No Naked Nurse Principle

Naked Nurse

There is a Naked Teacher Principle, however. The Principle states that a secondary school teacher or administrator (or other role model for children) who allows pictures of himself or herself to be widely publicized, as on the web, showing the teacher naked or engaging in sexually provocative poses, cannot complain when he or she is dismissed by the school as a result. The Naked Teacher Principle and all of its variations have been explored exhaustively on Ethics Alarms, The last time it was discussed, nearly a year ago, was in the context of rebutting the argument that there are similar principles regarding police and firefighters.

The current controversy is similar. Allie Rae, shown above, was a competent and dedicated Boston-area ICU nurse (and a 37-year-old mother of three) until she was was forced out of her medical job after employers discovered her non-traditional sideline, an OnlyFans page with a current following of more than 69,000. She says she started being sexually provocative on the web to relieve pandemic lockdown stress as well as her reaction to being on the hospital’s front lines during the Wuhan peak, sometimes working 14-hour shifts. Actually, maybe nursing was the sideline. After all, Allie says she made over $8,000 in her first month on OnlyFans, and she was making only seven a month as a nurse.

She made every effort to keep her double life from interfering with nursing duties, not using her real name and never revealing her workplace. But as is almost always the case, some colleagues stumbled on to her photos, and they decided to send screen shots to hospital management. Management, in turn, gave Allie an ultimatum to quit the sexy OnlyFans gig or be fired. “I was a very respected nurse on my unit; I actually trained all our incoming nurses,” Rae said. Nonetheless, her bosses treated a completely irrelevant outside activity that could not logically relate to her professional effectiveness, competence or trustworthiness as a reason to jettison a valuable employee. She decided to go full-time web pin-up.

There is no analogy to the “naked teachers” episodes. Nurses are not role models to their patients, who don’t, or shouldn’t, care what the professionals who keep them alive do in their spare time. Nor are most of their patients children. Allie Rae described what “about six” of her colleagues did to undermine her as a nurse as “very Mean Girls.” That’s sounds about right.

Since going public, she says, “countless nurses” and other health care workers have reached out to her to express support. Some have even inquired how to start their own pages.


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42 thoughts on “No Naked Nurse Principle

  1. Since going public, she says, “countless nurses” and other health care workers have reached out to her to express support. Some have even inquired how to start their own pages.

    The New Puritanism gains yet another foothold. No doubt the hospital will cite at-will employment as the justification, and they are fine there.

    But where they are not fine is in the message this sends — “If you work for us, you must comport your private life in a way we agree with, or else.” More and more employers are adopting this standard, and the truly insidious thing is, it only applies to white people. If a black nurse had done this, (here is more of the deadly “what ifs,” but sometimes they just can’t be avoided), do any of us actually think the same standard would apply? I don’t. Call me cynical.

  2. When I was in grad school, the Theatre Department did a production of Hair, complete with the famous nude scene featuring a number of attractive young men and women. Then, as apparently always, the department and the university were strapped for cash. One of my mentors came up with the tongue-in-cheek idea that we could do a fund-raiser in which the *faculty* would do a “free” performance of the play. When the nude scene came around, we’d lock the doors and charge the audience $100 apiece to leave.
    Were I of a cynical disposition (perish the thought!), I might suggest that perhaps the “Mean Girls” might not fare as well on OnlyFans as Ms. Rae has done.

  3. “But as is almost always the case, some colleagues stumbled on to her photos, and they decided to send screen shots to hospital management. ”

    How does one stumble onto such sites. It seems to me that those voyeurs create a more serious issue for hospital management than the nurse in question.

    • Oh, they didn’t stumble on to the SITES, they stumbled on to HER photos on the sites. It’s like the scene in Woody Allen’s “What’s Up Tiger Lilly?” when the crime boss Wo Fat is reviewing his stable of call girls, and cries out, “Mom!!!!!”

  4. I suspect she was fired because the hospital didn’t want to have to deal with the sexual harassment or hostile work environment claims, which seem to work both ways. You create a hostile work environment by making other employees uncomfortable or ill at ease because of behavior, or you create a hostile work environment because you are perceived to have special favors/benefits because of your relationship with upper management. Upper management, as has been demonstrated a whole lot lately, is staffed by cowards and weaklings.


  5. First off, I’m surprised that there haven’t been more Naked Teacher files over the last 18 months, hell… With all those Zoom sessions, how on earth have all those people managed to not inadvertently not turned off their cameras while on break, whipped it out, and masturbated in front of their classes? (Still a little bitter over the “everyone does it” flack I got over Toobin)

    Second; Choosing OnlyFans probably a mistake. OnlyFans has announced that starting in October, it will no longer host sexually explicit content, limiting images to nudity/implied contact and shooting themselves squarely in the d… foot. In the foot. Ostensibly, this is because OnlyFans wanted to move to be a more mainstream celebrity-based platform, but there were also concerns about which banks would work with them (I’m skeptical about those concerns, every explicit porn sit out there has a bank). This has ignited a fire under certain sectors of the internet, because it’s seen as a betrayal of all the sex workers who built the platform. In sort… Rae might be out of a job.

    Third; And this might be an Americanism… What possible justification for firing could they have? In offering the choice between dropping OnlyFans or being let go, they gave up the point that the risque material was the issue in and of itself, because it already existed, and they would have kept her on. So it almost seems like the employer had an issue with a nurse having any second job.

    • I got the impression from the article that she was just doing sexy photos of herself scantily clad, not explicit sexual images. Then again, I’m not going to risk looking over there and verifying my perception.

      But you’re right, if the eliminate explicit images it will reduce traffic. However, I doubt it will make as much difference as you think. There is a pretty big market for sexy (but not explicit) images.

      Frankly, I don’t care. The Internet giveth and the Internet taketh away…

  6. So much for the patient comes first at this hospital. ICU and trauma nurses are the cream of the crop, not easily replaced, and a teaching nurse even more so. Pushing her out during the plandemic is borderline criminal and reveals seriously sick values and thinking by admins.

    More importantly however is; Are they real and, does it matter?

    • More importantly however is; Are they real and, does it matter?

      My attempt at an answer: I sure hope so, and;

      I’m sure it matters to the jealous women who doubtless reported her to the hospital administration. I’m equally sure they are convinced she purchased them — it would be so much more fitting if they were God’s unaltered creation, though.

        • I doubt that God’s concern extends to merely dressing sexy and sharing those photos. God has a sense of humor, you know.

            • “I hear He sends those photos around to the angels with a note ‘Look what I did!'”

              And with that blasphemous comment, Glenn, I will be bidding your blog good bye. And it’s too bad, because I have often found your posts (and mt fellow readers comments) thought provoking.

              But it’s become only too obvious to me that you want ethics — a moral law — without reference to a Lawgiver.

              Until you wish to involve Him in your crass jokes.

              I’m out.

              • A. Don’t blame Glenn. It’s my blog.
                B. You never read the definition of ethics and morality that I use on this blog (and many others do elsewhere). Ethics are NOT moral law. No wonder you’re confused.
                C. I grew up watching the ethics and morality lectures of Bishop Sheen, who taught me that one could be devout and still have a sense of humor. That tiny joke would have been considered blasphemous by Cotton Mather, whom I’ll excuse because he was living in another century. For anyone living in this century, it’s a mark of unjustified rigidity and intolerance.

                I just posted about a woman who wanted to fire her dog-walker for not holding view she agreed with. It occurs to me that you and she would hit it off.

                Shame on you.

          • “I doubt that God’s concern extends to merely dressing sexy and sharing those photos.”

            1. By what moral standard do you doubt this? What scriptures support these doubts?

            2. From the NY Post article:

            What started as sexy bikini shots on Instagram — now boasting 73K followers — soon turned X-rated after constant DMs in support of her stunning mom bod inspired Rae to take it deeper and go full-on NSFW.

            “I posted like two photos and I had people sign up for probably two weeks without me even posting anything, just anxiously awaiting my posts,” Rae told The Post, adding that her husband, whom she married at 18, has also gotten in on the recorded action.”

            “Merely dressing sexy,” you say?

            “God has a sense of humor, you know.”

            I know.

            But he also has a fundamental moral law: Do not commit adultery or covet your neighbor’s wife (Exodus 20:14, 17); do not expose your nakedness to anyone beside your spouse (Leviticus 18:6-18); looking at a woman with lust is adultery of the heart (Matthew 5:27,28), etc.

            And since lust sends people to Hell, I’m pretty confident God doesn’t find incitement to lust funny.

  7. After reading the article is she using her clothes work cloths and ID in her onlyfans pictures? Wouldn’t that be an unethical breech of misrepresenting your company?

    Other than that, I agree with you.

  8. Without seeing other photos of her for comparison I could not swear that the ones in the picture above are the same people. Other than the fact they have the same general look other women have similar feature. In fact the hospital photo of her reminds me of pictures of Jodie Arias ( sp?) The woman convicted of butchering her ex fiance that Nancy Grace bludgeoned us with daily.

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