Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)…For The Second Time!


It’s a record!

Ah, the Stupid is strong with this one! Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene invited the press to a town hall event last night in which she planned on answering questions about her support of various wacko conspiracy theories, as well as her silly filing of a bill of impeachment against President Biden. Despite inviting the press, Greene’s instructions were that they couldn’t ask any questions. Yeah, that always works.

A reporter and videographer from a local Georgia station tried to question the Congresswoman, and Greene told them that she was there to speak to her constituents, and not to deal with the news media. Then a Whitfield County sheriff’s deputy escorted the journalists out of the town hall and threatened to arrest and charge the crew with criminal trespassing if they refused to leave. Later, a spokesperson for Greene’s office explained that the crew was removed because the town hall event was “not a press conference.”

Greene is an idiot. If you invite the press, you expect the press to ask questions. If they ask questions politely and do not otherwise disrupt the event, then you answer the questions. Ducking questions from the press looks suspicious. Kicking the press out of any political event looks like an effort to hide something, as well as violating the freedom of the press in spirit if not technically. If Greene didn’t feel capable of dealing with reporters, she shouldn’t have invited them.

Like the previous, mercifully retired loose-cannon GOP dim bulb, Michele Bachmann, Greene is a lock to continually embarrass her party, state and constituents until she is mercifully sent on to a career as a right-wing radio talk show host, or something. Until then, again like Bachmann, she will be flamboyantly, cluelessly inept.

Parties shouldn’t nominate people like Greene, and responsible citizens shouldn’t vote for them. Her qualifications consisted of a degree in business administration, owning a gym, and making inflammatory, hyperbolic claims. She had never held elected office, or any post in government. Now she can add to her credentials by being the first politician ever to be an Ethics Alarms Unqualified Elected Official of the Month twice in one month.

She’s special.

6 thoughts on “Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)…For The Second Time!

  1. According to reporting by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper, the local TV reporter who was ejected and threatened with arrest for asking a question lives in Greene’s district. The reporter is one of Greene’s constituents. Does the fact that they were attending the event in their (invited) professional capacity make a difference?

    • No. Even the reporter were from another state, the Rep. looks like a goofball and ends up with egg on her face. She should get better advisors. This is the kind of thing that gives conservatives fat lips.


  2. Until Americans figure out it’s unethical and unpatriotic to elect transparent juveniles who happen to scratch the “firebrand” itch, we’ll be stuck with them.

    And yes, former president Donald J. Trump, you are the archetype of this problem.

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