Observations And Questions About The Weirdest Political Photo Ever…

Carters and Bidens

Once again I have to say, “I don’t understand this AT ALL.”

The photo didn’t come from the Babylon Bee, it came from the Carter Center, which was not hacked. The place really did send out this ridiculous photo that makes Joe Biden look like Andre the Giant, Rosalynn Carter look like Lily Tomlin playing “Edith Ann” on “Laugh-in,” Dr. Biden look like she’s remaking “Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman” and the former President look like Dorf.

1. What idiot at the Carter Center didn’t pick up on the fact that the photo made the Center’s scions look like dolls? How hard is that? Is this fool still employed? Does he or she secretly hate the Carters? “We’re pleased to share this wonderful photo from the @POTUS and @FLOTUS visit to see the Carters in Plains, Ga.!” the Center’s tweet said. “Wonderful”? It’s an incompetent photo.

2. What allged photographer took that monstrosity? Who approved and released it? Who are these incompetent employees?

3. No masks? No masks inside within inches of two high risk seniors in their Nineties?

4. This may be even weirder than the photo: Democrat hack journalist and pundit Jonathan Alter and Washington Post reporter Teo Armus actually tried to rationalize the fiasco as if there can be any excuse for the distortion other than rank ineptitude by multiple parties.

Armus begins, embarrassingly, “On first glance, the photograph seems typical enough.” What? WHAT??? At first glance, the photo looks like a shot from “Dr. Cyclops”! Then Teo turns it over to Alter, who wrote a fawning bio of Jimmy. Believe it or not, Alter tries to explain the photo by saying that the Carters “aren’t tiny people, but they are in the medium-to-smaller size among presidents and first ladies” and “when you’re very old, you shrink.”

Yeah, Jonathan, I’m sure that’s why Jimmy looks like Tattoo on “Fantasy Island.”

It gets worse:

Another factor in the optics of the photo, perhaps, is Carter’s slim build, Alter said. The former president regularly ran long distances while living in the White House, learned to ski in his 60s, and — even well into his 90s — traveled to exotic locales like Siberia for fly-fishing trips. He was also a skilled carpenter who crafted many pieces of wooden furniture, including the round coffee table on display in the image.

How hard is to just come out and say that a succession of boobs connected to President Biden and the Carter Center screwed up wildly and made both the Carters and Bidens look ludicrous?

Too hard, apparently…

26 thoughts on “Observations And Questions About The Weirdest Political Photo Ever…

  1. I don’t know how being a “skilled carpenter” explains a photo that makes the Carters look like JibJab cartoons…

  2. And where are all the fussy gay fashionistas to mock Dr. Jill’s dress? I’m still assuming this is computer generated and the visit really did not in fact occur. This silly “everything about Biden is perfect” is simply the obverse of “Trump’s irredeemably terrible.”

    • Please…a few weeks post Inauguration, Jill was in half the newspapers and net articles because she wore a ponytail with a scrunchie. Ooooh, ahhhhh, life changing! (They were seriously gushing over her amazing real-ness, how she was so darling and “just like us!”) I was like-did y’all see our former FLOTUS? She looked, dressed, and acted like a goddess. It was so ridiculous that they constantly raked Melania over the coals in every way because they hated President Trump so much, and ignored her beauty, style, grace, and actual class & intelligence.

  3. You’ll be SO shocked to find that each person in the photo, when googled, has “height” come up first in conjunction with their names, cause clearly everyone wanted to make sure that the Carters weren’t Lilliputians and that the Bidens weren’t Gullivers. LOL.
    Rosalynn & Jimmy were 5’5 & 5’10, respectively, which means both were above average height. Even w/age-related shrinking, they’d still be normal-sized. And Joe n Jill? 6’0 and 5’6. And at 78 & 69, they’ve probably experienced some “shrinkage” themselves.

    Forced perspective photography brought to a new…high? Low? In this case, both. It’s just silly. And while I definitely had a good laugh (at the pic AND your hilarious commentary), I think everyone involved in the production of it should be “canceled”.

  4. “3. No masks? No masks inside within inches of two high risk seniors in their Nineties?”
    I assume that both the Bidens and the Carters have been vaccinated. If so then is there any need for social distancing any more?

    • I agree wholeheartedly.

      Except that President Biden, despite being vaccinated, has repeatedly worn a mask in the oddest places, such as outdoors or on a Zoom call (presumably, everyone in the room with him while the Zoom call is being held has been vaccinated, as well. If not, why?).

      We are told that he’s being a good example because, after all, despite the vaccination, we all still have to social distance and wear masks until or unless we don’t have to wear masks or social distance or social distance less feet than before or just ignore what the CDC said yesterday and just do what we’ve been doing for the last year because of Terror.

      So, with that understanding, wouldn’t it have been great to have the Bidens and the Carters give us all a consistent Administration message by wearing masks and social distancing?

      But they can’t do that because they wanted a cute photo of the Bidens and the Carters together even if it quite frankly looks like they weren’t together at all and someone poorly photoshopped the Bidens into the photo. Messaging be d***** here.

      • Great response, Anna Marie. Yes, according to St. Anthony of Fauci will will be wearing masks at all times for the rest of our days. And we will like it.

      • A.M. wrote,

        “We are told that he’s being a good example because, after all, despite the vaccination, we all still have to social distance and wear masks until or unless we don’t have to wear masks or social distance or social distance less feet than before or just ignore what the CDC said yesterday and just do what we’ve been doing for the last year because of Terror.”

        Well, that’s a lot to wrap one’s Dr. Pepper-deprived mind around.


        • I have a giant peanut butter cup cookie in me now and still don’t know what I just wrote. Either I’m insane or the CDC’s guidelines are like that Fizzbin game Captain Kirk tried to teach the gangsters on that Chicago mobster episode of “Star Trek”.

  5. They are both Christians, right?
    The photo offers a new spin on the biblical idea of “He must increase, but I must decrease”.

  6. The whole thing looks Photoshopped to me. It (the photo) means nothing to me. I don’t trust any of the persons allegedly depicted there any further (or farther) than I could throw all their attendant Secret Service staff. Joe’s wearing of a mask outdoors religiously, yet allegedly kneeling within 3 feet of Ms. Carter, indoors, without wearing a mask, merely further illustrates the absurdity of his illegitimate (and frankly, literally) fraudulent presidency. They may as well be showing Kamala Harris kneeling next to a propped-in-a-chair, unwrapped mummy of Willie Brown. I reckon that when he died, thanks to Kamala, the embalmers couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face.

  7. I’m not competent to comment on Dr. Jill’s attire, but the President’s bright blue suit is an offense to reason, and presidential dignity. At least someone found him a tie to match. Clearly he and Dr. Jill were trying to dress in University of Delaware colors (where they both went to school), but that seems entirely juvenile for a President and First Lady. It’s the kind of think you’d expect from Bill Clinton, though, so… Jimmy could teach Joe a few thinks about men’s wear, I think.

    Regarding the photo, I agree it is incompetent. It is distracting, making you ask a bunch of “Why is…?” questions instead of admiring two Democrat presidents enjoying a moment. If anyone looks at a picture like this and doesn’t say “How nice!”, the photographer has failed spectacularly.

    Also, I’m sure there was more than one take — there always is in cases like this. And you’re telling me they chose this one? I hate to see what the others looked like.

    • Didn’t the Air Force dress in bright blue suits like Joe’s? Back in the ‘fifties? “Off we go, into the wild blue younder blue?

  8. Another “Why is…?”
    Why is the cabinet door open? More sloppiness or is it covering a picture? Maybe of Jesus? Billy? Of (the horror) the Constitution? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. One of my friends who has written books on photography says, “the photographer used a wide angle lens and the photo was very poorly framed.” He pointed to the odd angles of the picture frames on the walls as additional evidence of the wide angle lens distortion. The Bidens being on the outer edges of the photo further exaggerated the effect.

  10. I saw this photo briefly and wondered why someone created creepy dolls of the President and Nancy Pelosi for the Bidens to pose with….

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