Ethics Heroes: “Critical Race Theory” Victims William And Gabrielle Clark


Gee, we seem to be having a lot of race-bullying and race-based indoctrination stories here of late. Well, don’t blame me. Blame those perpetrating it for the advancement of their political and cultural power, and the cowards and weenies who are making it easy.

Today we have an episode from Democracy Prep, a public charter school in Las Vegas, Nevada. William Clarke attends the school. He lives with his mother, Gabrielle (above), who is biracial. She works at a local fast food restaurant. All Democracy Prep seniors are required to take what is clearly a Critical Race Theory and intersectionality-based class called Sociology of Change. In that “re-education” class, William and all the other students, were told to openly declare their race, gender, religious, and sexual identities. The next step was to attach negative labels to those identities, after which students were instructed to “undo and unlearn” their “beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that stem from oppression.”  

A digression: I don’t even like to think about what I might have done if I had been in a class like that as a high school senior. I was pretty confrontational even then: as head of the school paper’s editorial page, I once wrote a column accusing the administration of punishing non-college track students more harshly than college track students who had engaged in the same conduct. My best friend at the time was suspended soon after in what was widely seen (especially by my annoyed friend) as an “Up yours!” message. But would I have had the guts to openly condemn the exercise William was subjected to? I’d like to think so. it would have been fun watching my father go to war over that….

William has has light skin and green eyes, and is the only student in his class that might be called “white.” He is actually mixed-race, and did not feel he should have to declare himself “privileged.” As a consequence, he was given an F for the course, which prevented him from graduating.

Bravo. A high schooler like that is a born leader, and the kind of citizen America’s schools are supposed to nurture. Instead, he is the kind of independent contrarian that today’s schools and teachers try to crush.

My son received this kind of treatment in both private and public schools, and he refused to accept it. That’s why he was ultimately home schooled.

William’s mother is standing by him. Gabrielle Clark has filed suit in the Federal District Court of Nevada against Public Charter School Democracy Prep et al., claiming the school violated William’s First Amendment rights by “repeatedly compelling his speech involving intimate matters of race, gender, sexuality and religion.” It further argues that the school created a “psychologically abusive” and a “hostile educational environment.”

Ya think?

The trial is tentatively scheduled for April.

If only there was some way to sue the ignorant and complicit parents of the other children for allowing this kind of abuse and indoctrination to spread like contagion throughout the country.

One thought on “Ethics Heroes: “Critical Race Theory” Victims William And Gabrielle Clark

  1. It is nice to read all three filings that the legal firm hired by FAIR submitted. I’d love to read the response. I have a hard time imagining that a competent lawyer would be fighting the case. You’d think this would be one of those places where a lawyer would tell you to settle, apologize and pass the student. Of course a lawyer has to proceed as a client directs, so even then he may be proceeding knowing that they will be smoked.
    Sometimes you can suss out what the defense response is by reading the plaintiff’s response (or the reverse). This time, that’s not the case. It makes me wonder if the defendant’s response was a bunch of progressive platitudes and devoid of legal merit.

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