Friday Open Forum (And Not A Second Too Soon)

I’m sorry—this should have been up early today. I was distracted by the Georgetown Law Center fiasco. Now I have BOTH my diplomas turned front to the wall.

Maybe we can get some ripping threads going that carry into the weekend (last weekend had the least viewers here in four years.)

All ethics, all civil, all brilliant , please. In other words, the usual.

18 thoughts on “Friday Open Forum (And Not A Second Too Soon)

  1. Not exactly ethics related, but since you’re my online friends, some news.

    Getting a new job in southern CA; not relocating but splitting my time between here and there for the foreseeable future. Maybe there are more commenters down there for some ethics meet-up/picnic/whatever?

    • Too far north to help, Alex, but I sure hope its a good job. I lived 50+ years in SF Bay area (east bay) and now another 25 in the Sierras, but enough is enough. We are pulling up our CA roots and heading into the high desert of south Utah. Lower taxes and expenses and sane politics. I wish you the best.

    • Entering 41st year in San Francisco, but the dessert police caught me up for trying to get across the Bay to Oakland where the black kids are still asking for (and getting) jimmies on their ice cream. Now I have to settle for Double Rainbow with (whispers) in the back room.

      Hope you get it together, though.

      • And congratulations on the new job and enjoy the amenities. I would say to extra careful if you’re flying back and forth, but nobody likes a nagger (Is that a baaad word now?), so just pretend I didn’t.

        p.s. I would have deleted that last sentence but it’s too late now. WordPress grabbed it and ran.

  2. Is it ethical to grant compassionate release to a convicted mass murderer (pregnant wife & 2 children) because of the threat of Covid 19, along with considerations of his age, medical condition & time served? Yes, it’s “Fatal Vision’s” Dr. Jeffrey McDonald’s latest, and probably not last attempt, to get out of jail free. After numerous appeals, including the Supreme Court, a remarriage, and an FX documentary by Errol Morris (of “The Thin Blue Line” fame), he’s found another loophole in the system to gain his freedom. He hopes to end his days in Columbia, MD, with his credulous 2nd wife – a former children’s drama teacher. Dr. Jeff has outlived just about everybody, including his unfortunate family, author Joe McGinness, the key witness (The Girl with the Floppy Hat) & most of the legal players & public viewers in this saga, which is into its 6th decade. I’m betting that the Reagan-appointed federal judge denies it (but who knows these days), and also that he appeals this case to the end of the legal limit or mortal days, whichever comes first.

    • Honestly, I look around and I don’t even recognize the United States anymore. There is this constant shrill, narcissistic drone pouring out of society that is extremely agitating. Some people apparently think they are better than everyone else, know everything, and therefore get to dictate to everyone else what they do, say, think and believe. If you don’t want to do what they say, then they somehow have acquired the power to ruin your life, excommunicate you from society, force you out of your job, and in some cases impression or kill you. This is not the country I grew up in, and I am not actually that old, so I really don’t know what happened. I don’t remember the people I went to high school with being a bunch of totalitarian whack jobs, so either I missed it, or the people slightly younger than me on down jumped on some sort of totalitarian whack job train head first and are riding that train straight to hell and dragging all the rest of us with them kicking and screaming.

      What happened to bring this about? The only major societal change I can think of is social media, so that must have something to do with it. All the psychological engineering they do brought this out somehow. It is insane, and I don’t know how to stop it.

      • It almost feels religious in a way. I’m removed from it for the most part, the “establishment” seemsto be oblivious.

    • First, that was a fantastic article – long on facts and details, short on fluff. Second, Polis is suspicious in my books. He’s regarded as “good for business” but it isn’t just the ranchers he’s torqued off. When he stepped into office, the voters had also voted down a handful of moratorium against the oil industries. Within a few months, most the new laws which had just been shot down by the voters found their way into the lawbooks. Permits were denied, funding dried up, and already approved projects sat idle.

      My question is, if he’s so big business savvy, how and why would he make such enemies of the number one and two biggest producers in the state? I’m sure tourism, number three, isn’t terribly pleased with him after the COVID lockdowns, but at least he doesn’t behave in an antagonistic manner against them. Like literally setting wolves at them. We’ll see when he runs for president.

      • @Arron, I have to assume his donors are not especially friendly toward Ag or oil and gas. It’s just another volume in the urban/rural divide. I think about every county has arranged a Free Will Donation BBQ event at the fairgrounds. He knows Ag doesn’t get governors elected.

  3. John-
    I’ve been a true crime buff since my teens and have always been fascinated by the Jeffrey McDonald case. FWIW: I don’t think he’s guilty. Plus, he could have been out of prison more than 12 years ago if he admitted guilt and took a plea, and every time he’s been offered the opportunity, he’s refused. As far as the ethics (speaking of which, he had some rather unethical representation due to military justices angry w/him for his tough stance while a military doctor) of using Covid-19 to get out of jail? Well, I’ve seen more heinous, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt prisoners get out out with that card.

  4. Baseball continues its blind march toward electronic ball and strike calls. Per ESPN:

    “Teams in the low-A Southeast league — previously the Florida State League — will use ABS (automated ball-strike system) in “select games” with hopes of determining “the optimal strike zone for the system.” The electronic system, which was used in the Arizona Fall League and independent Atlantic League in 2019, will undergo a change: Instead of using a three-dimensional zone that covers the entire plate, it will call balls and strikes based on a two-dimensional plane at the front of the plate.'”

    In other words, a pitch that goes over the plate only after the it has passed the front of the plate will be called a ball instead of a strike. This will eliminate the use of a pitch known as the “backdoor slider,” which occupies a certain place in baseball history.

  5. CD-VP,

    This case, on the evidence alone, is a classic in forensics. Each of the family members had a different blood type. You could trace the movement of McDonald & his victims from room to room. From the defensive arm wounds to the folded towel through which he stabbed Collette, before he bloodily tramped down the halls to kill his 2 children, there was only one person who could have done it & he lived lived within. The lingering question he was never able to answer: why the alleged killer would brutally murder his wife & 2 kids & leave him alive? He took the stand in 79 & could not answer these & other many, many troubling inconsistencies. The fact that the military botched the crime scene & the presiding judge was prejudiced in his favor – fellow officer, doctor, green beret – allowed him to walk the first time. McDonald is a high-functioning narcissist & sociopath who will never admit his guilt. He may have convinced himself at this point, along with his new wife & ever present legal counsel & friends. His world would fracture if he ever admitted guilt, then show remorse for the crimes. Even if he were to act the part convincingly – a coincidence he married a theater director? – he knows he won’t be granted a parole for the heinous nature of the murders. I don’t accept your argument that there are worse people who have gotten out so he should too. Killing your pregnant wife & 2 children cries out for justice more so than compassion. FWIW, I played an extreme case of the Devil’s Advocate in commemoration of the 50th, accepting he was innocent but was undermined by evidence, logic & his own actions post-murder, each step of the way. I’ll believe in OJ’s innocence before McDonald’s.

  6. I’m curious what people think of Biden’s latest speech. When did the government get the power to tell people whether they can gather with friends or not? Where I live no one pays much attention to the fear mongering over the Wuhan virus. People have been going to restaurants, running around outside with no masks, and seeing family and friends whenever they wanted to. I’ve had family come visit me, been to visit family myself, and we had the same big thanksgiving dinner that we always have. You have to wear masks to go to the store here, but other than that, things are pretty normal. Is the government supposed to get to say that we all have to cower in fear? Is that the societal norm now in most of the country?

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