Ethics Quote Of The Month: Lincoln Brown

Taliban abuse

I try to keep my true rants to a minimum, as they are unseemly for one in my role. I also try, not quite so successfully, to tamp down my occasional impulse to write, “I told you so!” It really helps me a lot when a web pundit like Lincoln Brown, a former talk show host and conservative columnist, writes pretty much exactly what I am feeling.

Brown’s essay titled “Dear Leftists, I Hope You Can’t Live With Yourselves” is what I have been dreaming of posting on Facebook for my 200 or so left-biased Facebook friends, some of them real friends I once thought better of as well as a few relatives, who would write mouth-foaming screeds about President Trump’s emails but who have maintained absolute Facebook silence on the Afghanistan disaster other than to post a meek and deflecting, “I think it was time to get out of Afghanistan, right everybody?” Brown’s whole post is the Ethics Quote of the Month, but here are some highlights:

  • “Yes, a group of morons stormed the capitol on January 6. Get over it already. Stop looking in the mirror and telling yourselves that you were victims and that democracy hung in the balance. You are the very model of political autoeroticism. You are an embarrassment to yourselves and to your country. Stop with the emoting and the Reichstag tactics to paint anyone who believes something different from you as an enemy of the state. Stop with references to conservatives as the American Taliban. Your ignorance is as sickening as your hubris.”
  • “[N]o matter how strenuously the legacy media tries to spin it, your alternative to Donald Trump has shattered lives beyond measure.”
  • [Describing a woman shot by the Taliban, who then gauged her eyes out] “If Khatera somehow survives execution, medical care will be denied her. Under the Taliban, she cannot visit a male doctor. And the Taliban will not permit a woman to be educated in medicine, or anything else, for that matter. So a doctor’s visit is out of the question. But then again, what is one woman’s life when compared to the glorious utopia you have envisioned? Eggs and omelets, right? Someone has to suffer for the greater good. As long as it isn’t you. These are the people to whom your president and your party capitulated.[I will stipulate that the fact that the Taliban will abuse women is not justification for a 20 year war: all of Islam abuses women, and there is literally nothing the U.S. can do about it. The issue is integrity. The Democratic Party claims to make women’s rights a core value, but what we see is Joe Biden being elected President while a credible sexual assualt accusation against him is buried and ignored, the head of “Times Up!” offering assistance to Andrew Cuomo as he attempts to slime his accusers, and the President who abandons Afghans to to the Taliban showing no compassion for the nation’s women at all. The password, as Allen Ludden might say, is “Integrity.”]
  • “This is what you voted for. Trump may be your worst vision of an over-indulged frat boy, but this is what you picked in his place. And no, I don’t hope you can live with it. I hope it haunts you every waking hour….Own it. Live “your truth.” This is who you are. This is your legacy as much as it is Biden’s.”


2 thoughts on “Ethics Quote Of The Month: Lincoln Brown

  1. I will stipulate that the fact that the Taliban will abuse women is not justification for a 20 year war: all of Islam abuses women, and there is literally nothing the U.S. can do about it.

    This is what truly galls me. We are friends with a number of Arab countries, and every one of them subscribes to this 1st century view of women. We get outraged at the Taliban, but ignore the fact that women in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and many other Arab countries (although not all of them) are treated substantially the same. In defense of Saudi Arabia, in which I have spent at least six months (and probably more) of my adult life, things there are gradually improving because of influence from the UAE and pressure from America. Still, treatment of women is abysmal despite all that.

    We have to either learn to live with this … abuse, or reject it. This situational, “We’ll live with it if you have enough strategic importance” is the kind of moral relativism that makes US foreign policy difficult to defend. Pick one or the other.

    But as you say, the Democrats have no excuse. They claim to have zero tolerance for such ancient attitudes, yet they look the other way when one of their leading voices in the house appears to have married her brother to immigrate here. Nobody at all seems to care about that, or have the least curiosity except a few enterprising right wing sleuths. I’m not saying that has been proven, but there is more than enough evidence to merit an investigation.

    I came to the conclusion long ago that hypocrisy and incompetence is no bar to leadership positions in the United States, so seeing both paraded around by the Democrats as if they were virtues instead of ethics faults is not really surprising. There is no way my esteem for the Democrats as a whole could be any lower — it’s already at black hole level, consuming their every utterance.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It didn’t make any substantive difference, but it acts as confirmation for my revulsion at the entire Democrat party, and particularly their left wing. I have to agree with Trump’s hyperbole — they are enemies of America.

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