The Jeff Zucker Scandal’s Emerging Details Confirm The Long-Time Ethics Alarms Verdict: This Is And Has Been A Corrupt, Untrustworthy News Organization

And it, meaning its unethical and unprofessional leadership, management and employees, was allowed to manipulate public opinion, national politics, and the nation. Think about that.

We didn’t need more to know CNN President Jeff Zucker was a slimy, ruthless hypocrite—his network was proof enough— but the unfolding scandal has certainly provided spectacular confirmation. You need to thoroughly update yourself at the links, but here are some basics:

  • CNN’s President Jeff Zucker announced on February 2, 2022, that he was resigning from the company, over his illicit affair with subordinate Allison Gollust. The spin on this includes calling her a “colleague.” No, she worked for Zucker. That makes the relationship toxic, not just “inappropriate.” Both Gollust and Zucker left their marriages during the affair.

Who knows what employees, or female or minority employees, were passed over so Zucker could advance his lover’s career? That’s a major reason why the boss having affairs with subordinates is always wrong, always destructive, and must be addressed.

  • CNN talking heads and execs are making excuses for Zucker. One CNN executive told The Daily Beast, “People are pissed. No one thinks the punishment fits the crime.” And that proves how thoroughly ethics brain-dead Zucker has left CNN. When the head of any organization is caught violating that organizations rules and policies, he or she must resign of be fired.

The punishment does fit the crime.

  • Ana Navarro, the fake Republican CNN has used for five years to bash Donald Trump, somehow managed to bring Trump into her defense of Zucker.  She said, “He steadfastly defended me and others the network who were targets of Trump even when it was hard and brought consequences. I love the guy.” CNN host Alyson Camerota said, “We are all devastated. Jeff is beloved here. We all know we’ll never find a smarter or more compassionate boss.”  So much for #MeToo and Time’s Up. A male exec uses his staff as a personal dating bar, and the woke women in the company want to shrug it off.


  • Zucker’s forbidden relationship was an open secret at CNN. The site RadarOnline finally broke it to the public, but the day before it did, Zucker dispatched CNN’s fake media watchdog, the execrable Brian Stelter, to attack the site’s credibility to try to cushion the blow.

That’s amazing: Stelter is even a bigger hack than I thought.

  • Now get this: It is believed that fired CNN star Chris Cuomo leaked the story, and CNN personalities are blaming him.  Cuomo had used Zucker’s illicit relationship as leverage to try to prevent his firing from the CNN after he was accused of sexual misconduct, and later when it was revealed that he had been assisting his bother in fighting the sexual harassment allegations that brought the New York governor down. Cuomo is now targeting Zucker as revenge—that’s the Corleones for you!—and  to get the remainder of his contract money from CNN, estimated to be about $18 million, which is now in dispute.

It’s Scum vs Scum!

  • Last night, Jake Tapper, who once was a respectable journalist and occasionally showed flashes of the ethical sensibilities that his colleagues lack, said,

An outside observer might say, ‘Well, it looks like Chris Cuomo succeeded. He threatened Jeff. Jeff said we don’t negotiate with terrorists. And Chris blew the place up. How do we get past that perception that this is the bad guy winning?

Because Zucker is a worse guy, Jake. (What’s the matter with you?) Good guys don’t allow organizations they head to rely on unprofessional, untrustworthy, unethical characters like Cuomo, Don Lemon, Jeffrey Toobin, Stelter and Navarro. Good guys don’t build bad cultures, or news organizations that routinely lie. The metaphorical organizational fish really does rot from the head down. Your own statement shows that Zucker corrupted you.

In a typically no-holds-barred report/rant about the CNN meltdown, guilty pleasure Ace of Spade writes,

By the way, can NeverTrump drop the fainting couch act about Trump violating the precious norms of DC now? NeverTrump are mostly political/media operators living in DC and the media echo chamber who knew all this shit and chose to remain silent about it. They also probably all knew about the Cuomos’ love of using blackmail-type information to punish information.

And they’re fine with all that. But how they pretend to be scandalized by Trump’s connections to the National Enquirer. Oh, their virgin ears, their innocent eyes…!

Fuck you, you lying monsters.

Well put.

10 thoughts on “The Jeff Zucker Scandal’s Emerging Details Confirm The Long-Time Ethics Alarms Verdict: This Is And Has Been A Corrupt, Untrustworthy News Organization

  1. CNN appears to be a high school (or junior high school) where all the cool kids get to run everything and determine who’s cool and who’s not. What a bunch of juveniles. Kind of like the Democrat party and the media, come to think of it. I’d place Nancy Pelosi as the head of the Mean Girls cadre.

    By the way, I see Zucker graduated from North Miami High School where he served as president of various classes. He campaigned as “The Little Guy with the Big Ideas.”

    And thank God we have hoary institutions like Harvard to provide the country the high quality of leaders and captains of industry the country so desperately needs! That SAT thingy sure is a good predictor of excellence.

    • If CNN is really serious about improving their terrible ratings, they can simply begin advertising themselves as the sex network that also dabbles on news.

  2. If only I knew how to Photoshop their faces onto the Spy vs Spy characters.

    In this area, Fox News and CNN are really two sides of the same coin. Both are tails though.

  3. My question is how do we stop the incessant broadcasting of CNN at hubs of transportation (airports, train stations, et)? Whenever I travel, I feel imprisoned and tortured by the ubiquitous presenceof the so called mainstream media without due process

  4. Have you ever addressed the ethics of schadenfreude Jack?
    I have to admit this story fills me with schadenfreude. The jucy bit about the firing of Fredo leading to this is just too delicious.

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