More Ammunition For My College Reunion Note About Why I Will Not Be Attending Next Year…

Harvard diploma

I have to get writing soon, since the deadline is October 1. And it is clear that I have more material than I can possibly include to demonstrate why a Harvard diploma for this graduate is now an embarrassment and not to be celebrated. Another example was forwarded to me today.

A reliable blogger and respected lawyer with excellent ethics credentials tweeted that he had spoken with a man who had applied for a job at Harvard for which he was not only well-qualified, but one of the few individuals who was qualified. He had heard nothing for three months, and finally inquired, whereupon he was told via letter that he had been rejected because he did not have the requisite qualifications. By chance, the blogger knew the individual who had signed the letter, and called him up. Off the record, the individual informed him that not only qualified, but the only applicant qualified for the opening. However, he was a white, heterosexual male, and thus was rejected by the hiring committee for not meeting their demographic requirements.

[Note: the tweets did not mention the institution by name, and only alluded to the school’s address, leaving open the possibility that M.I.T., which is just down the street in Cambridge, could also be the school at issue. However. M.I.T. is not currently being sued for discriminatory practices, nor has it defended the same. My own inquiries have persuaded me that Harvard is the culprit here, but the lawyer-blogger did not break his “off the record” promise, though he came close.]

7 thoughts on “More Ammunition For My College Reunion Note About Why I Will Not Be Attending Next Year…

      • They are hiding behind CDC advice that “strongly recommends” wearing a mask indoors despite vaccination status. They want to be seen as “following the science”, even thought this “science” is blatantly politized, and results in absurd situations such as a campus with 95% vaccination behaving like lunatics.

        • The science was telling us the vaccines work.

          Related to this, Hawaii moved the goalposts.

          HONOLULU (KHON2) * Many were looking forward to the state reaching the 70% vaccination rate in order to drop COVID restrictions, but the Delta variant turned those plans upside down.

          At least for now, there is no end to restrictions.

          Get Hawaii*s latest morning news delivered to your inbox, sign up for News 2 You

          Reopening tiers are a plan of the past.

          Oahu moved away from those metrics to adopt a more flexible system to meet the mitigation needs for COVID. Now Kauai is separating from the tiers as well.

          *The elimination of the tier system, all that it signals is that we acknowledge that the delta variant is still a high level of concern for us,* Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami said. *We*re taking a look at the different metrics. We are more so concerned about our healthcare capacity, not only here on Kauai but statewide as well.*

          I have read comments online blaming unvaccinated people for COVID-19 restrictions, on the argument that if those people got vaccinated, the government would lift these restrictions.

          I wonder if they will reconsider their arguments given that governments have moved the goalposts.

  1. HR in higher ed is a particularly strange beast. When Beloved Spouse applied for what is now her current position, the “rules” wouldn’t allow her even to be interviewed, precisely because (!) she was the only qualified candidate to apply by the stated deadline. She, and the office who wanted to hire her, had to wait until there were three applications from candidates who met the minimum criteria. The third application, from someone who clearly wasn’t really qualified, but could (barely) check all the mandatory boxes, came in several weeks later. From there, the whole process–contact, interview, offer–took less than a week.

  2. the lawyer-blogger did not break his “off the record” promise, though he came close

    What about the person who signed the letter? How about his ethics? Continuing to draw a salary for a position requiring him to participate in a massive and ongoing fraud?

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