Comment Of The Day Double Feature: “Ted Cruz ‘Scandal’ Significance: Another Smoking Gun”… And Metaphorical Squirrels (1)

Incredibly, some media news sources are still blathering on about how Ted Cruz took his family to sunny Mexico while poor, normal, working Texans were trapped in their freeing homes. The Spectator had some wry words about this on Friday, describing the phenomenon as “squirrels”: distracting but inconsequential attractions the biased news media sends out to avoid covering stories that are unflattering to their client, the Democratic Party. Scott McKay writes in part,

Squirrels. What dog can resist chasing one? And if you don’t want a national discussion of a topic on which your side cannot hold its own, it’s best to set loose an arboreous rodent or two.

Like, for example, if Andrew “Sonny” Cuomo, the New York governor who played Grim Reaper to thousands of his state’s seniors by stashing COVID-19 patients in nursing homes where they resided, would suddenly find himself under scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

That wouldn’t be a good look, would it? The Democrat establishment has done all it could to pump Sonny up as a potential national figure. Considering their bench is so shallow they had to present the decrepit and addled Joe Biden as their nominee for resident, er, president, Cuomo is what passes for a future ace in the hole when Biden has been put to pasture and the Democrats recognize Kamala Harris isn’t sellable to the country even if the dead can be made to vote again in strength.

If Cuomo didn’t offer a future presidential prospect, he would surely be someone to throw under the bus. He’s a gubernatorial Biden — a shameless clown devoid of credibility or competence who represents everything regular Americans despise about the political class. Cuomo is the very picture of our coastal elites: his success owes almost completely to the name he inherited from his father Vito, er, Mario Cuomo and his membership in the ruling-class club. Cuomo spouts all of the pieties of the managerial elite, and he’s mastered the art of faking sincerity when he does so. His abject corruption and incompetence in office is easy to paper over — the Cuomos have run so much of New York’s middle class out of the state there are no longer enough of them to ever vote a Democrat out of office, and therefore their party has perfected at the state level the Weaponized Governmental Failure that’s usually reserved for Democrat machines in the cities.

And of course, brother Fredo — sorry, Chris — hosts a show on CNN when he’s not engaged in pugilism with less-than-adoring viewers or faking a COVID quarantine. CNN’s management actually thinks it’s cute to have Fredo interviewing Sonny on its air despite the breathtaking affront to journalistic integrity that represents. That occasional moment of on-air fraternal bliss suddenly lost its luster when the G-Men began covering the set.

Later, he concludes,

Nor are the squirrels going back into the trees anytime soon, because it won’t be long before the Democrats and their compliant minions in the news media and pop culture recognize the urgency of air cover for all kinds of coming disasters.

There’s the unscientific failure to reopen schools as parents groan under the strain of trying to survive the COVID economy while becoming amateur homeschoolers. There’s the burgeoning failure to fulfill Dirty Joe Biden’s vaccine promises while Biden purports to have conjured the vaccines out of thin air. There’s the fact Biden is calling a lid on conducting foreign policy and delegating it to Kamala Harris. There is the looming disaster in China and Iran policy, and particularly the coming crippling shortage in rare-earth minerals. There is the growing recognition that the Brian Sicknick story, on which the Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative has been built, appears not to have contained a wisp or a smidgeon of truth.

And on and on.

The problem with squirrels is eventually the dogs lose interest. What comes afterward could be fascinating, and not in a good way.

I feel complicit, a bit, in the squirrel problem, but it is a matter of focus. The cover-up that Cuomo has been credibly accused of is obviously unethical: nobody needs me to point that out. Cruz’s mess, which he blundered into, raised ethical issues, which is why it has been more evident on Ethics Alarms.

Two commenters, Null Pointer and Chris Marschner, have contributed Comments of the Day on the matter, one in response to the other, and they make an attractive matched set. First up is Null Pointer’s COTD on the post, “Ted Cruz ‘Scandal’ Significance: Another Smoking Gun”:

Houston did get snow. I have relatives who live there, and they took video and sent it out before the power died. The whole state is borked. I also live in Texas, and have been sitting in the dark and cold for 3 days with no power. The grocery stores in my city have been closed, and when they do open it is only for a few hours with 2-3 hour lines (outside, in the sleet and snow, because COVID) to get in, if you can get there with the roads covered in ice. Then the grocery stores were sold out because no trucks could make deliveries, due to road conditions. I like to be prepared so I have stockpiles of non-perishable food in my house anyways. Aside from temperature, I was fairly well off in comparison to many people here. I can afford to buy just-in-case food, but many cannot.

I agree that what the federal officials were doing is irrelevant. Cruz left. Big deal. What was he going to do?

I’m pinning the blame for this squarely on the state government and city government. They all sat around blathering about politics while people were freezing to death and dying in accidents caused by efforts not to freeze to death. They opened “warming centers” in the middle of places that had power, that no one without power could get to because of road conditions. They did not plow, salt or sand the roads. People were calling 911 to get rides to places with power for their oxygen and dialysis machines. First responders, police, fire and ambulances, were the only ones doing ANYTHING to help anyone. The state and city government closed all the food kitchens, let the water supply get contaminated, and ran their mouths about how renewable energy was or was not to blame. That argument can wait until people are no longer stuck in sub-freezing temperatures with no source of heat! What are you planning to do RIGHT NOW?

I wish the talking heads on the TV would shut up about Cruz, and talk about something relevant to the current disaster. Their obsession with damaging republicans blinds them to anything and everything important. I don’t even care what the democrat federal representatives were doing. Managing the power grid and in-state disaster recovery is not federal officials’ job. That is the governors job. That is the mayors job. That is the city councils job. Those people are doing squat. Talk about that.

I think that it is notable that Biden did basically nothing while this was going on. Trump would have been flying around Texas checking things out for himself and providing whatever aid he could like he did with every weather related disaster while he was President. Biden is useless, and did not even pretend to care. Perfect opportunity to make himself look like he cared about unity, and nothing.

(As I assumed the “1” in the headline conveyed adequately, Chris’s COTD will appear in Part 2.)

9 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day Double Feature: “Ted Cruz ‘Scandal’ Significance: Another Smoking Gun”… And Metaphorical Squirrels (1)

  1. There’s a big, glaring hole in the whole Cuomo “squirrel” argument. Cuomo’s mismanagement was obvious since last April. We saw New York get wallopped by the pandemic as few (if any) places have been, before or since. We knew he sent COVID patients to nursing homes. But for 9 months the media sang his praises anyway. They even brazenly redefined the term “flatten the curve” in order to do so. So, what happened in the past month to make them reverse course? Evidence of a coverup? That doesn’t make sense, they were the coverup, gleefully so, for 9 months. Somebody with pull in the left-wing media had to have made the decision, for reasons that are not yet clear, to change the narrative so that we’ve always been at war with Andrew Cuomo. So why would they then try to distract from their own hatchet job?

    • That’s a great point, Dave. It reminds me of Harvey Weinstein (and Bill Clinton) all of a sudden finding himself in a free fire zone once Hillary Clinton had been rendered irrelevant. Do you suppose the people running Joe Biden want Sonny taken out? I’m sure it’s nothing personal….

    • It’s because a member of his staff, who is a Democrat and a woman blew the whistle and told the truth, and the DA, who is also a Democrat (and a better one because she is Black and a woman) released a scathing report about Cuomo’s actions. Then, Cuomo threatened to ruin or destroy an Asian member of the city council. That is just too many diversity boxes checked to ignore.


      • What, because the media is so steadfast in its stated principles? See Thomas, Clarence, character assassination of; and Biden, Joseph, burial of sexual assault allegations.

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