Comment Of The Day, “Welcome To My World” Edition

email mistake

This guy actually sent his comment to my email account. Not to keep you in suspense, he will not be approved for future participation.

Traffic here may be falling, but I am getting more hate mail than ever—from self-professed conservatives, for, you know, my being such a knee-jerk progressive.

Here is No Name Yet’s Comment of the Day on the blog in general. Enjoy:

If you are so concerned with bigotry and racism and whatever virtue signaling fake shit.  I don’t understand why you associate with the people who push racism. I’ve never met a bigger racist in my life than a progressive. People who are constantly putting people in categories… categories according to race and sex. The ultimate racist. The nerve of you 2 point fingers. I’m sure you’re probably some middle-aged pseudo- intellectual weakling. The kind of man that wouldn’t last five minutes if society broke down or if the police actually were defunded. You’re probably one of the people that was making fun of me when I was speaking out against real racism back in the 90s when it was more of a problem, although it was much a bigger problem before that. Bigotry, really? your f****** swimming in it. Group thinker! Go piss yourself.

10 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day, “Welcome To My World” Edition

  1. I was worried something like this would happen when the Portland police were asked to do something. Lots of those wokesters with more time on their hands since they can’t destroy things 24/7.

  2. Well, ya know progressives are the modern leaders in racism, but…….do you think he has ever even read this blog, or any of the comments? Doesn’t sound like it.

    Maybe he has you confused with another Jack Marshall who runs…….I don’t know, a blog on ‘tics?

  3. Jack,

    Almost makes you nostalgic for my head-spinners, doesn’t it? At least I don’t substitute numbers 4 letters.

  4. I am beginning to wonder if there is a group of people out there trying to make non-progressives/leftists out to be illiterate buffoons.

    Some things are just not adding up. Why did the Capitol police say they had intelligence that an unnamed militia group was going to attack the Capitol tomorrow? Why not name this militia group? If no one shows up they claim their show of force and preperation stopped this unnamed group.
    Has anyone considered that the fortifications at the Capitol are to protect them as they pass HR1 which effectively eliminates any safeguards on elections. Provisions include criminal liability for questioning the eligibility of a person to vote, allowing 16 and 17 year olds to register, make ballot harvesting legal everywhere as well as no witness requirements or signature verification for absentee ballots and so much more. Why has the media not touched this?

    Your no name person is consistent with every report offered by the swamp. No names that can be checked? Unnamed sources for stories and now an unnamed militia group which I don’t believe exists.

    • I was thinking the same thing yesterday, Chris. What militia group? The news media does not get the benefit of the doubt anymore when failing to report details. For all I know, it’s an antifa group that the media decided to leave unnamed so that they could imply “right-wing” by using the buzzword militia.

    • I forgot to mention HR! includes a requirement that states register every person in schools, prisons, and other institutions. It makes no difference if they are eligible or not. This is so they can print more ballots than necessary.

      If the FBI has actionable intelligence about a planned attack on the Capitol why has no one been arrested on conspiracy charges. Why would you wait until it happens unless you are using this as a political tool.

  5. Sounds like this guy is a bird brain. Back in my good ole’ mid-teen days, when life in America was amazing, rich, and free, my grandmother had a parakeet she named “no name.”
    But I think you should re-name this guy “no spine.”

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