — or been able achieve a pleasurable climax under such conditions? Really?

And if you don’t know by now that there are many individuals of both sexes who can get by quite well within their gender and well under your “gaydar,” then you’ll just have to settle for being confused.

My information comes from 14 years nursing (ten of them exclusively with AIDS patients in hospital and in their homes, and 23 years of listening to callers and researching material for manuals to write for volunteers on national and local crisis lines—-and a lifetime, at least since the age of 12, of being gay, usually quite happily, with best friends of both sexes.

2 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “If Progressives Agree With Hate Speech, It Isn’t Hate Speech Any More…Do I Have That Straight?”

  1. PA, I don’t think I’m confusing anything. My personal belief is that sexuality, including orientation, in males and females runs along a spectrum. On one end is what I’d call absolute and unadulterated heterosexuality, and on the other end of the spectrum is absolute and unadulterated homosexuality. (There’s also the confusion of guys who act as if they are unadulterated heterosexuals for fear their homosexuality will be unmasked. But the whole thing IS confusing and confused for various reasons.) All of us fall somewhere along that spectrum and figure out where we are at some point in our lives. Or maybe we don’t. I don’t think changing mores have had any effect upon this biological fact. I think people who are toward the homosexual end of the spectrum have adapted and survived and made themselves happy in various different ways during different historical periods. I’m pretty sure my wonderful maiden aunt found becoming a WAC in WWII and then trying being a nun in a convent for a while (joining “the sisterhood”) less satisfying than, ultimately renting various houses with her widowed “roommate.” She found a way. As did I’m sure, women like Georgia O’Keefe and Gertrude Stein.

    I still maintain there’s a distressing current trend of playing at or dabbling in same sex attraction for fun and/or profit. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a great thing. It diminishes or demeans the issue other people have to face seriously and not just as a fad.


  2. ” there’s a distressing current trend of playing at or dabbling in same sex attraction for fun and/or profit.”

    You’ve said something like this before, O.B. I have never experienced it, nor heard of it. There is neither fun, nor profit in pretending to be gay, though there are many women who enjoy being with gay men for several obvious reasons. If you’re talking about prostitution, that’s a reality in both sexes, for profit, and the trend is downward, following the upward trend in sexual openness.. And there are those who (usually after getting drunk) find out too late that sex not only doesn’t magically turn them into grownups, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be when you can’t please your partner.. I have no idea where you get your information from, but as far as homosexuality is concerned, you’ve got very queer ideas. The trend, my friend, is that more people than ever find themselves happier when following their natural inclinations.

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