Unethical—Or Maybe Head-Exploding—Quote Of The Month: New York Times Media Writer Ben Smith

“But the paper needs to figure out how to resolve these issues more clearly: Is The Times the leading newspaper for like-minded, left-leaning Americans? Or is it trying to hold what seems to be a disappearing center in a deeply divided country? Is it Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden?”

—-Ben Smith, the New York Times’ media writer, regarding the “moral ” dilemma [ Postcard From Peru: Why the Morality Plays Inside The Times Won’t Stop” ] revealed by the controversy over the Times forcing out its top science writer for saying “nigger” in Peru instead of “n-word”.

Hold the center? HOLD THE CENTER?? HOLD THE CENTER????? Oh, God, I can’t…oh no ..ARGHHHH!

Head jack boom many

What a mess! I’m so, so sorry.

And that’s just one paragraph! Since my head has already been shattered beyond hope, here’s another one:

This intense attention, combined with a thriving digital subscription business that makes the company more beholden to the views of left-leaning subscribers, may yet push it into a narrower and more left-wing political lane as a kind of American version of The Guardian — the opposite of its stated, broader strategy.

Is Smith gaslighting us? Is the Times really that lacking in self-awareness? This outrageous piece was featured on the front page! “Gee, I wonder if we’re too biased…”

The New York Times drove one of its veteran journalists out of the paper for speaking the specific word he was discussing in the context of a student question about racist and sexist language, because some woke high school students said they were offended, and the Times’ staff censors of color demanded their pound of flesh. The Times editor then made the ridiculous and untrue statement that ‘intent’ didn’t matter, which was correctly condemned by a Times op-ed writer in a column that was censored by the paper.

In a voice redolent of Richard Dreyfus’s reaction after looking at Chrissy’s shark-shewed remains, I say, “This was no morality play! This was the Times taking the side of enforced speech restrictions, language taboos, censorship, mind-control and totalitarianism against freedom of expression, thought and speech.”

Though I must say Smith has handed all of us the smoking gun proof of just how biased and and untrustworthy it has become, and by extension, the whole of the American news media that regards it as its role model. Searching for a metaphor to represent that Times’ dilemma, he asked, “Is it Elizabeth Warren…” an extreme leftist “or Joe Biden”—a committed progressive who opposes gun ownership, immigration enforcement, Equal Protection, and who has made identity politics his priority in his appointments.

A clearer statement of ideological, partisan and political bias could hardly be made, and the New York Times put it on page one.

8 thoughts on “Unethical—Or Maybe Head-Exploding—Quote Of The Month: New York Times Media Writer Ben Smith

  1. ” Is The Times the leading newspaper for like-minded, left-leaning Americans?”

    Why isn’t it the leading newspaper for all Americans? By admitting his paper is a left-leaning paper, he is putting his finger on the bigger issues. Conservative Americans don’t trust the Times or its competitors to report the news objectively.

    That he sees the problem as a choice between the moderate left and the extreme left shows his own myopia.

  2. I read quite a bit of that story. The guy in Peru was done in by a bunch of rich white high school (Phillips Andover in particular) kids. Little junior NAZIs. During a five thousand dollar plus (plus airfare) per student escorted summer trip. Isn’t that appropriation and prohibited? White kids calling a white guy out for racism? Or is that white supremacy? I’m not sure. It’s hard to keep these various mortal sins sorted. The article also virtually comes right out and says the writer was sixty-five and basically out of touch and past his prime and needed to be put out to pasture because he was cranky. I guess ageism is no longer a thing. Ironically, the firing was evidently justified because the guy who lost his job was a long time pro-union guy. Hah! Take that, Bernie!

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