Ethics Verdict On The Public Marriage Proposal Disaster…

Good. Perfect. I love it. Condign justice exemplified!

And cheers are due for the young woman for having the courage to say no. Maybe now this selfish and unfair grandstanding stunt, yet another disgusting outgrowth of the cell phone revolution ,will start to die out. Nobody should feel sorry for the jerk who was rejected, but we should all sympathize with the woman whom he embarrassed. She ducked a metaphorical bullet, though.

The so far unnamed creep popped the question in front of a crowd of fans at a Worcester (Mass.) Red Sox home game on Thursday. The scene was also broadcast to the entire park on a giant screen. The allegedly romantic gesture prompted cheers until the stunned object of the proposal put her hands over her mouth and shook her head “no.” “I have to go,” she said, and left the scene with him still on one knee. For the second time this week, “The Simpsons'” Nelson Muntz’s trademark response is called for:


Naturally, since nothing can be trusted these days, there are theories that the whole thing was staged. Family members of the couple were in the crowd, however. It appears to have been a genuine fiasco, not a fake one.

Let the episode be a lesson to any other abusive suitors who think it’s acceptable to make a private moment public to force a desired outcome.

[You will find other EA stories about unethical marriage proposals here.]

4 thoughts on “Ethics Verdict On The Public Marriage Proposal Disaster…

  1. Reminds me of the Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) to prick extraordinaire Alec Baldwin’s prick extraordinaire Mick Dugan exchange in “Working Girl“:

    – Mick Dugan: “Tess, will you marry me?”
    – Tess McGill: “Maybe.”
    – Mick Dugan: “Ya call that an answer?”
    – Tess McGill: “You want another answer, ask another girl.”

  2. “Naturally, since nothing can be trusted these days, there are theories that the whole thing was staged. Family members of the couple were in the crowd, however. It appears to have been a genuine fiasco, not a fake one.”

    Sometimes I wonder how real some of these event proposals are.

    A few years ago, I attended a pop culture/comic book convention with star of stage, television and screen Sir Patrick Stewart. The rules at these conventions are pretty stringent with volunteers and handlers enforcing them, particularly the ones dealing with celebrity guests. No candid photographs of most of the stars, especially the A-list celebrities are allowed. The volunteers are very good at spotting raised cell phones.

    I met the charming Sir Patrick and have my fun story to tell, as well as my autograph, and went about my convention experience. Later on that day, a video was posted that ended up being picked up by some news stations. A man and his girlfriend had gone down the aisle with the tables of the big stars. In the middle of the aisle, the man got down on one knee, proposed to his girlfriend and she accepted. This proposal was filmed. It even got Stewart realizing what had happened, asking if they were getting married and congratulating them from his seat.

    Could the proposal have been genuine? Sure. The guy may have thought proposing in front of Patrick Stewart was something his girlfriend would remember (I wouldn’t have wanted to be put on the spot in front of a bunch of celebrities, but that’s just me). It’s also possible that they used this opportunity to get around the no photographing rule and get Sir Patrick on film.

    That incident has annoyed me for a long time. It feels good to get it out.

  3. I thought I had previously told this story, but since I couldn’t find it in the links I’ll tell it again.

    2002 or thereabouts I’m out with the girl I’ve been dating for a while to a concert for one of our favorite singers. We have very good seats and having a great time. Then there’s the proposal in front of 10k people thing. Someone had paid and arranged to propose to his lady in front of everyone, with a song dedicated by the artist. Giant bouquet of roses, etc. She keeps her composure, approaches the guy, says something as she gestures no, and leaves. Silence… for a minute or so nothing happened. Someone approaches the guy and helps him off the stage (I thought a friend, but maybe just a very professional employee). Show goes on. We laughed about it for months and joked that if I ever proposed I had to do something equally ridiculous so she could shot me down. We broke up on good terms, but I have no idea how I could have surpassed that.

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