Is There Any Way Pres. Biden’s Appointment of Minyon Moore As An Advisor For His Supreme Court Pick Could Be Called Ethical?

I don’t understand this at all. Lately, I’ve been wondering if Biden is deliberately trying to lose any lingering, mouth-breathing, drooling supporters he might have who aren’t total ideologues impervious to reason, like…well, Minyon Moore.

Three weeks ago, CNN reported that Biden had selected “three key outside advisers” to guide his still unnamed nominee—though we do know what color and gender she is— through the nomination process. “Minyon Moore, a veteran Democratic strategist and political director for former President Bill Clinton, will lead the efforts to activate outside advocacy groups in support of the nominee,” we were told. We were not told, however, that Moore was sitting on the board of directors of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation when she was appointed, and was so sitting as recently as four days ago.

You know, THAT Black Lives Matter…the one that is embroiled in a major financial scandal, has violated the laws regulating non-profits, that currently has no address nor CEO, and which just bailed out of prison the man who tried to assassinate  Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg. Even without its latest (and completely predictable) disgraceful conduct, anyone vaguely cognizant knew that being connected with BLM indicates terrible judgment, if not outright anti-white, anti-law enforcement bigotry.

The news media’s lack of curiosity was enough to fool most of the people that Biden was being responsible—after all, who pays attention to Supreme Court nomination”Sherpas,” as this White House calls them, potentially offensively luckily only to the same kinds of people who are using the term, so never mind?

“Moore currently leads Dewey Square Group’s State and Local Affairs and Multicultural Strategies practices, where she helps clients build coalitions and engage on public policy goals,” the White House described Moore in a Feb. 2 statement. “Moore previously served as President Clinton’s Director of White House Political Affairs and Director the White House Office of Public Liaison, as well as Chief Operating Officer of the Democratic National Committee.” Then that mean old Washington Examiner, one of them, a conservative media source, reported that the statement left out one teeny detail: Biden’s “Sherpa” guides a violent and violence-promoting organization that supports defunding the police and racial division while misusing charitable funds.

Did Biden’s crack team of advisers just assume that the lapdog media would keep Moore’s race-hate activities secret? If so, amazing. They seem more like Trump advisers! Once the jig was up, he Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation told Fox News that Moore “has been required to cease all involvement in matters pertaining to her work with Black Lives Matter while she is part of the White House confirmation team.”

Oh! Then everythings’s okay, then! This is like a White House picking a KKK Grand Wizard for the job, but assuring everyone, “Don’t worry, he won’t be wearing his hood while he’s working for us!”

Giving someone like Moore a role in the Supreme Court nomination process is…

  • Openly disrespectful and defiant, an insult to law enforcement as well as the institution of the Supreme Court….
  • Irresponsible, signalling approval of a corrupt, racist organization…
  • Stunningly incompetent under any analysis, or, to be blunt, stupid.

It was also unnecessary. The clear answer to the question posed in the title above is “No.”

In fact, it is “Hell no!”

2 thoughts on “Is There Any Way Pres. Biden’s Appointment of Minyon Moore As An Advisor For His Supreme Court Pick Could Be Called Ethical?

  1. As Boston talk show host Howie Carr put it this afternoon…. “Maybe they’re not actually trying to destroy the country. But how would their actions be any different if they actually were?”

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