Another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Classic: Biden On Vaccinations!

Biden town hall

IIPTDXTTNMIAFB is Ethics Alarmseese for “Imagine if President Trump did X that the news media is accepting from Biden.” I could probably feature such stories every day, but that would be as boring as these episodes are infuriating. They all come under the sub-heading of “Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias,” which I could justifiably update to “Nah, the mainstream news media didn’t steal the Presidency for Joe Biden.”

This one was so egregious that the AP even did a “factcheck”, but muted its description so absurdly that it is a perfect IIPTDXTTNMIAFB.

You see, President Biden said, in a CNN town meeting during which he periodically babbled incoherently, “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die…You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

That is a lie. It’s a lie because it is demonstrably false, and like so much else involving the pandemic, it is deliberate misinformation to manipulate the public. The Democrats, after all, fervently believe that the ends justify the means in all things. Apparently the truth, which the Biden Administration knows and thus its head is responsible for knowing, just isn’t good enough to move the herd along as its masters desire, so the strategy is to lie.

As of July 12, the government has reported that 5,492 vaccinated people who tested positive for coronavirus and were hospitalized or died. That’s not a lot out of 159 million fully vaccinated Americans, but it’s not zero either. This is the kind of inaccuracy that when it issued from President Trump was instantly filed in the Washington Post Trump Lies database, and spawned a week of outrage over how untrustworthy he was.

But not Joe! The AP factcheck is gentle to the point of being deception itself. “The reality is not that cut and dried,” Hope Yen and Calvin Woodward write, like good little propagandists. No, you hacks, the reality is something completely different, meaning that the President was lying. “His remark accurately captures the strong protection the COVID-19 vaccines provide as cases spike among people who have resisted the shots. But it overlooks the rare exceptions,” they write. No, you “activists,” it isn’t accurate—it is false. Later, they write, “He painted with too broad a brush as he described in stark terms the disparity between those who got their shots and those who haven’t. The disparity is real, but a small number of breakthrough infections happen and health officials say they are not a cause for alarm.” WHAT??? They sure as hell are a “cause for alarm” for the people who have died or ended up in the hospital! And those terms aren’t “stark,” they are misleading. I could cite statement after statement by Trump that would have met the “real” but not exactly true standard the Yen and Woodward have invented to avoid criticizing Joe.

The headline on the story is “Biden goes too far in assurances on vaccines.” Oh! Lies are now “going too far,” are they? Funny, I never saw that euphemism ever applied to one of Trump’s hyperboles, like “I won the election.” That’s going too far, but “I lost because the election was unfairly rigged” may not be.

In fact, with coverage like the AP’s, it seems clear that the news media is trying to rig the next one.

14 thoughts on “Another IIPTDXTTNMIAFB Classic: Biden On Vaccinations!

  1. This whole prolonged commotion over the COVID-19 (aka Wuhan Virus) vaccine really has me perturbed. I never had any reservations about getting a vaccination as I have taken the flu vaccine yearly for about 10 years except for last year. It’s to the point now where I’m almost sorry I got the two Wuhan Virus shots because of all the prattle about the vaccine.

    In my case, there were no adverse effects or even minor effects felt after either of the shots other than a very slight soreness (almost unnoticable actually) at the point of injection. There’s always going to be some risk; it seems to me, historically, everyone has decided for themselves concerning vaccines without much ballyhoo. This isn’t the case with the Wuhan vaccine; it’s almost as though the masses want everyone to be fearful whether they are the ones who got the vaccine or the ones that didn’t get the vaccine. You know, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    Know this, I’m not participating in any vaccine verification. For normal everyday public activities like going to the mall, a restaurant, work – shouldn’t be subject to any vaccine verification with maybe, and I mean MAYBE, health care, nursing home senarios. Again, there’s always risk so we need to be able to move about freely like before the pandemic without talk of vaccines and variants.

    Heck, I have a nut allergy which causes anaphylaxis; every time I eat out there’s a chance I could get exposed to some cross contamination. I’ve had two allergic reactions in the last 15 years most likely due to cross contamination because I usually alert the waitress to my allergy. Anyway, this is tangential but my point is there’s always risk in life. Risk will never be completely eliminated; so, you have to live with it.

    I’m going to be at risk in the future because I’m not getting another vaccine for COVID variants. I felt the yearly flu shot was reasonable but I’m not signing on for a yearly Wuhan shot.

    • One of the things I find interesting is that there is no discussion about the folks who, like me, had Wuhan and recovered. What are we, chopped liver? If the vaccinated have to carry proof, should we have to carry “Proof Of Recovery”?

    • Malls and restaurants are a firm “Mind your own business” from me. I’m more uncertain in the realm of theatre. Shows are starting to open back up, and tucked into the bottom of every audition sheet is “have you had your COVID vaccine?” On the one hand, again, mind your own business. On the other hand, casts work very closely together over a long period of time, and then expose a paying audience to whatever they’ve been passing around. It’s hard to remember a show that didn’t have a bug of some sort make its way around. Plus, in the spring, there’s a show with a cast of 150-200, many of whom are elderly, special needs, or immunocompromised. That one is the one which convinced me that I wanted to be up on my shots if I was going to be involved. Add in the utter financial devastation the shutdown caused most theatre companies, and the ease which one sniffle can shut down a show now, and I reluctantly admit it is kind of their business. Even if it actually isn’t.

  2. The guy’s not a liar, he’s demented. I thought this post was going to be about the following sort of insanity from that Town Hall. We have a president who is non compos mentis and the media and the Dems are acting as if nothing’s wrong. By the way, this is from an Australian news outlet. Go figure.

    “Let me finish the question. The answer,” said the President.

    “Soon, in the sense that I do not tell any scientists what they should do. I do not interfere.

    “And so they are doing the examinations now, the testing now, and making the decision now. When they are ready, when they have done all the scientific [study] that needs to be done, children ages three, four, five, six, seven and eight, they in fact all have different make-ups. They’re developing.

    “They’re trying to figure out whether there’s – vaccination would affect one child that’s such and such an age, and not another child. That’s under way.”

    Mr Biden said that led into another “logical” question. Which brings us to the moment that’s been roundly mocked online.

    Here’s what he said next.

    “The question is whether or not we should be in a position where you, um, are – why can’t the, the, the experts say, ‘We know that this virus is, in fact, um, it’s going to be,’ or excuse me, ‘We know why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved, but permanently approved.’ That’s under way too, I expect that to occur quickly.”

    Clear as mud. Or perhaps something even more opaque. [Aussie humor here, eh. I assume they’re referring to something along the lines of bull shit.

  3. I’m Not Anti-Vaccine. I’m Pro Questions—-excerpts below:

    “How can anyone from your neighbor to officials in the Biden administration talk about this pandemic while completely ignoring the southern border? But they sure are. Constant harping on the rapid spread of a new variant and the irresponsibility of those who won’t get the shot, but never once acknowledging the hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated pouring across our borders illegally every month?

    These people are arriving not only unvaccinated against COVID, but it’s safe to assume unscreened for a whole host of maladies from whooping cough to head lice. The government then scatters them like a handful of grass seed across the lower forty-eight states and we’re all supposed to pretend that doesn’t exacerbate the spread of a highly contagious virus?”

    • It shows that public control is more important than public health. It is for that reason alone I don’t buy a single ounce of their concern for my well being.

    • Their virus-spreading tactics have evolved since that time when you stopped R’as al Ghul from using a microwave emitter to disperse a neurotoxin through the air across all of Gotham City.

  4. For those interested in immunology, the vaccines, and covid:

    The comments are informative and better than the article itself.
    One succinct example from Scott Ferguson:
    I have a Graduate Degree in Immunology from Washington University in St. Louis (tied for second best Immunology program in the U.S.).

    Disease induced immunity is far superior to a vaccine like this mRNA technology. The virus is a huge structure made up of a thousand different subunits. When you get a disease you are exposed to all the “pieces” and many of these cause an immune reaction (what are called epitopes) generate an immune response (and subsequent memory) to that piece. So you have long term (and if history is a good [indicator], life long) protection against dozens if not hundreds of structures within the foreign invading SARS-CoV-2 virus.

    The mRNA vaccine makes a single protein (one of these subunits) and the body responds to it as foreign and mounts a response to it. So you have antibodies (and memory T & B cells) against this single “particle of the spike protein”.
    Personally I’d rather have immunity across the entire spectrum of the viral structure compared to a single epitope.

  5. So LYING is ‘painting with too broad a brush,” now. Not if you’re in court, not in business, or school… Oh wait, only if you are President of the United States. How very comforting.

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