The Rest Of The Story, From The Ethics Alarms “What An Idiot!” Files: Mayor Lighfoot’s Justification For Her Racial Discrimination

That was Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “defense” of her action yesterday announcing that she would only do interviews with black and other non-white colored reporters. Once again, I am tempted to leave this letter from Chicago Mayor Lightfoot free of any further commentary from me, since what makes it not just unethical but a stunning demonstration of so many other deficits on her part should be screamingly, stenchingly, head-explodingly obvious. Maybe I should, in my respect for readers here who I assume can recognize the trail of a toxic dolt when they see one, just let what is res ipsa loquitur “speak for itself.” I feel like the Duke, trying to stay calm when provoked in “McClintock!” and reaching the same moment of surrender:

All right, I’ll try to keep my reactions under control…

  • The ethics dunce here isn’t the Mayor. It’s ethics dunces plural, and all of the Chicago voters who irresponsibly handed power to an incompetent, deluded fool. No wonder their city is such a deadly, non-functional mess.
  • A leader who feels the need to celebrate her own inauguration, no matter how she does it, is a narcissist that doesn’t comprehend her job. What should matter is what matters to mature, rational members of the public: not her color or sexual orientation, but rather her success at serving the public’s needs, regardless of their gender, color, political orientation or ethnicity. . By evidence of this moronic letter, the Mayor announces that she believes group identification alone is enough to make her tenure in office worth celebrating. It’s not. If fact, the letter proves her tenure shouldn’t be celebrated at all.
  • I would ask the Mayor if she is ever “struck” by the overwhelming blackness of the Chicago Bulls. It is that way, presumably, because the purpose of a basketball team is to win basketball games, not meet EEOC quotas, and the team based its roster on skill, not color. Journalists are hired (not that their performance in recent years would show it) based on their demonstrated skill at reporting. The color of journalists should not have anything to do with their hiring, and if it does, someone is breaking the law.
  • It is per se cretinism and hypocrisy to argue that engaging in racial discrimination is an ethical approach to achieving “diversity,” but that is exactly what Lightfoot has engaged in. She is punishing white reporters for being white. That’s bigotry and racial discrimination, unfair and unjustifiable, and she apparently not only doesn’t realize it, she thinks its the right thing to do.
  • Her letter directly endorses the presumed racism that so many black elected officials and their defenders in the news media and Democratic party use as a default defense to any criticism. She believes has been criticized because she is black, and white reporters, like all whites, are inherent racists. Au contraire: A white mayor as arrogant and inept as Lightfoot would be run out of town.
  • If as she says, and I’m sure it is, Lightfoot being a self-proclaimed race-obsessed idiot and all, she really believes that the first priority, the “north star,” of her administration is enforced diversity, this is an admission that she doesn’t understand her job, why she was elected, and public service itself.
  • Here is my challenge to any reporters of color the various news organization hire in response to Lightfoot’s racist grandstanding: if you can’t write a coherent explanation of what’s wrong with Lightfoot’s reasoning, ethics, and conduct, then you aren’t qualified for your job.
  • This might be the most irresponsible, incompetent official statement by a big city mayor I have ever read, or dreamed about in my worst nightmares. Ironically, it shows what the likely result is when someone is put in a job “to break barriers” rather than because they have the ability to do the job well.

11 thoughts on “The Rest Of The Story, From The Ethics Alarms “What An Idiot!” Files: Mayor Lighfoot’s Justification For Her Racial Discrimination

  1. Given that Lightfoot is a self-identified lesbian (with a “wife” and children), it would seem even more consistent with her above-described position were she (pronoun?) to also exclude interviews with other than BIPOC who are also LGBT. Just trying to make sure I understand what platform this train is leaving from.

  2. Her letter is straight, un-adulterated anti-racism. It’s right off the shelf. She’ll be praised for writing the letter. She could be any college president or chief diversity officer. She’ll be praised for so elegantly articulating her role as an anti-racist. And what’s more, she’s a lesbian! So she’s unassailably superior in that regard as well. She’s probably going to be a Senator soon.

    • Au contraire. They’ll just nod and say she’s right! America is racist and the only antidote is more racism until the debt has been paid. She’s preaching to the choir. And the choir’s response is “Preach it, Sister!”

  3. So: Lightfoot champions “diversity and inclusion” by…championing tribalism and EXclusion.

    How transparently, self-congratulatorily…no, make that: How OPAQUELY, odiously, impenetrably, unassailably, unaccountably, self-righteously, repulsively, revoltingly, obviously, irrefutably, inexcusably, reprehensibly, narcissistically, RACISTly, SEXistly Caucaphobic, misandrist, STUPID and pseudo-egalitarianistically BULLSHITFUL can an electorally affirmed incompetent be?

    • I deliberately left out a couple of adjectives in my question above. Like the leading, “…egomaniacally,…” and the trailing “…and MIND-FUCKED…”

    • So who settled this country??? A bunch of courageous white men… They are expendable, and unworthy of recognition or respect ??

  4. So, to this is where we’ve come?

    What is the population percentage of Chicago and the nation of blacks, Hispanics, LGTBs?

    The Founders expressed concern about the power of minorities, and we are certainly seeing that here, now. But if the overall popualtion is held hostage by minority interests, where is the democracy? One can disparage the majority (1939 Germans, e.g.) but at some point the electorate needs to rear up its head and vote smartly, NOT put in office a bunch of sloan-slinging idiots who don’t even know the Constitution. When will that happen?

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