Cowardly, Culture-Betraying Grovel Of The Month: Karen Taylor Of Breakfast Cure


Breakfast Cure, an Oregon company, was attacked on social media by Asian Americans and the Woke Mob of culturally-appropriating congee, a traditional Asian rice porridge. The company sold its version of the dish in pre-packaged meals, and asserted that they were yummy. The problem is that the company was run by…a white woman.

How dare a white woman’s company claim to make a version of congee to fit the ” modern palate” and “improve” a recipe beloved by Asian cultures for centuries? So, as we have come to expect. company exec Karen Taylor begged for forgiveness:

“Recently, we fell short of supporting and honoring the Asian American community and for that, we are deeply sorry. We take full responsibility for any language on our website or in our marketing and have taken immediate steps to remedy that and educate ourselves, revising our mission to not just creating delicious breakfast meals, but becoming a better ally for the AAPI community.

Power play accomplished! This wasn’t about congee; this was about establishing one group’s power to make another group grovel. As has been the case so many times, a cowardly member of the group being bullied fell right into line. This will, in turn, embolden the bullies and imperil more Americans who only want to exercise their freedom to be creative, and to borrow, use, and improve on other cultures and traditions, as they have every right to do.

Congee is a staple for Asians. There are different versions cooked by nearly every Asian country. In the Chinese tradition, it is a dim sum comfort food with flavors like thousand-year-old-egg, pork, or duck. Taylor’s version adds flavors like apple cinnamon and uses ingredients like oat groat. The only thing she would have to apologize for is if her innovation tasted terrible to everyone. Funny, I don’t recall Italian-Americans threatening the kiss of death for anyone who put pineapple on pizza. (Yecch.) I’m Greek, and Greeks own and operate a dizzying range of restaurants that offer all sorts of cuisines. I had lunch at one in Manhattan that was called “Cuban Falafel.” It was fantastic If some Japanese woman wants to start a business featuring sushi moussaka, I wish her luck, and I hope it’s delicious.

Like so many of those threatening Americans, and especially white Americans, for doing what America is supposed to let them do, the people intimidating Taylor object to the basic founding principles of American culture. One of them is that everyone here is free to borrow, adapt, improve and embroider whatever anyone else brings to the metaphorical smorgasbord. A Jew wrote “White Christmas” and “Easter Parade.” A white man wrote the story of “Porgy and Bess.”

The “cultural appropriation” police put all that at risk, and so do traitors to the American values we have fought hard for, traitors like Karen Taylor. Blogger Amy Alkon, who flagged this story, writes sympathetically, “It’s very hard to stand up to a mob when you’re afraid for your business and basically standing alone. So I understand why she and others apologize, but it’s really wrong that this is demanded of them, and I hope more people will tell the mob to fuck off.”

Well you know Amy, more people will tell the mob to fuck off if we stop making excuses for those who don’t. Keeping a democracy and a culture that protects human liberties is also hard, and citizens who don’t have the stomach for it undermine everyone’s freedom, including Asian Americans. Weenies like Taylor should be made just as afraid for her business when she sells out America, capitalism and innovation after anti-American, anti-white, anti-independence assholes like Nadia Kim, a professor of American Studies at Loyola Marymount University, make fatuous pronouncements like,

“…Congee has long been a dish for commoners that is often eaten in times of need because it requires only a few ingredients. By contrast, Breakfast Cure’s slow-cook meal packs cost $14.95 per pack… Taylor’s profiting off of congee, particularly as a white woman, erases the humble nature of the dish….She’s essentially making a large amount of money, or could potentially make a large amount of money, based on taking common people’s Asian food. She is claiming that congee is not good on its own, and she as a white woman has found a way to make congee much, much better, meaning that it serves a white people’s palate.”

What? Kim is talking nonsense, and racist nonsense. OK, she thinks Breakfast Cure’s version costs too much. Nobody’s making her buy it! Only particular races are allowed to profit by making a variety of Asian food? What country does she think she’s living in? She really teaches students with that brain? A white woman has as much right to profit by selling congee as anyone else: Kim is promoting racism, straight up.

Wait…if the price is too high for Breakfast Cure’s congee, how can Taylor make “a large amount of money”? See, if people like it and will pay for it, she has every right to make money. She’s not “taking” anyone’s food. By what bizarre definition of “taking” is selling a kind of food “taking” it? She also has every right to say that congee isn’t good on its own, and if she can make it taste better to a white person, a black person or anyone else, good for her.

It isn’t Breakfast Cure or “cultural appropriation” that Professor Kim and the others attacking the congee adaptation object to. It’s the United States of America, the “melting pot,” and individual rights.

Kathy Taylor is a watery-blooded American who just announced herself as their allies. She’s as dangerous as they are.

19 thoughts on “Cowardly, Culture-Betraying Grovel Of The Month: Karen Taylor Of Breakfast Cure

  1. Asians strike me as the most down to earth, pragmatic, tough minded, thick skinned people around. I’m going to assume most Asians would find Nadia Kim’s blather hilarious and would be rolling around on the floor.

    One of the most long running Mexican restaurants in Phoenix was owned and operated by … Greeks. I’m not sure “The Matador” is still extant, but it originally occupied the space previously operated as the bar at which Ernesto Miranda was fatally stabbed in a knife fight on January 31, 1976, five years before I was informed of this bit of Arizona legal trivia while lunching there as a new associate with some partners of the first firm for which I toiled.

  2. When we get an apology from the CEO’s of JAL or Sinclair for appropriating air travel from white cisgender males or virtually any number of products invented by white people and produced by slave labor in Chinese work camps.

  3. I’m not sure I understand why the woke mobs are throwing fits on Asian people’s behalf. I work almost exclusively with Asians, mostly from India. I have never, not once, ever heard any of my Indian coworkers say ANYTHING about cultural appropriation or condone any woke causes. On the contrary, they are almost all quite eager to share their cultural traditions and cuisine, and eager to learn about American culture and cuisine.

    They put on little performances during the Hindu festivals to show off the dancing and food and fashions. They are always inviting me to go to Indian restaurants and explaining which part of India the different foods come from and how to eat them.

    They also love going to the American holiday events and partaking in our traditions. When one company I worked for had a gingerbread house making contest for Christmas, all my Indian coworkers went and happily made gingerbread houses and proudly showed them off. There were no tantrums about Christian holidays, white oppression, or anything else the Woke like to have fits about. Just fun and little houses made out of cookies.

    One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen happened during a day long training session for some new technology we were going to be using, when the managers decided to order lunch from a Japanese restaurant. One of my Indian coworkers ordered some vegetarian sushi rolls, but had never had Japanese food before. We were sitting next to each other eating and chatting, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw her pickup….the wasabi. It took a second for me to realize she was going to eat it rather than use it as a condiment, and then it was like something out of a sitcom with me yelling in slow motion “noooooo….don’t eat that…”! To late. She had already popped the entire portion of wasabi in her mouth. She turned purple, slid under the table, then maybe a minute or two later came back up with tears streaming down her face, coughing and laughing at the same time. “What was that?!? I thought it was avocado!!” she finally exclaimed. After I was done laughing, I explained what wasabi was and how you were SUPPOSED to eat it. I think I’ve actually seen almost that exact scene on The Nanny. My coworker did not complain that the evil Americans were out to get her by feeding her wasabi, or that we were appropriating Japanese food. She treated it like a hilarious story she had to tell in the future.

    I am usually the only white person on the teams of 10-15 people I work on. If everyone I worked with was also woke, it would be a miserable experience, walking around on eggshells all the time. Since my coworkers are not woke, it is usually fun and interesting. I learn new things about a country I really don’t know much about.

    You know something else? Every culture on earth takes other cultures foods, changes them to fit the local palate, and calls it the originating cultures food. I watch a lot of YouTube videos about trying different food in different countries. I don’t know why, but it amuses me to watch things like “Koreans Try American BBQ!” or “Kids Try Food From Around The World!” In all those videos, the food isn’t actually what it says it is. If Koreans are eating American BBQ, and they are eating it in Korea, the food is not really American. It’s Koreanized American BBQ. They cook the meat in a smoker like we would, but the type of meat is a different cut than we would eat, the BBQ sauce is made of ingredients that would never occur to us, and the side dishes are dishes we would never pair with BBQ. ALL cultures do this. It isn’t racist, cultural appropriation, or xenophobic. It’s completely, 100%, universally NORMAL. I don’t want to eat a BBQ sauce made out of fish paste, but if Koreans like it that way, then they should absolutely do that, and they should call it American BBQ if they want to, and tell everyone how amazing American BBQ is, even though it’s not exactly like ours, and NOT apologize for it.

    Apologizing for normal behavior is the epitome of stupidity. It takes a normal behavior and makes it abnormal. It alienates and divides.

    What the woke want to do, is make everyone hate and fear each other. They don’t want you talking to anyone about the differences in your culture. They don’t want you finding common ground and mutual understanding. They don’t want you solving any cultural issues that come up peacefully like responsible adults. They want tantrums, tears, recriminations, bad feelings and grudges. It is ridiculous, and will cause nothing but problems.

    The only way to stop the divisiveness is to refuse to participate. By refusing to participate, who will you really be displeasing? The cultural groups white leftists claim to speak for? No. You will be upsetting white leftists. Who cares what they want? They are the ones appropriating cultures and races by claiming to speak for them. The are the ones spreading discord and disharmony by throwing massive public tantrums over things that could be dealt with over a simple, private, open-minded discussion. They are taking advantage of small cultural differences to create huge divides in our society, and letting them get away with it is wrong. They are infantalizing entire continents worth of people, most of whom probably don’t agree with them in the first place. It is wrong, and it needs to stop.

    • Outstanding comment, and I think you are exactly correct that a significant portion of the woke deals in hate. And, they’re great at putting down others to show how much better they are, something most of us were taught as little kids just how and why put-downs are wrong.

      • Thanks! Maybe all of the woke don’t operate on hate. I don’t know. I just know that the publicized incidents, the ones I read about in articles or see people commenting on in comment sections, seem to come from a place of hate. They want to harm people for doing things they consider unacceptable. They want to harm anyone who doesn’t agree with them that these things are unacceptable in the first place. It seems to be an ideology of tearing everyone else down, and rage.

        Personally, I consider the behavior of the woke unacceptable. I do not think that throwing a tantrum every time someone disagrees with you is the behavior of a responsible adult, or healthy for society.

  4. For me, the only type of “cultural appropriation” that has any intellectual validity is the case of someone who specifically claims membership in or representation of a cultural with which they have no authentic connection. Elizabeth Warren comes to mind, of course, but there are many other examples. The remainder of these complaints are just faux offense and utter B.S.. The sooner more people develop a backbone and push back on the woke mob, the sooner we will be rid of this nonsense. I will continue to patronize businesses which have been attacked and told the attackers to “Bite me.” Goya Foods is one example. I am equally unlikely to do business with firms that grovel and capitulate, like Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and now Breakfast Cure. I know many other people feel the same way. I also refuse to patronize movies or TV shows that have become annoyingly woke or put virtue signaling over program content. I have watched no more than the first five minutes of many movies and shows before declaring, “Nope, not for me!” I have cancelled a couple of streaming services which were frequent offenders, and regularly respond to feedback requests from those remaining to voice my displeasure with their more egregious programming choices. The same goes for vendors and products whose advertising has become unbearably woke. “Get woke, go broke” needs to be more than just a rhyming cliche.

  5. I remember being in London, England in 1973 and, having eaten a Wimpy Burger, finding a place called The Great American Hamburger Experience or something like that in order to have a decent burger (better, actually, than then standard issue fast food burgers in the U.S.). Wimpy Burgers were made from ground beef that was somehow butchered a different way or perhaps it was simply too high a percentage of fat. They were dreadful. A really bad appropriation. Someone had obviously figured out they could make a lot of money selling better quality burgers rather than Wimpy Burgers. But the Brits kept on eating Wimpy Burgers, not knowing any better. Of course, this was well before McDonalds and other became internationally ubiquitous. But of course, they all do local cuisine all over the world. Ms. Kim is a nitwit.

    • That was also the trip I first ate Indian food. British food was then so terrible, I had to find other cuisines. Italian restaurants were another good place to eat.

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