Twilight Ethics Illumination, 3/10/22: Calloo! Callay! They’re Going To Play!

I’m jubilant! Major League Baseball and the Player’s Union agreed on a new Basic Agreement, ending the team owners’ lockout and guaranteeing that there will be a 2022 season. The terms of the agreement are irrelevant to ethics; the fact that the two adverse parties managed to come to a compromise is ethics news only to this extent: When thing are rotten—and they are—that’s when baseball, the most American and idealistic of sports (and like America, an entity that struggles to rise to its ideals) , is most needed and appreciated. It is why FDR urged baseball to keep playing during World War II. Baseball also keeps Ethics Alarms in good supply of issues that easily transfer to other aspects of society.

Whew. That was a close one!

1. Yet another dumb Russian “sanction” that hurts nobody involved with the invasion! First I learned that the famous Russian Tea Room in Manhattan was the target of a boycott, though its founders were from Ukraine, and it is, you know, run by Americans. Then this news arrived: The American Kennel Club announced,

The American Kennel Club is opposed to the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine. In solidarity with the Ukrainian people, effective immediately, judges from the Russian Federation will not be approved to judge at AKC sanctioned events. Additionally, new requests for imported dog registrations (AKC Foreign Registration) from the Russian Kennel Federation will be denied effective immediately. We continue to explore options to provide assistance to the Ukrainian people and their pets during this crisis.

I would say “This is getting ridiculous!” but it got ridiculous some time ago. [Pointer: Mrs. Q]

2. Georgetown Law Center suspended a professor who criticized using racial and gender discrimination to pick SCOTUS nominees, but the University let this U.S. hating fanatic speak to on campus.

Professor Eddie Glaude, the chair of the Department of African American Studies at Princeton University, told Georgetown students that white supremacy has distorted democracy in America to such an extent that the only remedy is to tear the whole structure down and start over.

Yeah, that’s a real serious proposal.

“How many times has France been refounded,” Glaude asked rhetorically. “How much does the United States want to emulate France?” I ask, also rhetorically? More of his crypto-Marxist fantasy:

“At every moment when a new America seems to be about to be born, the umbilical cord of white supremacy is wrapped around the baby’s neck, choking the life out of it. And in some ways we have to be better midwives… America is more than an idea, it’s a fight with bodies left in the wake…So Lincoln can save the union and can shatter slavery, but he still believes that white men are superior to black men, that white women are superior to black women..”

Lincoln died in 1865. He also didn’t know about continental drift, DNA, and nuclear energy, the ignorant fool. More…

“They elected Nixon twice. The response to half of Dr. King’s head being blown off was Nixon — twice…Reagan is elected 15 years after the passage of the voting rights act to undo it all…[Mitch] McConnell doesn’t believe … in a multiracial democracy at all. But I would also argue that Joe Manchin doesn’t believe in it.”

Got it. This guy isn’t a scholar, he’s a tunnel-visioned partisan activist. Professors like this don’t teach, they indoctrinate. Hwoever, it’s fine and appropriate for Georgetown and any college to expose their students to demogogues like Gluade, provided it also allows speakers from the other end of the spectrum. Most of the time, however, they don’t.

3. I don’t understand this at all, but I know it’s stupid and insulting..USA Today felt it was necessary to fact-check the Babylon Bee’s satirical story and assure readers, “There is no evidence Biden said he plans to sell Alaska.” The Bee’s headline was “Biden Sells Alaska Back To Russia So We Can Start Drilling For Oil There Again.”  Anyone who didn’t get the joke is too dumb to comprehend satire, but then I can’t imagine why anyone with more than a 6th grade education would read USA Today.

4. I find this amusing...A new hard right news aggregator, the D.C. Enquirer, prefaces its “news” reporting with this disclaimer: Note: This article may contain commentary reflecting the author’s opinion.” I think all news stories today need that disclaimer, but it’s hardly necessary on this site. For example, here’s how a DCE “news story” about polling on Biden’s energy policies begins:

More bad news for President Joe Biden: most likely voters want Former President Donald Trump’s energy policy back! After all, President Trump’s energy policies were broadly popular with the American public. More importantly, they protected both the interests of America and our closest allies. On the other hand, President Biden’s policies only favor the yearnings of a few far-left environmentalists — and even then, it is doubtful that cutting US oil production is a net benefit for the environment. America wants Donald Trump back. Perhaps in 2024, we will get our wish. Until then, we have to make sure to elect and support strong conservatives who will hold Biden and his cronies accountable.

No opinion there!

5. And I find this depressing. A Quinnipac poll on public attitudes regarding the Ukraine invasion included a final question about how Americans would react if the U.S. were invaded like Ukraine has been. These results surprised me; maybe they shouldn’t have:

It’s a little hard to read, so here’s the good and bad news. The good: 75% of men say they would stay and fight. 68% of Republicans. 57% of Independents. 61% of Hispanics (more than whites, at 57%).  57% of those between 35 and 49, and 62% of those between 50 and 64. (I still find those numbers low, but at least it’s a majority.)

On the disheartening side, a majority of these groups voted for

Women: 47% over only 43% who say they would stay and fight.

Blacks: 59% would leave rather than fight.

Democrats: Only 40% said that they would stay and resist.

What does this tell us?


19 thoughts on “Twilight Ethics Illumination, 3/10/22: Calloo! Callay! They’re Going To Play!

  1. “What does this tell us?”
    That there are a troubling number of young white beta males in our society? That a surprising number of folks will be running away to…where, exactly?
    I would love to see these poll results broken down by geography. I suspect a great number of the “runaways” would be in urban rather than rural areas.
    Most old country guys like me would stay and fight. Many of us are too old and broken down to run but put us on the high ground with our rifles, plenty of ammunition, some water and chow and we can still command our “rifleman’s quarter mile.”

  2. Re #5. I don’t know what the poll really tells you. I, a white woman, am unlikely to want to stay and fight. I would vastly prefer to take my four children under 9 and flee, be a refugee, assuming that was a reasonable option. I have the primary responsibility to those four children and it is my duty to keep them, as much as possible, safe and away from dangerous situations. My parents, my grandparents, and maybe my husband would stay and fight, in part to give me a chance to take these kids somewhere away from the fight. If I had no children, I’d consider fighting, but a battlefield is no place for a gaggle of small children. We would hamper defensive efforts more than help.

    • Yeah, I have no problem with that particular percentage. Frankly, I would have expected the number of “stay and fight” women to be lower (and if such an unlikely scenario were to come to pass, that 43% would shrink considerably – as would the number of “fighters” in all demographics). Not because women aren’t courageous and willing to fight (I personally know a few who I’d definitely not want to end up on the other side of the battlefield from) but because almost any woman with young children is going to prioritize getting those kids out of harm’s way, which is as it should be.

  3. #2 Who is he to criticize a nation choosing to terminate an inconvenient “baby”

    #5 I concur with Sarah B. about why woman might evacuate rather than stay and fight. The poll needs to clarify if they are fleeing with child, or just cowards.

  4. “What does this tell us?”
    That most of the the blue-checks tweeting yellow and blue “I stand with Ukraine” memes were just doing their usual virtue-signaling? But really, we already knew that.

  5. What does this tell us? That roughly .0004% is not a good sample size, especially since Quinnipac doesn’t say anything about where the people were located, other than nationwide. Also, a person’s answer in a vacuum may very well be different than his answer when push comes to shove.

    In other words, polls….

  6. #5 What does this tell us?
    What we probably should have already figured out ourselves.
    1. Most democrats (60%) don’t think this country is worth saving.
    2. The progressive-dominated education system has been successful in convincing most young people (55%) this country is not worth saving.
    3. Most blacks (62%) don’t think this country is worth saving.
    4. Most Republicans (68%) and Independents (57%) feel this country is worth saving.
    5. Most whites (57%) want to maintain their privilege and are willing to fight to maintain it.
    6. Most Hispanics (61%) either from personal experience or the experience of others they know. Would fight to stay in this crappy country because it is a less crappy country than their ancestral country.
    7. The pollsters chose to exclude Asians from their poll. They didn’t want them screwing up the desired results as the Hispanics and Independents did.
    8. Sarah B’s comments are valid therefore no conclusions can be made regarding the female numbers.

    For those not caring for children or infirmed and who are physically able to fight but would rather leave the country, I suggest they leave now to avoid the rush.

  7. #2 Twice in the past six weeks, we’ve had high-profile cases of young black men, not trapped in underclass gangs but immersed in Ivory tower academia, committing or planning acts of extreme political violence. Both were indoctrinated in exactly the sort of teachings espoused by Professor Glaude. Yet nobody asks how these men came to be “radicalized”. Nobody dares to describe Glaude as an “extremist”, as anybody who wants to tear down his own country must be, almost be definition.

  8. #0 — Calloo callay indeed. I think, anyway.

    I was having dismal thoughts about baseball, and whether I could continue with it if they really did lose a chunk of the season. Happily they are going to play the whole schedule, and I understand they will be having regular 9 inning double headers, which is also good news.

    Now, about those Mickey Mouse extra inning rules…..are they here or gone?

        • I’ll live with the DH — been following AL teams since 1976 after all. So I’ve got nearly 4 weeks to muster up my enthusiasm for the new season. I’ll work on that. 🙂

          The only thing on Manfred’s supposed wish list that I recall really grated on me was the idea of forbidding the shift. I continue to believe that players have always had the ability to defeat the shift, just by changing their hitting approach some. I continue to believe that that would actually make the game more exciting — more singles, more baserunning, more drama on the bases. I think it would spice up the games.

          • You are 100% right. The Agreement allows MLB to make three potential rules changes as early as next year: a pitch clock, which is, sadly necessary; larger bases, which makes sense, and, ugh, limits on the shift. If you want to organize a campaign to flood the Commissioner’s Office with objections, I’m on board.

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