6 thoughts on “ALERT! “The Guardian’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Poll Disaster” Has Been Retracted.

  1. One reason this ticks me off is that the way the left-tilting MSM protects each other, the fact that I could onlt find conservative sources confirming the story didn’t set off alarms—after all, the same thing happened with Biden being accused of sexual harassment. But Newsweek, a seriously left-biased rag, also had the story.

    Basically you can’t trust anybody.
    But I knew that, so it’s no excuse.

    • Newsweek technically had a fact check of the story rather than repeating it as truth. It was actually the first link I found when checking the story yesterday, but the link to the results on the guardian seemed like a more worthwhile addition, and I’ve learned not to include more than one link in a single comment.

  2. Addendum: Not that it excuses Ethics Alarms, but usually reliable blog Powerline also was sucked in.
    The fact that Red State and Brieitbart jumped right on it is, of course, typical. But I didn’t rely on them.

  3. And another addendum: it’s small consolation, but I can say definitively that of the nine sites I’m aware of that botched this story, so far only Ethics Alarms has retracted it. And I owe it all to Phlinn,

  4. Addendum #4: read the comments at The Daily Wire, which I banned here months ago, but foolishly checked this time, and was burned. No hint that anyone realizes that what the Guardian was taking wasn’t votes but nominations. The Guardian isn’t obligated to name who gets the most nominations from voters, of course. I do blame the Guardian a bit for misleading text; it’s certainly what helped confuse me.

  5. I have to admit that — not having read either of these posts until after the update — I was mightily confused as to what was wrong and what was being retracted. I did eventually figure it out, though.

    But more substantively, don’t beat yourself up over this (I say that knowing that you have and will). It happens, you caught it, and most importantly you told your readers about it. Lots of ‘reputable’ papers and blogs (yes, I am looking at you, Ms. Democracy Dies in Darkness) would simply delete the story or stealth edit it.

    It’s commendable the way you have handled it. It is, I daresay, a part of why we all love this blog.


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