Unethical Quote Of The Month (And A Candidate For Ugliest Statement By An Elected Official For All Eternity): Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

“Thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice. For being there to call out to your mom — how heartbreaking was that? — to call out for your mom, ‘I can’t breathe.’” But because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.”

Nancy Pelosi, apparently trying to kill as many people as possible by making their heads explode.

I know I promised to save all of today’s Derek Chauvin verdict-related notes for Part 2 of this morning’s post, but the sheer awfulness of Pelosi’s words, the astounding tone-deafness, the massive stupidity it must require to think for a millisecond that such a sentiment is anything but revolting, and the ick!–yecchh!–gag!–ACK!–pitui! pandering and shamelessness a human being would have to possess to vomit up such a statement demands a free-standing rebuke.

Those flames are for you, Nancy.

Apparently enough people on the “Let’s hang Derek Chauvin from a sour apples tree!” side of the matter were similarly horrified by Pelosi’s latest that we cannot say that her quote fairly stands for the moral, ethical and intellectual rot of the entire Democratic Party and progressive movement. That’s small mitigation. This woman has been leading the Democrats forever (or it seems that way), and such a sentiment is signature significance. If you think something like this, never mind say it out loud, never mind say if for for public consumption, you are not qualified to hold public office. For years we have seen public figures, professionals and celebrities cancelled for less. Much less.

And if you’re capable of saying something this stupid, you’re not qualified to eat with anything sharper than a spoon.

To begin with the obvious, it isn’t a sacrifice when someone has no choice in what happens to him or her. Way, way down the scale of those who cannot be thanked for a sacrifice are those who are victims of crimes or the negligent acts of others.

Oh, thank-you, Charles Lindbergh Jr., for being kidnapped and having your skull cracked open so Congress could make kidnapping the federal crime it needed to be! And thank-you, Thalidomide victims! Your deformed limbs forced the FDA to tighten it’s drug standards! A huge call-out of thanks to you, little Adam Walsh, for having your head cut off after being sexually molested, so your father could launch his campaign to improve our missing children procedures! And thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, 9-11 victims, for opening our eyes to the dangers of Islamic terrorism!

Add to the offensive notion of sacrifice Pelosi’s self-revelation of her unethical, coarse and self-serving attitude. George Floyd isn’t a human being to her, he’s convenient cannon fodder in the culture wars. She has given us a retroactive violation of Kant’s Categorical Imperative never to use another human being as a means to an end. Thank goodness he died under a cop’s unyielding knee, she is telling us. It was just what we needed. This was great!

The part about calling out to his mother and “I can’t breathe” should ticket Pelosi for some particularly sulfurous section of Hell, since she brought up “justice.”

Oh, thank-you, Kitty Genovese, for screaming loudly enough that night when the life was being slaughtered out of you so we could shame bystanders ever more!

When you think of it, why does Pelosi stop with thanking George Floyd for dying? Surely Derek Chauvin deserves thanks: look at what he sacrificed—his job, his career, his freedom! And what about the drug dealer who sold Floyd the fentanyl that helped kill him? What about all the drug-dealers and criminals in Floyd’s life that led him to that day and his ugly fate? Come on, Nancy, be fair! They all deserve your thanks—all of their efforts, actions and sacrifices gifted you and your ilk with political capital and facilitated your demagoguery! That’s all that really matters!

Nancy Pelosi left no doubt that she’s glad George Floyd is dead, and really grateful for the way he died. That’s the kind of person she is. A lot of us knew that already; maybe a few more will finally figure it out now.

17 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month (And A Candidate For Ugliest Statement By An Elected Official For All Eternity): Speaker Of The House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

  1. And thank you Wuhan virus for sickening and killing all these people so we can spend untold trillions of young taxpayers’ dollars on paying off our loyal voters and political allies so I can keep my fridge stocked with ice cream!

    • In the first few weeks of my working at the big firm I started with in Phoenix in 1981, I was taken out to lunch in a group to a Mexican restaurant (owned and operated by Greeks, of course) located in what was previously the bar in which the noble, self-sacrificing Ernesto had been stabbed to death, doubtless without proper warning, in a knife fight.

  2. And what pray tell did the octogenerians who have been in DC for generations, one of whom led the charge to rid the streets of the likes if George Floyd, do in all their years making laws do to promote justice?

    Pelosi is a sociopathic scumbag.

  3. So, words mean what the democrats purpose them to achieve for themselves, and any word with a particular meaning are only temporarily on loan to the non-useful deplorables. Did I get that correct? I can’t decide which is worse – her use of words contrary to their meanings or working with university educated people who do not make any distinction between singular/plural, past/present and use of the same pronoun to refer to every specific object and topic in the course of their business communications.

  4. Perhaps you can add a Daffy Duck clip. “You’re despicable”. I’ve never been so unhappy with the overall lack of tact with our DC “leaders” to actual non elected citizens, and that says something, considering the last 10+ years of appalling behavior in DC.

  5. Was she high? Seriously, she gave a statement on 4/20, where she was the only one in the camera frame wearing sunglasses. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were as baked as a butter tart.

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