NBC Asks “Why Should Americans Trust The CDC?” And The CDC Director’s Answer Proves That They Shouldn’t

Thanks, Rochelle Walenski!

Apparently in the strange grip of a sudden compulsion to practice journalism, NBC’s Peter Alexander pressed CDC Director Walensky this week about the agency’s two years of contradictory explanations, directives and advice regarding the pandemic in its various forms. “Why should Americans trust the CDC?” he asked her.

Well obviously they can’t and shouldn’t, since the number of times what the CDC said one day was reversed another is beyond counting. The agency’s advice is untrustworthy, its messages are untrustworthy, its protocols and standards are untrustworthy and its leadership is untrustworthy. The question should be easy to answer for anyone who understands what “trust” means, and the answer is “They shouldn’t.”

Here was how Walensky replied:

“My job right now is to take all the science and the information that we have and to deliver guidance and recommendations to the American people that is adapted to the science at hand. This pandemic has given us a lot of new and updated science over the last two years, and it is my job to convey that science through those recommendations and that is exactly what we’re doing.”

The only way that answer could be construed as responsive to the question would be if she deliberately wanted to demonstrate the CDC’s evasiveness and lack of candor and transparency, thus showing, for those who understand signature significance, that the CDC cannot be trusted, because no trustworthy official or organization spokesperson would ever answer a direct question that way.

Maybe she meant, “they can trust us because we are doing our jobs the best we can.” BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! WRONG! “The best you can” stinks, and there is no reason to trust any professional or organization that is incompetent, no matter how hard he, she or it is trying. I’m willing to accept that Joe Biden is doing the best he can, but he wasn’t elected to do the best he could; no leader is. He was elected to do the job well—successfully, effectively (as fanciful as that expectation was in Biden’s case).

Yoda is relevant here. If the CDC director is saying we should trust her organization because it is trying to do its job, the proper rebuttal is “Do… or do not. There is no try.” We could have the Three Stooges as our CDC, and be assured they were trying. Is that a reason to trust them? The CDC’s job is to control diseases. How have they controlled the pandemic? Larry, Moe and Curley could not have done much worse.

Another reason the blather of Walensky’s non-answer tells us she and her organization cannot be trusted is its magical evocation of “science,” which has become a core aspect of the Left’s propaganda and disinformation. The relevant definition of science is “a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject.” Knowledge, meaning facts. Opinions aren’t science. Theories aren’t science, though science may have been used in their development. Hopes aren’t science, and bad information is definitely not science. If the CDC has taken “all the science and the information” it has to deliver guidance and recommendations to the American people and those recommendations have been wrong, either what they thought was “science” or were calling “science” was nothing of the kind, or they had real facts and made incompetent “guidance and recommendations.” Either way, that means the CDC is untrustworthy.

If what you are calling “science” on Monday proves to be untrue on Tuesday, then it wasn’t science. If what the CDC calls “science” expires like that, the Biden administration’s mantra of “Follow the science” is useless, ridiculous, naive, insulting. Do masks work, or not? Dr. Fauci’s description of the “science” on that question has been no, yes, sort-of, maybe, couldn’t hurt. Do kids need to be vaccinated? Does wearing masks outside make sense? Is the six-foot social distancing rule accurate, or should it be ten?

I was told once by the CDC that if I had my two shots plus a booster, I wasn’t a threat to anyone, and they weren’t a threat to me, in or out, without a mask. Science? A guess? Walensky and her colleagues are just guessing, and guessing isn’t science. The argument would be that as health professionals, their guesses should be trusted more than anyone else’s, except they have also been caught in so many lies that this won’t work either. Who can say what they really know or think?

Once all those health officials declared that Black Lives Matter demonstrations in crowds and mobs were OK though church services were not, that was the end of any pretense of “science” being what drove policy. Then we learned that the CDC was calling anyone who died with the virus a death from the virus. Well, that’s a lie, but one employed to scare people. Scaring people with misinformation isn’t science, it’s politics, and unethical politics at that.

Just today, I read that the CDC “clarified” that many of the children reported as hospitalized due to the Omicron variant really tested positive after they had been admitted for something else. Oh! Was the original misrepresentation “science”?

The best answer that the CDC director could have given to Alexander’s question would have been the answer CIA operative Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck) gives in “Argo” when the desperate U.S. Embassy staff hiding in the Canadian Embassy from Iranian authorities express doubts about his crazy scheme to sneak them out of the country posing as members of a science fiction film scouting crew. Asked why they should trust him, Mendez’s answer is that they should trust him because they have no other options: he’s the only chance they have.

That wouldn’t have been a comforting answer, considering the CDC’s miserable performance, but it at least would have been honest. One candid answer would allow me to trust the CDC a little more than I do.

Not nearly enough, but a little.

15 thoughts on “NBC Asks “Why Should Americans Trust The CDC?” And The CDC Director’s Answer Proves That They Shouldn’t

  1. “Once all those health officials declared that Black Lives Matter demonstrations in crowds and mobs were OK though church services were not, that was the end of any pretense of “science” being what drove policy.”

    That’s when the pandemic ended for a lot of people. When it’s obvious that a political agenda is involved, it’s harder to trust the so-called science.

    • Their justification was that one was outside and one was inside.

      The way the plandemic has been and is being handled smells worse than Hilldog after a long day of interviews lying to the media.

      • And don’t forget that the lockdown protesters weren’t wearing masks or social distancing while the BLM protesters were “most wearing masks” while social distancing didn’t matter…apparently.

  2. They can’t and should NOT be trusted.

    They have lied over and over. Committed crimes, and innocent lives have been lost.

    Theees far too many to list here.

    I sent you a lawsuit written about all the crimes and the CDC was named as one of the defendants.

    What blows my mind is my dear friend who has been telling the truth from say one has been called a conspiracy theorist and worse because he was telling the truths that now are being told by the CDC.

    There are soooo many but one was a biggie…

    The shots were not going to stop spreading or getting the virus by those who got them. This was IN THE TRIAL literature submitted to the CDC and FDA.

    Yet the MSM, Biden, the CDC and all the rest lied and said they would stop transmission by the jabbed. Even dr F boldly lied unless an interviewer pressed him hard.

    Now they are finally saying the jabbed can catch and spread and LYING saying they didn’t know!!!

    They did.

    If they are going to lie about something so easily provable…. Imagine what else they are lying about?

    Oh how about… patents????

    Like the movie the Big Short… there’s a chilling story about all the patents filed for the Sara cov2 virus.

    The most chilling are the ones filed and granted BEFORE the virus was even found.

    The story is leaking out little by little and soon hopefully it will all be out in main stream.

    Every publication and investigative journalist trying to get it out are being silenced too.

    Crazy huh?

    Btw, did you ever see the email from me with the lawsuit? I think like my comments it went to spam!! Lol.

    Thank you Jack for being so awesome!!!

  3. It’s kind of an unfair question, because the truth is there is no reason to trust the CDC that didn’t boil down to blind faith or circular argument. She’s just recently gone on the record saying their isolation guidance for omicron “really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate”, which is more of a political calculation than an epidemiological one.

    Now, maybe in the field of Public Health, it’s considered acceptable to manipulate the public like that. Tell them masks won’t work so hospitals don’t run out of PPE. Scale back recommendations rather than have everyone tell you to pound sand entirely. But the thing is, once you’re caught saying things to control people rather than because they’re true, the game is up. There’s no way to reassure people that your maniplations are only to serve the greater good, because people already know you’re willing to lie to maintain control. There’s no quick way to rebuild trust thus squandered, it takes years – if not generations- of assiduous truth-telling. And right now, the CDC has neither the time nor the inclination for that.

  4. Covid is airborne. There is no “safe distance” indoors because the airborne virus gets distributed throughout a room by the ventilation system unless there is sufficient air filtration systems in place to remove it. Why don’t they tell the truth? That would be helpful. Then people might find them trustworthy. Novel idea!

    The truth is scary to a lot of people, but that doesn’t make it ethical to lie.

    • Yes, and when others said that who worked at hospital, they were fired and called conspiracy theorists.

      what IF, there WAS a conspiracy happening, and all the “misinformation” talking points to silence and discredit people with verifiable information is what is really happening?

  5. The current 5-day recommendation (as opposed to 10 days) based in part on a cost benefit analysis is not offensive. In fact, this approach should have been used throughout this gawdawful pandemic. What is offensive is the hypocrisy, given that governors who have used a whole life approach have been roundly criticized and reviled by politicians, media and the CDC.
    There is a reason we do not and should never have put health officials in charge. Their mindset is singular and narrow. Leaders should always calculate the total human costs of their policies including effects to mental, social, financial, familial, communal and educational institutions.
    Perhaps the highest cost of the misplaced trust in the CDC and Lord F is the institutional and political abuse of millions of American children who have lost two full years of education and socialization. And what will be the long-term toll on babies who have been denied exposure to human expression?

    My biggest disappointment, however, is that it has taken so long for the free and the brave to stand up and say “enough.”

  6. The recent rash of officials suddenly reversing course on various aspects of the pandemic that have been obviously misrepresented for a long time is a very interesting development. It seems to be signaling that they know the jig is just about up, and they’re scrambling to get on the right side of things before the real postmortems start. If the stakes weren’t so high, it would be comical to watch all the “Elephant? What elephant?” backpedaling as they try to memory-hole two years worth of lies and manipulation. The audacity of presenting these about-faces without acknowledging that they are adopting the very policies and approaches that their critics have been recommending for months is galling. It’s as if they don’t realize that we have video evidence all of their previous proclamations and statements. I think Fauci is going to very much end up regretting giving his critics hundreds of hours of TV appearances to pore over, but he seems to have been unable to resist the ego-boosting and celebrity worship he’s been indulging in these past two years. Making himself the face of the government’s response to the pandemic might end very poorly for him. The media can make you into a hero on the flimsiest pretense, but they also can make you a despicable villain just as easily. If it comes down to CNN, et al, having to take responsibility for their roles in this entire debacle, or burning down public faces like Fauci and Walensky in hopes of deflecting the mob’s ire, which do you think they’ll choose?

  7. Epidemiologists have beclowned themselves since the beginning of this episode. They are essentially bean counters. Much as do economists, epidemiologists seem to silently preface their observations with “if current trends continue ….” But Jesus H. Christ, current trends DO NOT continue. They never do. That’s why “trends” is modified by, you know, “current.” Epidemiology is worse than useless.

  8. You can see the data being misused or ignored everywhere. I am sick of the fear tactics and “crisis” mindset. I’m so glad I live where I do. This area has largely said no to all of it and we’re no worse than anywhere else as far as I can tell. The only places that masked after the initial scare are corporate employees (which are few), schools, doctor offices, and federal government offices. The quarantine rules have been the most confusing. 14 days… 10 days…. Now five. Um.. how about stay home if you’re actually sick.
    Schools aren’t masking or social distancing or closing this year. There’s no support for that from the parents or school board. My point is, the nonsense is regional. Which makes it more confusing.

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