Unethical Quote Of The Year: Barack Obama, And I Still Am Amazed He Would Say This Out Loud

Obama and Springstein

“But most of your audiences were primarily white. And they can love Clarence when he’s onstage, but if they ran into him in a bar, suddenly…the n-word comes out.”

—-Former President Barack Obama, talking with Bruce Springsteen on CBS Sunday Morning about the rock star’s partnership with the  E Street Band’s late black saxophonist Clarence Clemons.

And there it is. That’s how Barack Obama, just like his racist wife, thinks of white people like me. When “they” see a black man at a bar, even a famous musician like Clemons, they just can’t restrain themselves. The “n-word”—that’s nigger, you know—“comes out.”

I’m not at all surprised that Barack Obama has such contempt for white Americans. This is the man who sat through decades of sermons from Rev. Wright, after all, and this is what that man of God preached. Obama wrote that Wright was his “spiritual mentor,” but somehow Brack was still able to get away with claiming that he had no idea that Wright was an anti-white (and anti-American) racist despite listening to him with admiration every Sunday. Oh, Obama slipped up now and then and revealed his bigotry (I almost said “true colors”), and his actions spoke louder than his words: for example, he allowed his lackey attorney general to consult with Al Sharpton and his gang on race policy. Obama’s most lasting legacy is that he sent race relations in the U.S. reeling backwards, and the momentum is still in the wrong direction.

Still I am surprised he would rip the mask off so decisively on national TV. Obama has always been notable for the gap between his superb speaking skills when scripted and his ineptitude when left to his own instincts, but even so, I thought he was a more accomplished phony than this. True, he has increasingly been willing to reveal the real Barack as the money poured in, the deification persisted and he felt assured of news media support no matter what he said or did. Nevertheless…

That’s an ugly, racist statement that stereotypes all white Americans as bigots…and it is a lie. I take it personally, but never mind me: at this fraught time in American society, Barack Obama is deliberately promoting racial distrust, hate and division. He needs to be held accountable.

But what did his pal, working class hero Bruce Springsteen, reply when the ex-President declared that “they”—you know, those racist whites who have made Bruce rich—start hurling “nigger” at blacks the minute they leave his concerts?


19 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Year: Barack Obama, And I Still Am Amazed He Would Say This Out Loud

  1. Did Obama ask Bruce (while they were sitting shoulder to shoulder at said interview), if he was planning to call him that word the moment the cameras stopped rolling? Or did Bruce just grovel a weenie apology in advance because everyone knows all whites are racist and he needs to apologize for his skin color immediately?

    Disgusting. I’m so very tired of this.

    The race-baiters trying to start a race war aren’t “progressives”; they’re “regressives”…taking our country further back with each lie that they say or print.

  2. I suspect The Boss didn’t realize St. Barack was talking about HIM! I mean, there is not a big stretch to say that Bruce thought highly of Clarence while on stage, but before and after the gigs, he was just that “Nigger Clarence” who plays a mean sax.


  3. Lord, please forgive me…

    President Obama is a racist ass. If I ever meet him, I will shake his hand, call him “Mr. President”, then remind him of his conversation with Springsteen about Clemons and tell him he’s a racist ass.

  4. If I ran into Clarence Clemons in a bar, I’d no doubt say something inappropriate, although it would be more like an exclamation regarding divine feces than a racial slur, given the fact that he’s been dead for a decade, and all…

  5. I think it’s more appalling on Springsteen’s end, insulting his fans by just lumping them all as racists. People spent their hard earned money buying his music, going to concerts, etc. What a pompous ass! His whole working class, every man Joe shtick is such a farce. Now, I am not surprised of course, Bruce has said before, that it’s all fake, but in a folksy singer way. But this is just so blatant and terrible.

    • In Springsteen’s defense, what was he supposed to do? The Boss writes a mean lyric on occasion but what, he’s supposed to challenge St. Barack? Call him out for his bigotry? Reject the accusation that every white person (himself included) is either a card-carrying Klan member or one in disguise? That would take some real guts, which would threaten The Boss’s street cred and a big paycheck.

      I suspect The Boss responded with the obligatory “yeah” because there was not much more he could do or say to stem the tide of that disaster. Besides, The Boss probably knows that about 7 people actually listen to the podcast so there wouldn’t be much damage done, aside from the what Obama has already done. And, who is surprised by Obama’s comment anyway? Obama has made a political career out of division by baseless accusation.


        • What if Obama is right? What if all the leftist white Democrats he hangs around with ARE like that and have been like that his whole life. Maybe his mother, his grandparents, and all the white people who raised him were like that? Maybe all the good white leftists he grew up around were like this. I have been told that the racism in Hawaii would be shocking to the average midwesterner. Maybe Springsteen and his friends are like that too. Maybe the rest of us just don’t see the racism because we don’t make enough money and aren’t important enough to hang out with the racists like Obama does.

    • It’s horrendous, but I think that people either refuse to take anything St. Obama says as anything but absolute gospel, or they simply know and “accept” him for the racist POS he has always been. It’s SICKENING.

      I cry on a regular basis wondering what friends & strangers alike might be saying or thinking when I walk by…and also hating the way our media, our educators, and public figures have planted these awful assumptions/worries/seeds of doubt as well as anger & resentment against perfect strangers, something I’ve never felt before. I sincerely didn’t see color or care about it. I’ve always taken people at face value, and judged them on antiquated criteria: content of their character.

      It’s a terrible feeling, and I have absolutely no idea what to do about it.

    • Because they’re both Democratic weenies. The kings pass applies, because of who they are and because their fans largely agree with what was said, or didn’t hear about it.

    • It isn’t a big deal because it is not a surprise. How many Democratic politicians have said things like this? It is the essence of CRT. It is dogma that cannot be disputed without being accused of hate speech. To suggest it is wrong is to suggest that all of CRT, all the public schoolteachers, all the mainstream media people, all the Black Lives Matter people, all of Antifa, all of ‘the squad’, all of the college equity officers, all of the corporate equity officers, all the institutions that employ equity officers, are morally wrong and what they are doing is wrong. The public has been beaten down with this for several decades. Jesse Jackson talked like this in the ’90’s, all the other race hustlers talked like this and were elevated by the media and the educational establishment. Anyone complaining was cancelled and no one helped them. Why would anyone be shocked. Who is even allowed to say anything publicly about it without being cancelled? Maybe Joe Rogan?

  6. I am sure there are people that would use that term, but that is the great minority. This is wildly insulting to the vast majority of society. I am in situations where I am surrounded exclusively by “white” people all the time, and I don’t think I have heard someone act is such a way for easily two decades. I sometimes think there is this conspiracy theory amongst Black people that think when they leave the room all of the white people suddenly turn into racists and conspire to see how we can all make sure they are paid less than us or something. It is narcissistic to think you are even on my mind when you leave the room, and a bit psychotic to think that 60% of the people in the country you live in are white supremacists. I can’t get over that they think this is all a hotbed on University campuses. They act like white supremacy is rampant in the most liberal, progressive and least racist places on the planet when in fact you would rarely even hear that kind of thing in a hick bar in the middle of Oklahoma.

  7. “But most of your audiences were primarily white. And they can love Clarence when he’s onstage, but if they ran into him in a bar, suddenly…the n-word comes out.” President Barack Obama

    Jack wrote, “I Still Am Amazed He Would Say This Out Loud”

    I’m not amazed at all because a bigot can’t hide their bigotry forever, it either comes out in an explosion of hate or slips out from behind the curtain with a Freudian slip when they least expect it, like this one did.

    Bigot: noun a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular group.

    I think we all knew a long time ago (including the political left and their Pravda like media attack dogs) that President Obama was an anti-white bigot and now he’s proven it with his own words; so what happens now?

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