Neera Tanden And Ethics Rot


After Democrat Joe Manchin announced that he would not support Joe Biden’s hyper-partisan nominee to head OMB because of her impolitic insults to Republican Senators, it was widely assumed that her nomination was dead, and that President Biden would pull it. I suggested that Tanden would withdraw and save him the trouble, but nah, that would be dignified and ethical. Biden, meanwhile, dug in regarding a nomination that was hypocritical for a leader who had pledged not to be divisive, though to be fair, Joe might not be sending his own tweets. “I think we’re going to find the votes to get her confirmed,” Biden told reporters, which would have to mean that either Manchin was going to wake up with a horse’s head in his bed or that some Republican would vote for a woman who routinely called that Senator’s colleagues “monsters” and worse.

I immediately thought of Susan Collins, the whiniest, most mealy-mouthed, weak-tea Senator in either party. She has six more years in the Senate after her upset win in November: maybe the Democrats are working her over. Politico, though, suggests that the White House knows Tanden is a dead POC walking, but “Democrats believe it’s critical the Biden administration does not quickly relent on Tanden after Manchin’s opposition, if only to demonstrate they will not cower immediately to any opposition, including from within the party.” Yeah, that’s good thinking: make an unethical and careless nomination and refuse to admit that it was a mistake when it’s obvious to everyone. Good plan!

In the meantime, the interim plan is apparently to do what progressives and Democrats always default to: accusing anyone who criticizes them of sexism and racism. “I think #manchin has issues with strong, smart, independent, say what they want to women of color. Last month @VP didn’t pay him the proper homage. This month @neeratanden’s tweets are too much. Seeing a pattern?” said journalist Sophia Nelson.

Psst! Sophia! “Smart” people don’t “say what they want” on Twitter if they want to be confirmed by a two-party Senate and what they want is to insult everyone in one of those parties. More, from The Blaze:

“Manchin’s constituents are unaware of Neera’s tweets or that she exists. He’s making her famous in WV so they will know he is putting a woman of color in her place…He is using sexism and racism as a weapon” tweeted Cheri Jacobus, a NeverTrump activist. “Let’s call a spade a spade: The senator has decided to hold an immensely qualified woman of color to an unfair double standard,” said another critic. (What “double standard?” And how is a woman who is an extreme partisan qualified to head a non-partisan agency?)“This is straight-up misogyny. Is @Sen_JoeManchin aware that this is the 21st century?” said author Greg Olear.

Does their party’s reflex reaction to any criticism embarrass intelligent Democrats? It should.

More ethics rot on display in the Politico story:

“But with no Republicans signaling they would support Tanden, activists and allies are already scrambling for the potential opening. [Gene] Sperling… has boosters through the party owing to his service in the Clinton and Obama administrations and the relationships he’s built both with Biden’s top economic advisers and within progressive intellectual circles. Biden’s orbit believes he would be easily confirmed if nominated. But there are concerns about Sperling’s potential ascension because of the President’s stated commitment to build a diverse cabinet. Tanden is an Indian American woman, one of only two women of Asian descent nominated for the cabinet other than Vice President Kamala Harris. “It’s difficult for them not to put a woman in the job because of the commitments the president made to having a balanced cabinet,” said one former Obama official.

Got that? Sperling may not be nominated because he’s white. And checking off EEOC boxes is a higher priority to the Biden administration that appointing the best qualified candidates.

Still not embarrassed yet, Democrats Of Integrity (DOIs)?

Why the hell not?

13 thoughts on “Neera Tanden And Ethics Rot

  1. I immediately thought of Susan Collins, the whiniest, most mealy-mouthed, weak-tea Senator in either party. She has six more years in the Senate after her upset win in November: maybe the Democrats are working her over.

    Collins is far to RINO for my taste, and always has been. That said, she’s got serious competition in the “whiny, mealy-mouthed weak-tea” race. Murkowski and Romney come to mind.

    Further, Collins’s win really wasn’t an upset. It only appeared so because the media was propping up Gideon, and Maine is a state in which almost no polling of consequence is done – it’s too small to be worth the money. BTW, Collins spent roughly half as much on the race as Gideon did, and the vast majority of that money came from out of state (now THERE’s a place where campaign finance reform might actually have an impact). There are certainly exceptions, of course, but Mainers will generally vote the status quo as long as the status quo isn’t too disagreeable.

    • Susan Collins just announced she wouldn’t break ranks and support Tanden, saying that she has neither the experience nor the temperament for this job, that she displays too much of the animosity that Biden said he would transcend, and that she questions her commitment to transparency because of the deleted tweets. Biden said he won’t pull the nomination and is confident the votes will be found. I’d like to know where. Romney? Murkowski? If Collins isn’t breaking ranks why would they? Manchin has already said he opposes the nomination, so, assuming Sinema doesn’t break ranks (unknown one way or the other), that puts the nomination at 49, not enough.

      If nothing else, this is just proof that all the talk of unity and transcending animosity and all that other rhetoric was just that, rhetoric. A lie is still a lie, even if the liar gives a disarming smile as he delivers it with complete conviction. Animosity is still animosity, no matter how many sitcom-worthy zingers it’s cloaked in. A mean temperament is still a mean temperament, no matter how much the person denies it. Using Twitter to hurl insults may feel good in the moment, but not so much when you’re up for an important post and it’s revealed that you have a personality and temperament somewhere between a wild boar and a saltwater crocodile (two of the most aggressive animals in the world).

  2. Jack, Jack, Jack. Gene Sperling is not only an economist (An economist? Why would anyone want an economist running the Office of Management and Budget? Sheesh!) he’s a guy and he’s white. But, gasp! He’s a Hymie! A Jew! A Kike! You know, the people who rule the world and rip off people of color every way from here to Sunday! Pay attention. I mean come on, Rahm Emmanuel’s okay. He’s a politician. But a Jew boy economist instead of an Indian ideologue young woman and long time Clintonista and Obama-ite? Give me a break. You think Al Sharpton will stand for a guy like that? Or Jesse Jackson? You might as well expect Robert RRRRReich to get to be Secretary of Labor again. Wait, Shorty and Sperling went to Yale together. Hmmmm. It’s complicated.

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