Ethics Test For Your Progressive-Turning-Totalitarian Colleagues, Friends And Relatives

Instagram ban

Ask them about the fact that Instagram is blocking posts including the video showing President Biden falling while boarding Air Force One. Ask them if this is acceptable to them. Ask them how they would have responded if platforms had banned publication of videos of President Trump that fed antagonistic partisan beliefs and attitudes.

If they try to excuse it, rationalize it or justify it, ask them when they abandoned integrity, if they ever had it.

Ask them when they began to support the destruction of our democracy.

Ask them how they became fascists.


anti-Biden memes meme

As with the fact of Biden’s problems themselves, this isn’t a laughing matter.

6 thoughts on “Ethics Test For Your Progressive-Turning-Totalitarian Colleagues, Friends And Relatives

  1. As a result of Biden’s trip upstairs, I suspect that is the last time we will see of him boarding any mode of conveyance, even an elevator.

    I am not going to criticize him for stumbling – that can happen to anyone. He fell. Big deal.

    I am more concerned about this Administration’s anemic response to a Chinese diplomatic team directly and unapologetically telling hus Secretary of State that the US has no right to impose its “wars” and use of force policies on other nations, and that the US should resolve its own him an rights problems before pounding on China for its treat of religious minorities, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the militarization of islands is the South China Sea in violation of international law. So far, the media ignore that.


    • Have you heard about their use of thousands of Falon Gong prisoners as live, non-volunteer organ-donors? Imagine; you have enough money, and you can buy your transplant in a couple of weeks. They’re literally grooming these people to be donors, doing type & cross and other means of matching them to recipients. According to a nurse that left or escaped China, They would bring these people in, strapped down to gourneys, and with no anasthesia, cut out their organs, pluck out their eyes, while they were fully awake. The Falon Gong are the peaceful protestors who were arrested at Tiananmen Square.

      • It is just a different culture. Western Culture has no right to judge others. Western Culture is the worst, most racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic culture the world has ever seen. Western Culture invented and is the sole practitioner of slavery in the world.

        -official progressive narrative

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