This Is IT! In Charlottesville, Va.’s Schools, The Apotheosis Of The Great Stupid!

Lake Wobegon

This would be funny, if it were not so ominous. In fact, it already was funny, many years ago when monologist/author Garrison Keillor (now cancelled for alleged sexual harassment: he doesn’t exist any more) introduced the fictional Minnesota community where so many of his shaggy dog stories were set, with “Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average!” [Laughter from the NPR audience.] All but the most dim-witted could get the joke in the last part, for it is impossible for everyone in any group to be above average.

Ah, but that was before The Great Stupid spread over the land like one of the Egyptian plagues in the Bible. Neither irony nor logic flickered in the brains of the Charlottesville, Virginia’s school board, which is patting itself on its mass back for the achievement of identifying 86% of its students as “gifted.” This qualifies those brilliant students for the system’s special, theoretically challenging, gifted classes.

The revelation was made during a Charlottesville school board meeting last week, and the members were thrilled. This was, obviously, impressive progress. Of course, one doesn’t have to be gifted to figure out what’s going on here. As in the memorable past cases of Washington D.C.’s rogue mayor Marion Barry telling the media that D.C.’s crime rate was pretty low as long as you didn’t count all the murders, and rogue President of the United States Bill Clinton explaining that he did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, because oral sex isn’t sex, Charlottesville is adopting the now epidemic Rationalization #64, Yoo’s Rationalization or “It isn’t what it is.”

We had seen many signs that this was coming, notably in the efforts of New York city’s communist mayor, Bill de Blasio, to change the admission standards of the New York City’s elite specialized high schools because not enough minority students (except for Asian-Americans of course) were getting in. It is also an extension—heh, I almost said “logical extension”!—of the woke fundamentalist article of faith that skin color itself should be considered a qualification on par with, indeed above, such characteristics as skill, knowledge, achievements, experience, character and intelligence—thus resulting in Kamala Harris becoming Vice-President of the United States.

The hilarious Charlotttesville “gifted” program, however, is perfect. It is the ultimate expression of The Great Stupid, which, as you should know, is the byproduct of The George Floyd Ethics Train Wreck, Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory combined with frenzied virtue-signaling, the expansion of the term “racism” to include anything and everything that does not work to the advantage of someone “of color,” rhetorical legerdemain weaponizing such terms as “diversity”, “inclusiveness” and “antiracism,” and most important of all, the passive, craven submissiveness of those who know exactly how wrong and destructive all of this is, but who don’t have the guts to oppose it.

The statements coming out of Charlottesville are wonderful, and by that I mean wonderfully idiotic. Historically, less than one-fifth of students have been part of the gifted program. In 2018, white students made up 73% of the gifted program while representing 43% of the division overall in the 2018-19 school year. This was unacceptable, said Beverly Catlin, the division’s gifted coordinator (but obviously not a gifted gifted coordinator unless one uses Charlottesville’s definition of “gifted,” which means “maybe not too far below average ability) made clear in her remarks.

“For our first year of implementation … an inclusive identification process has helped us make great strides in having an equitable representation of students identified as gifted,” she said. It is indicative of the power of the Great Stupid that nobody stood up and screamed, “But you don’t make children gifted by calling them gifted! What’s the matter with you people?’ Or as Dana put it in “Poltergeist”:

But nobody did. Because, you see, that would mean they were racist.

There is a tipping point, presumably, where a critical mass of the American public will see such absurdities, wake up, realize what’s happening, and finally be responsible. That’s why I welcome the Charlottesville episode, a crystallization of woke insanity. It would help us reach this tipping point if most news organizations wouldn’t hide such incidents in the hope that public won’t find out just how crazy the Left has become. But the tipping point is coming.

Do I really have to tick off how this “gifted program” is unethical? Oh, all right: it’s dishonest, incompetent, irresponsible, unfair and cowardly—cowardly, because if you want to eliminate the gifted program, you eliminate the gifted program. Deciding to call almost every student “gifted’ is a silly dodge to avoid being transparent…unless, of course, you really believe that calling a child gifted makes that child gifted.


Pointer: Dr. Emilio Lizardo

24 thoughts on “This Is IT! In Charlottesville, Va.’s Schools, The Apotheosis Of The Great Stupid!

  1. I sincerely hope they are simply lowering standards in this school system. It can be really demoralizing to a student to be in over his or her head. I am going to assume they will all be named co-valedictorians, so everybody should be just fine.

  2. I think that calling this the apotheosis of the Great Stupid is premature. I fear that we have not yet plumbed the depths (or climbed the heights, if you prefer) to which the Great Stupid can go.

    • I agree. I think there is going to have to be a monumental event occur which shakes the population to the core to stop this. It’s going to have to be something the media can’t ignore.

      • How’s this? Affirmative action graduates take over the quality control department at Boeing. It will be staffed be equity-based personnel. Doing things right will be shown to be just another indicator of White Privilege.

        • Those will be long-term consequences, no doubt, but it will take time to demonstrate the correlation between standard-lowering engineering departments and terrible plane crashes. There will be debates over what caused the crashes and whether it’s really the fault of unqualified engineers.

          What I’m thinking of is along the lines of a mass killing, terrorist attack or assassination. What would happen if a black suspect waving a knife or gun around ends up killing a good number of people because a white cop fearing the mob failed to take him down?

  3. It should be obvious that more equity work is needed in Charlottesville public schools. With only 86% gifted and a less than perfect match-up of numbers by skin color, no one should be happy with the results. Even the coordinator of the gifted program said, “I still think we’re at a start.” With that insight, she should delay her retirement to finish what she has started.
    Probably, the standards in place are a tiny bit rigorous and therefore discriminatory. The program automatically identifies students as gifted “if they respond to core instruction in a general education classroom setting and participate in assessments based on grade-level standards … .” Well, that’s just too much. How can they expect all students to respond to core instruction or participate in assessments?
    My suggested improvement is identify students as gifted. You’re a student? You’re gifted! Bingo! 100% gifted. Perfect alignment with skin color numbers. Take that, Keillor and all you under-achieving Minnesotans.

  4. Speaking of quotations, this whole “equity” thing and The Great Stupid ultimately reminds me of my dear mother’s telling me more than once when I was a young, righteous, junior lefty, “The poor will always be with us, Bill.” Which drove me around the bend, of course. But I think it’s as close to an immutable truth as we can get. I think it is from the New Testament.

  5. “President of the United States Bill Clinton explaining that he did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky, because oral sex isn’t sex.”

    Well, to be fair to Bill, it wasn’t really clear who he was referring to when he said “that woman”. For all we know, he could have been talking about a woman he actually hadn’t been having sex with, I mean, C’mon guys… He could have been talking about Hillary.

    • HT, America’s first black president scolded all of us, shaking his finger and saying, “I did not have sex with that woman (pause) Monica Lewinsky,” It was as if he was making a verbal addendum during a deposition. It was hilarious. In any event, for whatever reasons, he did make it clear who “that woman” was.

      I’ve always thought Clinton was absolutely enraged he wasn’t treated like his idol, Jack Kennedy, when it came to sport fucking. Furious. Livid.

  6. On a more serious note; I’m a millennial. We had “gifted” separations in class, I remember specifically being given a separate set of spelling test lists as early as Grade 3, but we never had, what my father used to colorfully refer to as “Tard Tracks”. See, by my time in school, having separate classes for (bluntly) especially dim children, was seen as cruel and not conductive to a learning environment.

    Boy, were those people wrong, and it took us to 2021 to figure it out. Look at this…. 86% of the class is gifted? What must that other 14% be doing wrong? Might as well sign them up for a shop class or two before they drop out.

    • Our sections/home rooms (and the guys we took all our classes with throughout the school day) were determined by admissions test scores (updated as we moved through our four years) and labeled with a numeric and a letter. Our freshman home rooms were, from high scorers to lower, wait for it, 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, and 1-E. I am not making this up. Self esteem was not a thing in the ’60s, at least in Catholic schools. Esteem, if anyone even recognized it as a concept, was your problem to solve by yourself.

      • I didn’t go to a Catholic school and we had something similar at least in Junior High. In the 7th and 8th grade the math was divided like you described above: 7-A, 7-B, 7-C, 7-D, etc. I think it went all the way to F. I was in the A class as I was always good at math and science with english and history giving me fits.

    • I was in the “gifted program” all through elementary school. I’m pretty sure it was just intended to take the smart kids and put them somewhere else so the teachers could teach without the interruption of bored children disrupting the classes.

      This might be shocking, but when you try to teach children things they already know, they get bored and annoyed. Bored and annoyed children cause trouble by talking, playing, wandering around and generally making themselves less bored.

      I want to multiple elementary schools because my parents moved all the time. All the schools did the same thing. They just put you in a different classroom and gave you word puzzles to do. It didn’t help anyone except the kids who needed the smart kids to be quiet so they could get extra tutoring.

  7. Has anyone been making a list(like EA’list of rationalizations) of all categories of satire and absurdity that present themselves to reality that would never have occurred before the pandemic of The Great Stupid? If the list were comprehensive enough we could make a bingo game as new manifestations emerge.

  8. If the school board can say hocus pocus and 86% of kids are gifted why can they not say ” poof” we eliminated racism and then they could get back to teaching objective information instead of opinion an conjecture.

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