Comment Of The Day: “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 5/20/21: Happy Birthday, John Stuart Mill!” [Item#5]

As I was gagging through the previous post about Mayor Lightfoot’s astounding “defense” of her deliberate discrimination against reporters of not enough color, I realized that Humble Talent’s comment deserves COTD status. One reason is that it made me realize something I never had quite focused on before.

The section of this morning’s warm-up Humble commented upon was the Alexandria Little League’s decision that baseball coaches needed to be indoctrinated into the Church of Woke’s virtue of diversity. Humble’s account of a “social audit” in his workplace revealed that his organization got black marks for not having sufficient numbers of gay—the auditors thought none—members.

I don’t know why this never occurred to me before, but prohibiting organizations and employer from discriminating against LGBTQ people is completely separate from insisting such individuals be represented in some statistically determined level to show diversity. Why? Becasue an organization cannot and should not seek to learn an individual’s sexual identity or proclivities—it’s literally none of their business. The idea that gay Americans have unique views and perspectives that distinguish them from more traditionally sexed individuals is blatant stereotyping, and in my somewhat extensive experience just plain wrong, except perhaps in the narrow field of LGNTQ politics, and maybe not even there.

Is the lesson of HT’s’ social audit that gay applicants for a job must be openly, ostentatiously gay or there will be no “diversity” benefit in hiring them? That makes no sense at all, but it appears that this is what diversity bean-counting requires. If an employee doesn’t set himself apart by acting like “Johnny” (the late Stephen Stucker) in “Airplane!,” he doesn’t help the diversity score.

Here is Humble Talent’s Comment of the Day on item #5 in “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 5/20/21: Happy Birthday, John Stuart Mill!”

I’m going through something similar. Once of the organizations I belong to was being pressured by a partner organization to conduct a “social audit”. And I know that the people conducting these things are well meaning…. but my God that’s a horrible name.

Anyway, the audit came at no cost to us, and the results were non-binding. We told them to have fun, and then we had fun reading it. The audit came back, and it was a result in search of a datapoint. We needed to be more diverse. How much more diverse? More. We asked for clarity, the auditors had none to give. Our organization happened to be 50/50 men and women, which we were kind of surprised at… No one ever actually took the time to do the ratio. And we fully encapsulated the diversity of our community: We are 100% white in a town that has a single Asian family operating a restaurant and maybe a half dozen other ethnicities represented by a single family each. While we obviously wouldn’t stop any of them from applying or participating… An audit specifically asking that we hire one of 18 people in a town of about 5000 hits me as fundamentally unserious. We also got dinged because our group didn’t have any LGBT representation, and there was this funny moment when a couple people that knew me looked at me, and I said: “What? Don’t look at me, nobody asked, what am I supposed to do? Dye my hair and lisp?”.

The people running these things don’t care. They don’t care about the people. They don’t care about proportionality. They don’t care about the truth. They are whiney toddlers screaming at the adults around them for more sweets. They don’t care what kind of sugar, they have no end goal in mind, they just know they taste good, and they want more.

4 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 5/20/21: Happy Birthday, John Stuart Mill!” [Item#5]

    • It’s funny, I’ve spent time in every province except Quebec and New Brunswick, and I’ve never met someone with that accent. Oh, sure, we say “Eh?”, and Newfies damn near speak in auctioneer-ese. But I’ve never heard “hoser” outside of SNL, and I associate that whole “don’t’cha know”/”aboot” kinda accent more with Minnesota than Canada.

      But to answer your question…. No, the plan is to mostly ignore it. They had some interesting ideas about social media that we might incorporate, but we wouldn’t have agreed to it if we couldn’t ignore most of it. We had an inkling what was coming.

    • I dislike gimmicks like this. That’s not an LGBTQ set, that’s an LGBTQ Activist set. Just like saying a set with a couple of black people eating watermelon outside a KFC was an African American set, a set consisting of nothing but rainbow iconology to represent gay people borders offensive. It’s not representation, it’s stereotyping.

      “BuT wE wAnT tO sHoW sUpPoRt”

      Spare me. First off, that’s not your job. Second off… You aren’t supporting gay people. You’re performing at gay activists. Most gay people get up in the morning, itch themselves, throw on some clothes and go to a workplace full of people who neither know now care about who they spend their nights with. The people who take it upon themselves to take on the persona of a dancing fairy don’t represent us. I don’t think there’s a way for a company like Lego to actually support gay people specifically, and perhaps it’s better if they ought not try and stick to making precision plastic blocks.

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