Question: Should Ethics Alarms Develop An Official “Groveling Weenie” List?

Apology Adams

The above was authored by Scott Adams, the “Dilbert” cartoonist, who has also gained fame (or notoriety) as a “Trump whisperer.” He recently composed this “preemptive apology” for when the Cancel Mob comes for him, as it surely will. Reader Richard Marr, who pointed EA to this, asks where it fits on the Ethics Alarms Apology Scale. He’s joking, of course: it’s a gag apology, and there is no category for that. It’s also a terrific grovel, which is what so many apologies from those accused of being “insensitive” or otherwise speaking or behaving contrary to mandated opinions and values from the increasingly dictatorial and threatening Left.

The Adams satire moves me to ask a serious question: Should Ethics Alarms add a page listing the revolting grovelers that have marked The Great Stupid, Americans who in fact did nothing wrong, but to keep their jobs, or status, or please demanding and arrogant peers, have prostrated themselves with statements that sound like excerpts from “The Manchurian Candidate” screenplay? The Ethics Alarms term for them is “Weenies”—weak, cowardly, venal or desperate people and entities who are content to have speech censors and ideological bullies gain power and slowly crush the spirit of liberty that has defined the United States of America. The Weenies lack the character and fortitude to stand up for the nation and its values, and would rather signal phony virtue as it is being defined by the cultural wrecking crew than display the real, more difficult virtues these times demand.

The Weenies include sports organizations like the NBA, entertainment companies like Turner Classic Movies, consumer companies like Brigham’s, journalism organizations like ESPN, and many more. They include celebrities like Sharon Osbourne, athletes like the recently retired Drew Brees, performers like Lady Antebellum, journalists like fired New York Times science and health reporter Donald McNeil, as well as professors like Matthew Mayhew and other teachers and academics too numerous to mention here. And, of course, politicians.

I will have to create a clear definition to distinguish the Weenies from the totalitarians, who they aid and enable with their groveling and virtue signaling. Georgetown Law Center, for example, is a genuine engine of totalitarianism; the two professors who meekly left its faculty because they were caught on Zoom explaining the realities of affirmative action are Weenies.

I envision this list as a group project, something like the “hate group” lists compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, except that it will be honest and fair.

Your opinion is officially sought.

25 thoughts on “Question: Should Ethics Alarms Develop An Official “Groveling Weenie” List?

  1. Question: Should Ethics Alarms Develop An Official “Groveling Weenie” List?

    Nope, just make a specific Groveling Weenie tag for search capabilities and then create a link to that search tag (and others) in a “new” rapid search menu list on the side bar.

  2. No.

    Composing the List would take to long (even if it only referred to weenies identified here), updating it would be extremely time-consuming, and comprehending it would be extremely depressing.

    A possible compromise would be to add a tag to stories that feature such people (as I now see Steve has just suggested).


  3. I say no.
    It would be a bit like an enemies list, something I oppose on the grounds that no one is irredeemable. (I oppose the death penalty on the same grounds.)
    As noted, it would be a bear to maintain. Initial entries, may not be too challenging, but what of the person who revisits an apology or has occasion to make a 2nd or 3rd and those clearly have no weenieness to them.
    Those who wish to see who has been a weenie need only Google that term plus ethics alarms (both terms in quotes, of course) to generate a lengthy listing. Well, until Google bans Ethics Alarms, that is.

  4. Rather than a list of Weenies, how about a list celebrating the heroes: people who had some backbone and stood up to Cancel Culture and the Wokester crowd?

    If you do create such a list, I officially nominate Bret Weinstein. He was the professor at Evergreen College who refused to leave when the Evergreen “Day of Absence” was changed from voluntary abscence of ethnic minorites to show how much they’d be missed to telling white people to stay away to show what assholes they are.

    “There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and underappreciated roles…. and a group encouraging another group to go away. The first is a forceful call to consciousness, which is, of course, crippling to the logic of oppression. The second is a show of force, and an act of oppression in and of itself.
    — Bret Weinstein, in a message to a campus email list”

    I’ve been listening to his Dark Horse Podcast recently and find it always interesting, intelligent, and provocotive. Highly recommended.

    • Agreed. A weenie is easily dismissed, but seeing examples of people who stood up and persevered is needed to serve as examples of how it should be done.

      Jordan Peterson and Gina Carano come to mind.

    • Nice idea, Jon. I’d put Jack up there. Another nominee: Jordan Peterson (would Canadians be acceptable?). Also Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked Online and free speech guru (oops, he’s British).. I’ll think on it.

    • I am not so fond of considering Bret Weinstein a hero. Remember, he helped create the mob. He spent decades creating the woke identity mob that eventually came for him. True, he did realize in the end that it had gone too far, but he helped create it and he would do it again. He only feels that the problem is that they went too far, not that woke identitarianism is a problem itself.

      I would put Bill Maher and Sarah Silverman on the same list at Weinstein. Maher is now horrified that Beijing Biden is not treating China as an enemy like Trump did. Silverman has left the Democratic Party now that she has been cancelled by wokeness.

      All three of these promoted the very things they now claim are a problem without admitting that they were mistaken all along. They only admit that there is a problem now, now that things have gone too far. But of course they went too far. That was the point all along.

  5. I think the Bolsheviks who are leading this catastrophe need to be identified as Ethics Corrupters. The guy at BU, Tahinishi Coates, Benjamin Crump, Bernie Sanders, all the Justice Democrats (The Squad), Stephen Cohen (the Congressman from Memphis), Bill DeBlasio and his wife, among others, and the intellectuals like Herb Zinn and Noam Chomsky who have been providing the doctrine to the academy and now the media and businesses. I could go on. There’s an organized power play going on. These people are out to break America and remake it so they and their world view and ideas of governance are in control.

    • If you’re right, OB, you may have left out the ground troops (or perhaps the driving force behind the power play). Nancy and Diane for two. But most of the troops are anonymous:The women of #metoo, many of whom tag along after legitimate victims just for the ride with vague stories that don’t hang together; the ones who went after Kavanaugh in public with one lie after another; the “Believe All Women” motto that went too far even for many feminists to swallow but has been taken up by young women who swallow every word that comes out of their female leaders; and the accusers who swear falsely about sexual assault who are courted and counted (but seldom identified) by the social media gossip and in professional journalists’ articles that are never followed up or corrected.

      And still, no one in power has suggested there needs to be a call for witness, evidence of any kind, or some kind of punishment or at least censure for the false accusations.

      . As with Kavanaugh when the woman who came forward about her sketchy sexual assault turned out to have a bestie in high school who never heard a word about the so-called experience nor seen any change in her friend’s behavior, said, in effect, that his accuser (her friend)r had case of teenage passion that was never requited and never changed her plaint nor behavior concerning it (which she would have done if anything had happened). In this and none of the other cases of accusers proven to be lying about “important” people in high places, the story then drifts away.

      What happens when these hot news stories are dropped? It gives women the right to say – as one of my woke friends put it – “if so-and-so wasn’t arrested or charged with false accusations and nothing happened to her, then “she was probably telling the truth all along.” And Kavanaugh as a person is left branded for life, his name anathema beyond the women of the left – in spite of his high position – while women (in general) are further encouraged in their “sisterhood” by careless endings (or gaps in the law) like this– as strong as any brotherhood and gathering up more points every day.

      What happened to the word “SLANDER” and its legal process and ramifications?
      Has anyone heard of any woman apologizing for her false accusations? Ever?
      So the beat(down) goes on ….

      • I think the over all drift of the metoo thing and the campus sexual assault narrative is being run by feminist operatives, mostly academics and public intellectuals. I think people like Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein are just old guard lefties clinging to power. They’re riding a lion that will, if they don’t die or retire or both soon, consume them. They foolishly think there will be a place for collaborators like they are in the new totalitarian state. Or at least their children. They’re wrong.

      • This is all possible because feminism has stated (without proof) that women are just as capable as men, but aren’t capable of handling their emotions. Also women are just as strong as men, but women can’t handle difficulty like men can so need special treatment. This is why women can’t be held liable for slander, they can’t control themselves. Women should get lighter sentences for crime because they can’t control themselves. Women who jump onto sports fields and sexually assault a bunch of people shouldn’t be charged because they can’t control themselves and men are strong enough not to be damaged by sexual assault. Women shouldn’t be questioned about their behavior because they can’t handle ‘shaming’ and they couldn’t control themselves anyway. Women don’t need to provide proof like men because it is too difficult for them. None of this makes any logical sense, but feminists claim that insisting on logic is toxic masculinity and isn’t valid. This is more or less enshrined in law currently and getting it out will be nearly impossible with openly partisan judges the norm.

    • There has always been a group of people who want an unelected elite to run everything. It used to be the nobles and the aristocratic class who held onto power. You have the technocrats. The Democratic Party has always been run by elitists (slaveholders were elitists, the white authorities during Jim Crow were elitists, and your typical Northeastern Liberal is an elitist). Communism is also just thinly veiled elitism. It is sold as equality, but it is equality for the masses in slavery while a hereditary elite runs everything. Communism is more brutally elitist than the aristocracy of the Middle Ages.

      Very few proponents of Communism want to ditch their comfortable upper-class lifestyle to live in a small, cheap apartment with few possessions. There is nothing stopping them from doing that now, actually. That isn’t what they want. They want to force ME to give up MY possessions and property to THEM and report to the low income apartment while they tell everyone what to do from their cushy house driving nice cars. The people pushing Communism are elitist con-artists.

  6. Depends. How much server capacity can you use before WordPress bumps you into a higher category?

    I suggest you use the FICK approach, modified. Pick the FIRST miscreant in each of the following categories…

    Grades K-12
    Professional Sports
    Amateur Sports
    TV News
    Movies,Television and Theater
    Music and Visual Arts
    Local Politics
    National Politics
    International Politics
    Business and Finance
    Poor Bastards Who Got Caught In the Headlights

    …and award new entries an award, like the Fick, depending upon their category. Might be a little more efficient.

  7. To quote Instapundit: You’re gonna need a bigger blog.

    Honestly, I like the idea of listing the ones who stood up to the woke demagogues instead. It would be a shorter list if nothing else.

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