RETRACTED And Revised: “Scared Yet? Twitter Censors A Times Op-Ed Columnist For Calling Anti-White Racism What It Is”


This is the revised part. The retraction is that despite the headline and what I wrote below, Twitter didn’t suspend New York Times columnist Bret Stephens account for violating Twitter’s rules with his recent op-ed calling anti-white measures showing up in the Biden Administration and elsewhere what they are: racism. The Daily Wire, a conservative website that was founded by right wing gadfly Ben Shapiro, wrote the post based on “a Twitter user” as its source,” and I foolishly assumed that the site would have checked out the claim before posting on it. It turns out the Stephens’ account says it’s “suspended” because he suspended it himself, in 2019.

Thus I am made an accomplice to this confirmation bias chain reaction, and I resent it. This is the kind of crap I experienced more than once from Breitbart and The Gateway Pundit, both of which are no longer cited as sources on Ethics Alarms, and whose stories I will not believe unless I find a credible source that independently confirmed it. Now I’m adding the Daily Wire to that black list. There are plenty of left-leaning sites on that list as well, but since it is virtually impossible to ensure that a story that reflects poorly on the allies of progressive propaganda hasn’t been obscured or deliberately distorted by the mainstream media, conservative media has to be trustworthy and professional, and far too often, it just isn’t. Situations like this make it easier for the mainstream media to call every report they wish would disappear “conservative disinformation.”

Meanwhile, The Daily Wire just notes (a few minutes after I’ve posted relying on its fabricated story) that the post had been “corrected.” It was originally titled, “Twitter Suspends NY Times’ Columnist’s Account After He Denounces Equity as ‘Racism.” NOW it is headlined “NY Times Columnist Denounces Equity as ‘Racism’” which is both inaccurate and not news, since Stephens’ column is three days old. He also never called “equity”racism. That’s like something they would say on MSNBC to distort what was written. I thought the phrasing was strange and sloppy in the first version, but since the topic was Twitter’s censorship, I didn’t bother with it. Now, the misrepresentation is the subject of the whole post. Then, in the body of the piece, it now says, “On June 30, a Twitter reader erroneously claimed that Twitter had suspended Bret Stephens’ Twitter account.” What it should have said is On June 30, a Twitter reader erroneously claimed that Twitter had suspended Bret Stephens’ Twitter account, and we, because we were looking for another reason to bash Twitter, believed him without checking. We apologize to our readers and any other websites, commentators or blogs who were misled due to our mistake.”

But I DO apologize (and thank to JutGory for the prompt alert). Confirmation bias also played a part in my gullibility: I do not trust Twitter, and what was represented is just a bit beyond what Jack Dorsey’s arrogant cyber-creature has done already. The last line of the post is still valid, though the rest was built on garbage: “Boy, am I glad I quit Twitter. But I’m ashamed that I didn’t do it sooner”

Like Bret Stephens.

The rest of what follows, except for that last part, is retracted.


I didn’t see this one coming, because I am an idiot.

Two days ago, I wrote in the morning warm-up, (Item #2),

“Today [The New York Times] allowed Bret Stephens , one of the endangered species in their op-ed stable, a conservative, to write an anti-antiwhite racism piece under the Times’ main editorial gaslighting those who see Critical Race Theory for what it is. (On the opposite page, one of the Times’ usual far-left shills has another op-ed defending the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the schools, so the Times makes sure that Stephens is shouted down by his own paper, 2-1.) Stephens’ op-ed is called “The New Racism Won’t Solve the Old Racism,” which one would think is self-evident, but in the Year of the Great Stupid, it certainly is not. His “money quote” comes at the very end:

“Thoughtful liberals who think this is much ado about nothing should spend some time pondering how perfectly people like [ Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has announced that she won’t be interviewed by white journalists] are now playing into right-wing stereotypes. They should also spend time wondering whether the ideal for which they have long fought — a society that, if not colorblind, can at least see past color — is being jeopardized by progressives who apparently can see only color. Whichever way, it shouldn’t be hard to see that trying to solve the old racism with the new racism will produce only more racism. Justice is never achieved by turning tables.”

Obviously, he’s racist, or so the totalitarianism-enabling censors at Twitter decided. Yesterday, Twitter suspended Stephens’ Twitter account which now just says, “Account suspended.” His opinion, you see, violates Twitter rules, primarily the unwritten one that holds that any statements that in any way undermine the credibility and effectiveness of the Left’s efforts to undermine the Constitution and core American values will be censored so as few citizens get to ponder non-conforming arguments as possible.

My mind boggles at all the truly offensive, dishonest, biased and hateful pieces Twitter had gladly provided links to in the past because they advanced the cause of enforced Leftist doctrine, yet Stephens’ well-written, well-reasoned, down-the-mddle-of-the-ideological-road essay essentially following the Gertrude Stein-esque statement of the obvious by Chief Justice Roberts (“The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.”) was deemed too dangerous and offensive to allow–so the writer must be punished.

I want to see every Democratic office holder and every CNN and MSNBC talking head asked the question, “Is the suspension fine with you? Do you think that is healthy for society and the Republic? If not, what are you going to do about it? If so, tell us how you justify it.”

The Times and every one of its op-ed writers should end their Twitter accounts in protest, as they should have when the platform embargoed the Hunter Biden scandal, as they should have when the platform banned Donald Trump. They won’t, of course, because the Times and its crew of propagandists no longer stand for core principles and ethical values, just political agendas.

Boy, am I glad I quit Twitter. But I’m ashamed that I didn’t do it sooner.

10 thoughts on “RETRACTED And Revised: “Scared Yet? Twitter Censors A Times Op-Ed Columnist For Calling Anti-White Racism What It Is”

    • OB
      So Trumps CFO is indicted for giving “Perks” to employees that had some tax liability yet Hunter flies with dad on taxpayer provided aircraft and flight crew to foreign lands is invited to State dinners to hob bob with the glitterati and this is ok? This isn’t whataboutism this is blatant discriminatory justice Alan the third world. I no longer have faith in the federal courts or any court of any state with activist A.G.’s.

  1. How about this comment (NY Post) from the Big Guy at the condo collapse in Miami Beach:

    President Biden struck an odd tone near the site of the Florida building collapse Thursday as he talked about finding a “good” side to the disaster that left at least 18 dead and nearly 150 missing.

    “You know what’s good about this?” Biden said at a briefing with local leaders. “We’re letting the nation know we can cooperate — and when it’s really important.”

    Biden added, “I just got back from 12 days in Europe. You wonder whether we can do this. And you’re doing it. I mean, just the simple act of everybody doing whatever needs to be done.”

    Can you imagine Trump saying something so tone deaf? And the media not going wild?

    • The good side of a disaster of this magnitude? Are you kidding me? Over a hundred and fifty people dead. Millions in property loss. The town of Surfside will probably be forced into bankruptcy. Insurance companies tendering the limits of their policies. The taxpayers funding the clean up and recovery. The good side Joe? Are you kidding me?

  2. Why is he suggesting that the prior administration failed to cooperate with states during declared emergencies. Another Biden lie by suggestion.

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