Post Impeachment Trial Fiasco Ethics Notes

How’s that unity and no divisive rhetoric theme working out for you, Democrats? Joe? Both Senator Schumer and Nancy Pelosi insulted the Republican Senators who voted against conviction in their post-acquittal remarks. What happened to respecting good faith disagreement among colleagues? When Bill Clinton, who had, unlike President Trump, committed impeachable crimes, was acquitted by a straight partisan vote, no Republican leaders impugned the judgement or “morality” of the Democrats who chose to ignore a President of the United States engaging in conduct that would get any lawyer in the country disbarred for lack of trustworthiness, honesty and integrity. Comity, you know. Respect. Professionalism.


And so it begins...Senator Lindsay Graham suggested that a GOP majority in the House might well decide to adopt the precedent set by the Democrats and impeach, for example, Kamala Harris. Talking to Chris Wallace on Fox New, he mused.

“If you use this model, I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if the Republicans take over the House. Because she actually bailed out rioters and one of the rioters went back to the streets and broke somebody’s head open. So we’ve opened Pandora’s Box here and I’m sad for the country.”​

Tit for tat! Revenge! Who could have predicted that?


Won THAT argument! While the Senate vote was, unknown to us, going on yesterday, I was debating with a close friend who has been Trump Deranged for years now. I discussed how Trump had good reason to feel the election had been stolen/fixed/rigged based on the last four years, and how the Democrats engaged in utter hypocrisy after their #MeToo posturing and Brett Kavanaugh sliming by nominating a man who had been accused of sexual assault by a staffer. Yet the news media literally ignored the issue during the campaign, while also burying any news that reflected well on the President and badly on Biden—like his son’s influence peddling. Well, she said it may have been hypocritical to nominate Biden, but Democrats felt that it was the only way to win “and save the country from Trump.” “And the news media?,” I asked. Why did they refuse to cover negative aspects of Biden’s record? “Same reason,” she said. I felt like Clarence Darrow in the Scopes Trial after he got William Jennings Bryan to say that a “day” of creation wasn’t necessarily a literal day, but could have lasted millions of years., essentially conceding Darrow’s point that the Bible story of creation did not necessarily contradict the Theory of Evolution.

But deciding who should be President is the job of the political parties—it’s not the job of journalists, though they seem to be under a delusion to the contrary. Leftists, like my friend, are so steeped in bias and “by any means necessary” ideology that they have to be reminded that journalists are obligated to report the news objectively, and not to manipulate what the public gets to know in order to achieve their preferred policy goals.

My friend thus conceded one reason Donald Trump was convinced that the election was rigged against him, and why he said that democracy was at stake. Because it was, and it is.


Althouse again, writing on the case against Trump as it was presented in the Senate largely eschewing such niceties as evidence and legal reasoning, relying on creating a general impression that he was at fault for something bad:

When do we get to bypass studying the factual details and legal standards and all the links in a chain of reasoning? When is it okay to just look at the whole thing and rely on instinct and just know that something is right or wrong? 

The answer can’t be: When it helps my side win. 

People who liked [House impeachment manager] Raskin’s appeal to “common sense” — as opposed to “lawyers theories” — need to realize it’s also the way Trump argued that he won the 2020 election. You just look at what you can see and feel what you feel. And that’s how Trump has been talking to his people all along. In your heart, you know he’s right… or, in your guts you know he’s nuts. Bias has become the preferred form of reasoning. Better not get bogged down in lawyers theories. The other side is off and running. 


Okay, here’s an easy game: which loudmouth, politically ignorant, uncivil Trump Deranged Hollywood celebrities had social media meltdowns in response to the acquittal vote in the Senate? You get a gold star if you can name five. The results of the Seante vote were pre-ordained, and anyone with a smidgen of civic literacy, education, historical perspective, and logic had to know that there was no way a purely partisan impeachment that the House had never proven, being voted on by a polarized Senate while having no legitimate jurisdiction, was going to come close to the two-thirds necessary for conviction. Who gets furious when something that everyone knew was certain to happen, happens?

Children. Morons,


If you had three out of usual suspects Patton Oswald, Jimmy Kimmel, Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing, Rob Reiner, Rosie O’Donnell, Bette Midler, and Ron Perlman, you have been paying too much attention to too many stupid people.

I am worried that we haven’t heard from Robert DeNiro, though. I hope he’s all right.


And finally, a personal note. When I was just learning about the American Presidents ( I memorized their order and did a 90 minute presentation about them all and what was notable about each for mu fifth grade class, thus earning the enmity of my classmates, some for life), I assumed that Andrew Johnson had to be the worst President because he was the only one to be impeached. Even though he was acquitted (by a single vote), it seemed like that was the ultimate indictment. Much later I learned that Johnson was impeached for defying an illegal law, in part passed to provoke him; still, impeachment seemed to be a fatal stain on any President’s reputation. No longer. First the Democrats continued to lionize and worship Bill Clinton after his impeachment (until they were forced to accept what should have been obvious years before: that he was corrupt and a sexual predator). Then they turned impeachment into a pure weapon of partisan warfare, instead of a bi-partisan, last resort device to remove genuine power-abuser in the best interests of the nation. Donald Trump hasn’t been reduced by the two sham impeachments, he has been strengthened by them. He won. And impeachment is no longer anything to fear, for any President.

Some day, we will regret that.

8 thoughts on “Post Impeachment Trial Fiasco Ethics Notes

  1. When does tit for tat revenge branch into unethical territory in politics or warfare. If politics has devolved into “I’m gonna get my way and to hell with you” on one side, but the other side seeks comity and compromise how long must the side seeking compromise and comity continue being run over by the other side? It seems to me that ineffectual political entities (candidates or parties) wind up becoming extinct as fewer people seek to join up with the amiable losers.

  2. Of course they insulted them. To the liberals, Mitt Romney and John McCain represent all that’s best in the Republican party, and then only when they are/were bucking the party and voting against it. The rest of the time the Republicans are absolute evil scum who need to be washed away to open the way to the progressive future. At this point the GOP had a chance to redeem themselves, at least for a week or so, by repudiating Trump and removing him from the national chessboard once and for all, and they didn’t take it. What’s wrong with them?

    Lindsey Graham is right. You’re damn right Harris is going to be a target when the GOP takes back the house. BUT, getting rid of her is just the first step. The second step is using the 25th Amendment to force Biden out, opening the way for the Speaker to become president.

    Did you really win? Your friend basically said “yeah, so what?” It might represent a moral victory, but it really doesn’t change anything.

    Ann has it right – the answer is “when it helps my side win.” The Democrats have been only about winning for more than 20 years. It’s time for the GOP to catch up and start being just as ruthless. Start breaking up and regulating Big Tech, purge the deep state, start going after Big Labor in earnest, drill into liberal corporate contributions, cut off money to the blue states and big liberal cities, take a good hard look at the taxes of big liberal organizations like the ACLU and the SPLC and whack them if there is one penny out of place, start targeting the other side’s leaders with the intention of putting them in jail, and form your own mobs and militias to harass, intimidate, and in some cases beat and kill the other side, just like BLM/Antifa. Bullies are notorious for being able to dish it out, but not take it and for hating it and thinking it’s unfair when they are done by as they did.

    • Maybe the best place to start is defining terms of success. If success is defined as how much money the D’s got for education or infrastructure or some other campaign promise then change that definition of success to reflect results from the money. I don’t care to give teachers get more resources if those resources do nothing to change the quality of the output. I don’t care to give more resources toward infrastructure when the same argument that our bridges are crumbling is used over and over again because the allocation is so often effectively reduced because of amendments to direct those resources toward some particular pork project.

      On the social side we need to make claimants prove the cause of their allegations of unfairness before we undertake efforts to ameliorate the claimed unfairness. Simply because someone says X is the reason for Y we cannot assume that their hypothesis is true. If we must follow the science we must use the scientific method here as well.

      Our establishment politicians are very good at defining problems that need money to solve yet they never get around to solving them; and, only seem to get worse with their involvement. We need to define our priorities and then define the results before we spend one thin dime an any of their pie in the sky ideas.

      Going after your opposition to harm them is just another feel good activity that benefits no one and is no better than virtue signaling

      • Dollars brought home mean nothing if they just go into some politician or lobbyist’s pocket, the same as the money you donate to charity means nothing if seven of every ten dollars go to pay highly paid executives or for them to take junkets with celebrities. When it comes to public safety, I think whoever should be posting how many of what crimes, where they occurred, and the race of both victim and perpetrator. Also post the number of police shootings, the races of both officer and victim, whether other weapons than police weapons were involved, whether a fatality occurred, and whether it was found to be justified or not. Make it real clear that the majority of crime is black on black, and that police shootings of unarmed black men are very rare. Deaths in custody would be a separate category, but similar statistics should be provided.

  3. Jack wrote, “When Bill Clinton, who had, unlike President Trump, committed impeachable crimes, was acquitted by a straight partisan vote, no Republican leaders impugned the judgement or “morality” of the Democrats who chose to ignore a President of the United States engaging in conduct that would get any lawyer in the country disbarred for lack of trustworthiness, honesty and integrity.”

    I made direct comparisons to how the Republicans reacted to the not-guilty verdict in the Clinton impeachment trial in my blog titled, What Have We Become? The reactions of Democrats to this not-guilty verdict was predictable but much worse than their last reactions.

    The Democrats are doing everything they can to suppress and destroy all Republicans while they actively avoid the actual justice system, they know that their unconstitutional tactics would be slapped down in a real court so they use their political attacks and propaganda launched at the court of public opinion. Vigilantism is in the rise. There can be no peace with the Democrats and the political left that are openly engaging in tyrannical persecution against all Republicans, all Conservatives and anyone that doesn’t completely submit to their hive mind. The political left has become a brainwashed hive mind – as cult.

      • I agree, Steve. Current day lefties and Democrats brook absolutely NO opposition whatsoever. They will not be satisfied until there is single party rule in the United States. There is simply no room for any way other than the right (er, Democratic Party) way. The Dems want the Democratic Party to become the equivalent of the Chinese Communist Party in China or the Communist Party in Cuba: simply another name for a monolithic, unchecked, all-powerful government. According the critical racial theory, if you’re white, you’re a racist. According to current Democratic Party orthodoxy, if you’re a Republican, you’re evil and have no place in the United States.

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