The “I Feel A Storm Is Coming” Friday Open Forum

Do you feel it?

Maybe it’s my imagination.

Meanwhile, over at the House of Althouse, the former hostess, now lecturer, is still desperately trying to justify telling all her banned commenters to shut up and pay attention. The Rationalization of the Day yesterday was in the form of a long-email to Ann from someone agreeing with the killing of comments on the grounds that the regular commenters were predictable, and therefore boring. Does Althouse really think that her opinions and choices of topics aren’t usually predictable? How many amateur photos of sunrises do you need to see?

Any silenced Althouse readers are welcome to come to Ethics Alarms and opine, as long as they stick to the main topic, and follow the Comment Policies above.

36 thoughts on “The “I Feel A Storm Is Coming” Friday Open Forum

  1. Althouse has just proven her narcissism, egotism. I think she should retitle her blog “Poor Ann’s Almanack.” (Ben Franklin didn’t have the option of electronic responses, and assumed all his readers would be enlightened, amused, etc.) Althouse is not as clever or erudite as Franklin: hope her readership falters, as it should.

    • Maybe she won’t be garnering many readers any more?

      This reminds me of my emailing with a college friend who can be, as a mutual friend observed, “starchy.” She’d made a comment about something to which I responded in what she deemed to be an inappropriate way and scolded me. My response was essentially, “That’s the thing about having a conversation: we don’t get to dictate how the people we’re talking to will respond to what we say.”

    • E2 wrote, “hope her readership falters, as it should.”

      I’m guessing her traffic has already plummeted due to shutting down comments. If she doesn’t kick her blog post up a notch or two an veer away from her routine short superficial multiple posts per day meant to “inspire” commenters to comment then her readers will simply fade away. The blogging style she has used for years isn’t going to cut it if she doesn’t allow comments, she need her posts to shift to long in-depth thoughtful posts and a lot fewer posts per day.

      • Yeah, her post topics can be boring or eccentric, at least to me, but it was a lot of fun to go through the comments. I’d sometimes just skip over the post itself. She would just post a section of an article without commentary. She probably can’t do that anymore without being goofy. You need to “garner” the readers’ input, if you know what I mean.
        Also read The New Neo blog , and she dedicated a post about Althouse’s comment policy as well, getting positive feedback from the commenters there.

  2. Ann really is shilling this email only system. Honestly I feel like she enjoys the power of it. Especially, cherry picking her emails to suit her argument. I would love to get a look at her visitor numbers of the coming weeks.

  3. Looks like Kamala Harris is getting “her” gun control agenda started, contrasting her statements as a candidate with Sleepy Joe’s on this issue.

  4. The Biden administration has evidently let a contract for nearly a hundred million dollars to Holiday Inn to put up unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. Will the kids be expected to tip the housekeeping staff? Maybe the Biden administration’s immigration policy’s slogan should be “We’ll leave the light on for ya’.”

    Are the 2022 mid-terms going to be the largest defeat ever suffered by a party?

    • “Are the 2022 mid-terms going to be the largest defeat ever suffered by a party?”

      No, because the emergency will either be dragged out until then to justify more mail-in ballots or they will just require mail-in ballots and count on the American people not protesting too much.

      • I should have thought of that. I bet the fences will still be around the Capitol building in 2022. Funny how the paranoid schizophrenic attacking a barricade was recast as an act of insurrection. If all you’re carrying is a hammer, make every problem look like a nail.

    • So, how long before we start seeing reports (in the conservative media only, of course, since the left-wingers will try to cover it up the way they’re suppressing the story of the alleged abuse and neglect of kids being housed in the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio) of kids in these hotels being abused, going missing, conditions deteriorating, etc? Because it’s inevitable; a hotel is not a suitable location for detaining people and maintaining supervision over them. There’s no way they can monitor a bunch of disconnected rooms such that the kids will be safe. Perhaps a hotel could be pressed into service to house families, where the kids’ own parents would be responsible for them, but a bunch of loose kids tossed together into a hotel room with no supervision? What could possibly go wrong?

  5. Lefty ardently desires to push the narrative that, per VP Kamala Harris’ niece Meena Harris’ since deleted tweet: “Violent White Men Are The Greatest Terrorist Threat To Our Country.”

    And while a fact-based Reality indicates otherwise, that doesn’t stop Jeff Bozos’ (sic) WaPo from slobbering the following:

    Did The Boulder Shooting Count As White Male Violence? Depends On How You DEFINE WHITE.

    Perhaps the State Media will provide an assist by crafting a White Islamic Terrorist category ala the Gorge Zimmerman White Hispanic.

  6. I think it may have been noted on here previously, but a reminder wouldn’t hurt: Legal Insurrection has been providing a day-by-day coverage (with video) of the Derik Chauvin (George Floyd) trial. One of the best parts is the detailed commentary by attorney Andrew Branca.
    Unsurprisingly, it’s a different and much more complete picture than we’re getting from the general media. Could be we should start boarding up our storefronts.

    • “Could be we should start boarding up our storefronts.”

      This is a foregone conclusion. Was from the get go. And why the media is actively setting the stage for this… it’s almost like they *want* the riots.

  7. If the storm you are feeling is a conservative backlash in 2022, remember 2 things:

    1) Americans have short memories and the travesties of conduct and law enacted by the faux-mandate democrat regime in spite of holding the narrowest of majorities will be long normalized and forgotten come voting day.

    2) Voting day won’t matter. The Democrats have settled that.

    • I think in regards to voting, the Democrats should change their voting reform law to be more aligned with their values. I think it should be something along the lines of this: everybody living in the US over the age of 18 (citizenship status not important) gets automatically registered to vote. In every federal, state, local election these registered people are an automatic vote for the Democratic candidate, Green if no Dem available. If you you would like to vote otherwise, you have to physically show up and cast a ballot. And to improve efficiency and make it cheaper, the ballot location will be at the county seat. Boom! We will never have voter fraud or the thought of it again, and there will be trust in the system! Nobel prize in Political Science or what?

      • Aleksei wrote, “I think in regards to voting, the Democrats should change their voting reform law to be more aligned with their values.”

        I’m sure you wrote that in all seriousness but I busted a gut laughing when I read it.

        Democrats have values??????????

        If there is one thing that the Democrats have shown us over the last four years it’s that they no longer hold any of their previous values in high regard anymore. Their “values” shift as often as the breeze does now, they are openly hypocritical, they have no problem showing off their double standards, they are intolerant, etc etc.

        Classic liberalism* in the Democratic Party is now just a quaint anecdote of history.

        *liberal: adjective 1. willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas. 2. relating to or denoting a political and social philosophy that promotes individual rights, civil liberties, democracy, and free enterprise.

        To be a true Democrat today you must be a hive minded illiberal political hack.

    • Nah. That kind of doomsaying isn’t warranted. Even with all the rigging, Trump still came amazingly close in the middle of an economic collapse, mass depression and media propaganda. And he already had so many people blindly hating him. Any POTUS would have lost under those conditions, and in a landslide. Yet even with it all, the GOP nearly took back the House. It would have nailed the Senate too, except for Trump’s idiotic “Boycotts the run-offs” nonsense and the Jan. 6 riot.

      The GOP was caught flatfooted on the Democratic elections tricks—not the next time. Meanwhile, the news media;s power weakens by the hour. This is why Joe and Co. are so obviously extreme now—the window is very, very small.

      • It would be fun to see Trump run and win for the House, then get nominated for Speaker as Republicans take control of the House and the Senate in 2022. The Republican controlled Congress would impeach Biden and Harris and Trump, as Speaker, gets to be President.


  8. If Trump was Putin’s cock holster, why is Russia talking up a full scale war with Ukraine and sending troops and equipment to the border. Of course, Putin says it’s just a training exercise. Does the term “emboldening our enemies” have any sort of a ring to it?

    • Remember, the insurrectionists in the Donbass region of Ukraine were immediately supported and backed clandestinely by Russia. That was 2014. Recall the 2012 election when Obama told Putin to just be patient and wait until after his reelection for some leeway.

      Now, that was not a green light by Obama for Putin to undermine Ukraine but it certainly was a nod that he didn’t plan on doing anything about Russian designs. And as it turned out Putin capitalized on the questionable election in Ukraine *and felt unhindered by Western brow beating* and so moved in to undermine Ukrainian territorial sovereignty.

      2016-2020, world dictators oddly toned down their conduct. Certainly they tried in places and engaged in bad acts, but rhetoric by *particular* Western powers was sufficiently brazen enough to keep them in their place. Any of them really tested the waters and they found their lead terror-chiefs turned into vapor on Iraqi tarmacs.

      Now, strangely enough, world dictators are again testing the waters. This is typical behavior with any new administration and will be a test of presidential resolve.

      But I think Putin knows how Biden will act and Putin probably feels pretty confident.

      China is watching.

      So is Iran.

      So is North Korea.

      And many others.

      I’m reasonably confident Biden will fail the test and we’ll have a world slipping a little bit more towards a chaos in which bad actors have outsized influence…all while a geriatric bloc of Western powers pats itself on the back for “engaging in mature diplomacy” and “nuanced geopolitics” and convinces itself that the post-World-War-2 order is still in place.

      And when it backfires…and it will…the poor shlub who follows Biden will have to put the pieces together with actions that the media will no doubt smear as “cowboy adventurism” or “reckless verbiage” or “putting us on the brink of World War 3”.

      What was odd about the years between 2016-2020?

      Beats me. I know we had a President who was smeared as being in the back pocket of the Russians…yet Russian adventures seem to increase during Democrat presidencies.

      That same President was decried as a racist for having concerns about China. Concerns that are interestingly coming to fruition all while there legitimately is a President with links to China that could be described as “being in the back pocket” of them.

      All so strange.

      Ceterum autem, factio democratica esse delenda

        • Iran is not just watching. They’re already back at the negotiating table with their hands out, merrily lying about everything!

      • And I can’t wait for Japan to rise militarily again.* China, your days are numbered. Stupid assholes!

        *Maybe we over here in the land of the burgeoning detention-camps-in-place business can somehow stay on Japan’s side, this time around. Of course, more likely, we’ll be so weak, we’ll have no choice. Arigato, Obama and Biden – in your prison, your guards will be transgendered Russians. They’ll make women out of you in no time.

        • I think Japan’s demographic crisis from not having babies will hamstring it for generations to come.

          It’s an interesting effect – the European bloodletting of 1917-1945 that placed their cultural deficits in the forefront of every European’s mind and the same with Japan from the 30s to 1945, with the follow on laying prostrate of their communities through sheer devastation.

          I wonder if that has contributed to an overall demoralization. And my gut tells me that demoralized societies don’t have babies.

          Of course material comforts beyond human comprehension also tend to encourage the avoidance of having children – another effect seen in modern societies.

      • Insolitus quam sum ad loquendam linguam Latinam, I can’t help feeling that that “esse” is a typo for “est”.

        • Beats me. I don’t speak latin. I merely rely on others. But the following explanation has always struck me as reasonable, even if it is from wikipedia:

          “Ceterum autem censeo Carthaginem esse delendam (“Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed”), often abbreviated to Carthāgō dēlenda est (“Carthage must be destroyed”) or Ceterum censeo, is a Latin oratorical phrase pronounced by Cato the Censor, a politician of the Roman Republic.”

          “The phrase employs delenda, the feminine singular gerundive form of the verb dēlēre (“to destroy”).[1] The gerundive (or future passive participle) delenda is a verbal adjective that may be translated as “to be destroyed”. When combined with a form of the verb esse (“to be”), it adds an element of compulsion or necessity, yielding “is to be destroyed”, or, as it is more commonly rendered, “must be destroyed”. The gerundive delenda functions as a predicative adjective in this construction,[2] which is known as the passive periphrastic.

          The short form of the phrase, Carthago delenda est, is an independent clause. Consequently, the feminine singular subject noun Carthago appears in the nominative case.[3] The verb est[i] functions as a copula—linking the subject noun Carthago to the predicative verbal adjective delenda—and further imports a deontic modality to the clause as a whole.[4] Because delenda is a predicative adjective in relation to the subject noun Carthago, it takes the same number (singular), gender (feminine) and case (nominative) as Carthago.[5]

          The fuller forms Ceterum censeo delendam esse Carthaginem and Ceterum autem censeo delendam esse Carthaginem use the so-called accusative and infinitive construction for the indirect statement. In each of these forms, the verb censeo (“I opine”) sets up the indirect statement delendam esse Carthaginem (“[that] Carthage is to be destroyed”).[6] Carthaginem, the subject of the indirect statement, is in the accusative case; while the verb esse is in its present infinitive form. Delendam is a predicate adjective in relation to the subject noun Carthaginem and thus takes the same number (singular); gender (feminine); and case (accusative) as Carthaginem.[7]”

          “No ancient source gives the phrase exactly as it is usually quoted in modern times (Carthago delenda est). Its current form was made by English and French scholars at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, while German scholars have used the longer “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse”.[19] Ancient authors quote the phrase as follow:

          Plutarch, in his biography of Cato in the Parallel Lives, written in Greek: “δοκεῖ δέ μοι καὶ Καρχηδόνα μὴ εἶναι.”[11]
          Pliny the Elder, in his Natural History: “[Cato] clamaret omni senatu Carthaginem delendam.”[20]
          Aurelius Victor in his De Viris Illustribus: “Carthaginem delendam censuit.”[21]
          Florus, in his Epitome of Livy: “Cato inexpiabili odio delendam esse Carthaginem … pronunciabat.”[22]”

  9. I’ve been threatening to do this for years, and part of the reason why I didn’t was that I just didn’t have the time, and part was that I had (and have) no freaking clue how some of these sites work.

    However, one of my friends pointed me towards substack, and I have to admit…. It’s pretty easy to work with. And so I am now, officially…. At least until I get bored of it, Blogging.

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