Yes, Pro-Abortion Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Somehow, these just don’t indicate a clear comprehension of the religious holiday celebrating a humble birth in a manger, or the cultural holiday celebrating compassion, kindness, love, mercy and reverence for all life….

Come to think of it, I support capital punishment. Maybe there’s a market for an ornament featuring this image:

Why not?

4 thoughts on “Yes, Pro-Abortion Christmas Tree Ornaments!

  1. Wow. That’s truly sad to me. To me it shows a pretty dead and unconscious human.

    Even the most pro abortion people do acknowledge it’s a hard choice and very personal… so how does THAT end up as a Christmas decoration?

    I suppose some people must feel so empty inside with such a limited identity, it makes perfect sense to them and their friends.


  2. I’ve seen and own some weird Christmas ornaments. A lot of them were gifts from mom, including a resin wizard (because I liked fantasy literature), a carved wooden seal, walrus, and penguin (favorite animals), and a wooden warship with my dad’s name (he was a naval officer in Vietnam). Then there are the usual souvenir ornaments from here and there. I’d like to get one of Santa Claus riding a fire truck, but I think that will have to wait until Christmas 2022 (couldn’t find the right one this time out). Whatever your political alignment, Christmas is supposed to be apolitical and uncontroversial. There’s no place on a Christmas tree for politics of any kind, leave alone this highly divisive issue. This is what happens when politics suffuses everything and advocates never go off-duty.

  3. How topical… Last night I just listened to the newest episode of Bari Weiss’ podcast, they talked about abortion, the history of abortion, the necessity of abortion… This should surprise no one, despite Bari being ousted for a lack of ideological purity, she really is a small L liberal. There was this really choice quote from the guest:

    “One of the many reasons that the abortion argument is pitched in screams is because both sides know that if they calmed down and listened, the best argument from the other side is a pretty good argument.”

    I think this is self evidently true. Both Bari and her guest were candid that while they support abortion, the conversation, particularly from the left, is fundamentally dishonest, and this idea of “shouting your abortion” is bankrupt. I recommend the episode, and the podcast generally… Bari puts a lot of progressive issues into more real terms than progressives seem able to do, and it pays to at least try to understand what the other side is thinking.

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