Unethical Tweet Of The Month: David Hogg

Hogg tweet2

This is so evidently a case of res ipsa loquitur that I probably shouldn’t comment on it. It is also signature significance: no one but a bigoted and arrogant child would think this way, much less announce such a mindset in public.

Hogg, an unwounded victim of the Parkland shooting tragedy, was willingly exploited as a mouthpiece for anti-gun/NRA/Second Amendment fanatics for more than a year. CNN built a “town hall” and a rigged debate around him with Don Lemon as his cheerleader. Despite a sub-adult biological age and a sub-teen emotional age while suffering the after-effects of a terrible experience, Hogg was held up as a respectable authority on matters he knew little to nothing about. Harvard even accepted him into its freshman class based on his political posturing alone.

In the tweet, he reveals the shallowness of his reasoning and the irrationality of his ideological certitude. We shouldn’t need the tweet, based on what we’ve heard from Hogg already, but some people sufficiently addled by “Think of the children!” need a bit more proof.

Incidentally, I have felt the need not to wear a mask outside since the very beginning of Pandemic Panic so that intelligent people wouldn’t think I am a gullible, submissive fool.

20 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month: David Hogg

  1. Hogg’s is a sentiment I suspect shared by many, many lefties of all ages.

    I’ve never even considered wearing a mask out of doors. Preposterous.

  2. That statement from David Hogg is truly rooted pure unbridled bigotry. It’s people just like Hogg that will actively persecute those they disagree with politically, he’s an immoral political hack.

  3. I have breathing issues, so wearing the mask means I start getting dizzy and I can’t get the vaccine for other medical reasons yet. So wearing the mask means absolutely nothing about my beliefs, kid. (it could even be becoming a fetish for some people for all I know) I’d rather get a virus a 2nd or 3rd time than live in masks forever.

  4. I tried to stir the pot a bit on FB by wondering what was the science behind the most recent ‘rules’ — that fully vaccinated did not need to wear a mask indoors, in a large crowd or small, such as, for example, a crowded bar, while fully vaccinated did have to wear a mask on commercial flights. Among my FB friends, those leaning most leftward did not respond at all. One thoughtful person did engage in some back and forth, trying (unsuccessfully) to come up with some science to back up the CDC. We finally came down to the fact that enforcement was possible on flights since the enforcers are always on site, unlike bars. So, social science vs. police science, I guess, certainly not medical science. The best response I got was, tongue in cheek, “Just do what you’re told and don’t ask questions.”

    • Policy is never “just science”. Science can tell you what the risks and rewards are, but they can’t tell you what level of risk is tolerable and for what purpose. These are value judgements. So when somebody tries to tell you their preferred policy is strictly science, it’s always because either:

      1) They don’t want to think too hard about their unstated premises and values; or

      2) They don’t want you to think too hard about the same.

    • The difference is confined space and recirculated air. One unmasked infected person over the course of several hours could cause break through infections all over the plane. Even in a crowded bar, the air is fresher than on a plane.

      There is also an inherent acceptance of risk when you enter a crowded bar. Going to the bar is a purely elect act. Air travel, people have varying degrees of necessity and limit choices. Someone who must travel is at the mercy of whoever else boards that same plane. (So are people who go to a bar; but rare is it that you must go to a bar.)

  5. I can forgive David Hogg for publishing stupid opinions because he is, and always has been, just a dumb kid. The anti-gun media has tried to sell the notion that he’s some kind of sage or authority, and he can be forgiven for believing it himself because, as always, he’s just a dumb kid.

    But I do not forgive the media for promulgating their lie, nor Harvard for humoring them.

  6. So David Hogg, rather than judge a person by the content of his/her character or a discussion of her/his ideology, is instead choosing to judge a person by some pre-determined external visual queue.

    Do I need to go further?

    • Hogg said nothing about his personal judgement (although his obtuse opinion shows little wise judgment). Rather, he has little faith in other people, and would rather inconvenience himself than risk judgement by others.

      His opinion of humanity and other liberals is actually quite sad and unwittingly revealing; liberals live in constant fear of being cancelled by each other. It rather dystopian.

      • But he is effectively making a judgement about people based strictly on a visual queue. Yes, he is (stupidly) fearful of some backlash, but the conclusion is the same. People who don’t wear masks outside are (or should be) considered conservative in their thinking, and therefore, targeted for ridicule.

        I see little difference between this and stereotyping how minorities should think based on their skin color or how someone should act based on whether or not he/she is wearing the Star of David.

        Again, the Left almost ALWAYS engages in the behaviors it accuses the Right of doing.

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