Res Ipsa Loquitur: The Unethical Tweet Of The Week

The res ipsa loquitur part is that anyone who would write this, publish this, say this or think this is ignorant, irreponsible. and an idiot, by definition.

What the tweet doesn’t tell you is…

  • Over 22, 000 allegedly educated Americans “loved” the statement. She has 8 million followers on Twitter
  • Handler, a comedian, attended” high school, and otherwise has the deep understanding of law and government of the average grocery store bagger.
  • Hers is increasingly the attitude of the political left in the U.S. toward due process.
  • In 2012, Time named Handler one of the 100 most influential people in the world on their annual Time 100 list.
  • The video Handler refers to does not show Chauvin “killing” Floyd. It does show Floyd in the process of dying while the officer subjects him to a department-approved tactic.  the video does not indicate intent or causation, and “killing” is not a recognized crime in Minnesota or anywhere else.

24 thoughts on “Res Ipsa Loquitur: The Unethical Tweet Of The Week

  1. What really scares me about this: what do those people think the alternative is? Do they really want to make a bold stand for hanging judges and lynch mobs?

  2. I wonder if Ms. Handler would feel the same way about the black teenage male the Henrico County, VA police have charged with the murder of a 13 year old white girl. Handler and those loving her tweet are, in fact, advocating lynching. The volume of up votes suggests that lynching has become an acceptable practice in the 21st century? It appears that due process is a quaint but outmoded concept in today’s global idiocracy.

    • I’ve read several articles this tragedy, and not a single one mentioned the suspect’s race. They haven’t released his photo or name, either. Where did you find out? I noticed they’re saying that there’s no indication that it’s a hate crime. But it’s weird that he would randomly walk up to two girls in the woods that he goes to school with but apparently doesn’t know, and murder one of them.

      • CD
        I used the link above because it initially listed the suspect as a black male. Curiously, that description has been removed from the story. Officers made public the suspects race and and description. I suspect that higher ups wanted to keep that quiet. It is also interesting that the police have stated that it was a hate crime are unfounded and without credibility when he admits he does not know the motive of the shooter. Ruling something out in advance of an investigation is suspicious.

        “Following an extensive manhunt for the suspect connected to the murder of eighth-grader Lucia Bremer, a teen runaway was arrested and identified as the culprit.

        At around 3:15 PM on Saturday, a juvenile was arrested in Henrico County, VA following a manhunt that connected to the fatal shooting of an eighth-grade girl named Lucia Bremer. The suspect, whose name has not been disclosed due to his age, was taken into custody at a home about a half-mile from where the shooting happened and has been charged with second-degree murder.

        According to Fox News, Henrico Police stated, “Detectives worked tirelessly throughout the night to follow up on leads provided by our community partners.” A Saturday release from Henrico police stated that the suspect was a juvenile male brought into custody under petitions for second-degree murder, possession of a firearm by juvenile, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony.

        On Friday afternoon, eighth grade Virginia student Lucia Bremer was shot and killed outside of a home in the Gayton Forest West subdivision of Henrico County. Police said they arrived at the 1900 block of Hickoryridge Road around 4:30 PM, where they found the teenage girl shot. Officers called in multiple resources as they searched for the suspect. Bremer was treated and rushed to a hospital, but was declared dead according to a statement issued by the Henrico County Police Department at 9:30 PM. Officers identified the suspect as “a younger Black male who is 5-feet, 8-inches tall and 125 pounds.”

        The neighborhood in which Bremer died is located directly behind Mills E. Godwin High School in western Henrico County. A football game was scheduled between Godwin and Henrico High Schools that night, but was cancelled after news of the shooting.

        Meagan Cinder, who resides just a few homes down from where the shooting occurred, heard five to eight gunshots and immediately grew concerned. “I ran over there, I didn’t see anybody but there were some yard guys down the street yelling, ‘Gunman, gunman!’ and I was just screaming for my husband to hurry home,” Cinder told 8News. The same source reports that a witness of the shooting was working on a home in the neighborhood when he saw two girls walking on a path that leads to Godwin High School being closely followed by a man. He attempted to administer CPR to Bremer after she was shot multiple times. Cinder also stated, “I know those two little girls. They’re only like 12 years old, they’re not very old at all so it’s just heartbreaking that this would happen. There’s a ton of kids in our neighborhood.”

        Bremer’s family wrote in a Facebook statement that they were “saddened to report that our beloved daughter and joyful farmer, Lucia Whalen Bremer, was killed in a senseless act of gun violence on March 26.” Melanie Phipps, principal of Bremer’s Quioccasin Middle School in Richmond, described Lucia as “funny” and “wise,” adding that she was “heartbroken and devastated” over her killing. Bremer’s English teacher, Mr. David Whitehouse, stated, “In a year of difficult days and weeks, this will be the most difficult of my entire career.”

        As the family and friends of Lucia Bremer mourn her tragic death, the juvenile in suspect has been transported to Henrico County Sheriff’s Office and the incident will continue to be investigated by Henrico County police.”



  3. I think Ms. Handler’s little picture there has a dog sitting next to her. I was going to blame the tweet on the dog – typing that on her phone when she went to the bathroom or to make his dinner or something. But then I realized that dogs are smarter than that.

  4. Time magazine called Handler one of the “100 most influential” people in the world? What population(s) is Time counting? Do citizens of India, China, Russia, just as examples, know and follow her? Just a few billion more than the 8 million Handler claims. So Time’s “world” is terribly small — it is what they make it, regardless of fact.

    This is typical of Time and the news media in general: let’s exaggerate to the point of absurdity: We’ll get some headlines and all those morons out there won’t know or care that we’re lying. (Frankly, I’m surprised that anyone reads Time anymore; I suppose that those readers have the “PP” (pathologically progressive) syndrome. I should buy a copy and see who Time is reduced to getting advertising from…)

    We all know that there is no integrity in the news media; but more important to me is the fact that Handler’s following only proves once again that the Internet has become not the force for knowledge and good as it was envisioned so many decades ago, but a moronic, hateful platform for the worst in our society.

  5. So what Jack do you recommend doing if a cop kneels on your neck, you can’t breathe, and you think you are dying? Saying ‘please’ and appealing for relief clearly wasn’t sufficient? Surely there have to be some changes, at least in police practice?

    • 1. Did you know…the police bodycam footage shows that Floyd was complaining that he couldn’t breathe before he was restrained by the police?

      2. Did you know…the FBI’s interview with the local medical examiner on July 8, 2020 revealed that Floyd was suffering from pulmonary edema, as in “his lungs were full of fluid” because of an underlying heart condition, because Floyd had overdosed on fentanyl, a drug known to affect respiration and cause pulmonary edema?

      3. Did you know…The knee on the neck (not throat!) is a standard Minneapolis police protocol for dealing with persons exhibiting ‘excited delirium,’ a dangerous, often fatal, condition brought about by, among other causes, too much fentanyl?

      4. Did you know…According to the medical examiner, Chauvin did not obstruct Floyd’s airwayand Floyd did not die from strangulation.

      So to answer your question, I’d stop resisting arrest, and quietly get into the squad car.

      It’s not your fault you don’t know these critical details: the news media has gone to great lengths not to report them.

      • Thank you Jack. I knew some of that. Your answer is in effect that you wouldn’t get in that situation (having a cop kneeling on your neck) in the first place. Yes, of course you wouldn’t. Very similar to that old joke about the Irishman being asked for road directions to get to Dublin. “If I were you, I wouldn’t start from here”. Quite unhelpful.

        • If you find yourself in a situation like George Floyd, where you are overdosing on fentanyl you already took, all you can do is hope the overdose doesn’t kill you.

          If you are resisting arrest, and at the point of being manhandled, that’s also a situation where you have past the point of having any control. They don’t have a lot of reason to risk their lives to believe you.

          If both are happening at the same time… You would need a lot of luck.

          It’s not Jack’s fault that sometimes people get themselves in situations they can’t control.

            • As Emily points out, some decision trees have one-way dead ends. Go down one of those, and your fate is no longer in your hands.

              If you jump on a freight train, you are likely to find that the train eventually is going too fast to jump off and survive. At that point, you’re going to wherever the train’s next stop is, regardless of your personal travel itinerary.

        • Maybe say “I surrender?” Seriously, though, does the victim have ZERO responsibility for getting himself into this mess in the first place? Taking a huge dose of fentanyl, passing a counterfeit bill, then resisting arrest are three very bad choices.

  6. I disagree with 2 of your points.

    First, hers is not increasingly the attitude of the political left. It is the attitude of the political left, full stop.

    Second, I think you’re being unfair to grocery store baggers.

    Carry on.

  7. Vigilante justice is the only justice that social justice warriors understand right up to the point of the horde of social justice warriors or the law coming after them then they scream about their rights. I haven’t come across even one social justice warrior that isn’t a hypocritical piece of shit.

  8. So Chelsea believes that video evidence negates the need for the Constitutional right to due process and a jury of one’s peers?

    That’s frightening.

  9. So I guess the idea is that we’ll use YouTube to replace a jury now, whenever the mob thinks the video is dispositive enough? Is the presumption of innocence to become a situational privilege rather than a right? It would seem so, at least in Handler’s eyes.

    That isn’t horrifying at all.

    That anyone with a significant following could seriously suggest this and not be harangued off his/her soapbox is a commentary on our state of civic education, at the very least. I am so old, I can remember a time when the Left fought for fair trials and juries and against lynchings, tainted juries and mob justice.

    But I suppose that to be “Woke” demands we fight injustice not just with more injustice, but with a complete rejection of Western jurisprudence.

    • Following schmollowing. Who cares who follows her? She’s just a wan, low-grade rehash of Joan Rivers’ schtick. She’s actually a very unpleasant human being. Foul-mouthed and not that funny. But very good looking and well-figured, but that doesn’t last indefinitely.

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