Unethical Email Of The Month: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Lightfoot email

That obnoxious, bullying, uncivil and unprofessional memo from Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, is signature significance. Competent and effective managers don’t write and send memos like that, not even once. As a subordinate, I would resign after receiving such an email. As a supervisor, I would place a staffer who sent that memo on probation after requiring her to apologize to the recipient.

Chicago is one of the most difficult American cities to govern. Lightfoot is currently facing legal problems as a consequence of her discriminatory announcement that she would only do interviews with “journalists of color.” The email, just another of many pieces of evidence showing Lightfoot’s arrogance and incompetence.

This is what happens when voters elect officials based not on their management experience and revealed leadership skills, but on their gender and skin shade.

[Instapundit’s Ed Driscoll had a funny line about the email: “CHICAGO’S MAYOR MORPHED INTO JACK TORRANCE SO SLOWLY, I HARDLY EVEN NOTICED…”

28 thoughts on “Unethical Email Of The Month: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

  1. The only way Mayor Lightfoot’s email could have been more obnoxious would have been if she had typed the entire thing in ALL CAPS.

  2. A manager who sent that kind of email wouldn’t give a damn if you resigned, the attitude would just be “screw you, I’ll replace you without missing a beat.” Frankly I’m fed up with American cities and content to let them destroy themselves. It’s simple logic:

    Plant carrot seeds, get carrots, not radishes.
    Fish for salmon with salmon bait, get salmon, not tuna.
    Follow the recipe for a chocolate cake, get a chocolate cake, not a lemon cake.
    Elect an incompetent, get incompetent leadership, taking an oath of office doesn’t magically make someone competent. .
    Glorify thugs and bullies, get thuggery and bullying. They aren’t hearts of gold under a rough exterior.
    Hate your country, watch it go down the tubes. It can’t flourish if ruled by those who hate it.

  3. Although Lightfoot doesnt know how to manage the modern office time management calendaring tools, she gets credit as she seems to have mastered copy and paste.

    • Can’t find a source, but the irony is that the quote was mostly used to mock President Trump. Despite his countless gaffes and flaws, Lightfoot makes him look like Steve Jobs.

    • The answers are probably as many as there are black politicians. However, I think some common themes you would find are anger at the system, resentment at those who did better, and a desire for revenge against all of those things. Plus, especially when you are new to your power, the tendency is to simply use it to get what you want and really not care too much about how it affects others. There is also a tendency to strut your power. There is also a common tendency to want to get justice for previous injustices and not really care who you get it from.

      • My theory? Black politicians are where white politicians were in the 1890s, when corruption was routine. Their ability to develop (slightly) more ethical practices was delayed by slavery and Jim Crow. In addition, achieving power in a majority white country requires extra toughness and ruthlessness: almost of the notable black politicians of the past 50 years have been ethically lacking, hence the terrible record of the Congressional Black Caucus.

        • So we’re stuck with corrupt cities until…when? What needs to happen? Or should we just seal off the cities and let them go their way while the rest of the country goes another?

            • Just read a NYT piece about the single party situation there (they consider it ideal). They quoted a person saying it’s time for NYC to have a black, woman mayor. Something like over seventy percent of New York voters are registered Democrats. Only twenty-one percent of registered voters voted in the last mayoral election there. The article seemed to posit it was a good thing DeBlasio is done so someone really progressive can get into office. Yikes.

              • The further left the incumbent, the still further left the successor, and the even further left the next successor. Before long America’s cities will all be like Burlington, VT under Bernie.

            • So America’s cities are done. Like it or not, Jack, color trumps character every day of the week and twice on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  4. I think she kind of resembles Joseph Goebbels physically and in her personality. No white journalists need to request an interview with her.

    • Wayne, the one insult of her that I heard was she was referred to as “Beetlejuice.” I knew exactly what the person meant.

  5. The 1975 song, Fly Robin Fly must have been one of Lori Lightfoot’s favorites. (I couldn’t stand it).

    Fly, robin fly
    Fly, robin fly
    Fly, robin fly
    Up, up to the sky

    Fly, robin fly
    Fly, robin fly
    Fly, robin fly
    Up, up to the sky

    Fly, robin fly
    Fly, robin fly
    Fly, robin fly
    Up, up to the sky

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